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It is what it says it is and it’s true

These seeds are amazing and the grown flower is so beautiful and omg sticky as hell. I grew indoors and even with the filter where my plants are (down stairs closed room), upstairs you can smell it outside by the time you reach my front door steps. And the taste is so good. The high is Definatley a couch lock feeling. Body gets heavy. Thank you

I have bought feminized seeds from…Dutch seeds you get what you want

I have bought feminized seeds from Dutch seed they are great quality get what you ask for also have awesome yields from the seeds. thank you

I am so happy I’ve found this site!

I am so happy I’ve found this site!! I’ve ordered twice from you guys and both times the seeds looked amazing. My first set(cement shoes) grew very very well and I just received my second set(white widow). I will definitely be placing more orders in the future.

Seeds came

Seeds came. However they advertise free seeds when you spend over $150 I didn’t receive mine. Other that. I still waiting to see how my 10 autos turn out but if I don’t get my free seeds as advertised I will not be supporting them again and willing to let it be known they do bad business. I want my stuff!!

i am really sorry for what happened with your order. Please provide me your order number and i will initiate free shipping for your freebies. I will also allow you to choose the strain/s of your free seeds.

Very easy to navigate the website

Very easy to navigate the website. They have a huge selection to choose from and it is secure fast and easy to checkout. You get a great value compared to anyplace i looked.

Great company

Great company , got my seeds no problem , shipping took some time but to be expected I’m in Canada ! Definitely shop again

First time with Critical Kush

First try and first buy to grow Critical Kush. All fem, all flowered. Indoor yield 7-8oz. Outdoor yield 4-5 oz. Grows bushy, more than up and out, which I liked. No bugs got to the ones outside at all. Not a lot of pampering. Was totally happy with just Top Soil in and out. Coming back to shop for more!

All was good

All was good! We’ll order again, 100% satisfied. Keep up the great work!


bought 5 3made it one was totally different strain, asked and they sent 5 more but all arrived pulverized into powder DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY

i am really sorry for what happened with your order. Please provide me your order number an di will initiate a free replacement for you.

DutchSeedsShop delivered the product…Couldn’t ask for better service. Highly recommended

DutchSeedsShop delivered the product from Europe to the USA in 4 days using FedEx. The operation was seamless, easy secure pay via PPal. Thoroughly satisfied, though next time I will buy more product, the Fed Ex shipping is expensive, but then u get immediate tracking and certified delivery.

Received a T shirt but no seeds

Received a T shirt but no seeds! Wow!

Thought I was scammed BUT.

Received my package & at first I thought I was scammed! Threw out everything, even the $10 shirt they sent me. I reached out to them with my concerns & they told me look again, I did & nothing! Then I read more of the email they replied to immediately & said & you looked in shirt? I looked inside shirt & flipped it inside out & BAM, there was my seeds❤️ The funny thing is me and my son looked over this shirt before deciding not to rep a scammer place but now I rep the shirt & 9/10 seeds sprouted & are doing well! Will be ordering from them in future😉

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