egg pipe

POLYCRETE egg profile pipes

Ideally suited for the construction of mixed water sewers

Egg profile pipes are ideally suited for the construction of mixed water sewers. Less deposited material due to the higher sweeping forces in dry weather conditions, high capacity reserve for heavy rainfall events, smaller trench width and load-bearing width as well as easier cleaning and walkability are some of their advantages.

As rigid pipes with a pedestal the POLYCRETE ® egg profile pipes add further convincing arguments to these positive aspects. Their high material density ensures the desired buoyancy protection, leaky pipe joints due to deformation are avoided. The pipes enable rapid construction progress as they can be laid quickly and easily on the flat, level bottom of a trench, which is easy to create. They stand securely, and the risk of insufficient compaction in the area besides the pipe foot can be disregarded as the pipes need not be “hung” in-between the manholes. The footed pipes enable thorough trench filling and compacting, and together with their bending stiffness this prevents any subsequent sagging of the road surface.

POLYCRETE ® egg profile pipes offer the following advantages:

  • High flow speed in dry weather conditions (partial filling) = better self-cleaning characteristics
  • Greater overflow volume = better take-up and dispersal of rainwater
  • Large footing curvature = more efficiency of high-pressure cleaning
  • Footed pipe design = easy, cost-efficient and professional pipe-laying
  • Small load-bearing width = high load-bearing capability
  • Small trench width = cheaper work in confined construction sites (town centres, intersections)
  • Higher profile = easy to walk

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