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Vape Pen Atomizers – How to clean and maintain them

For this blog I am going to give quick write-ups on cleaning and maintaining the atomizers of our top selling vape pen for wax and concentrates such as the Puffco Plus, Puffco Pro 2, Kandypens Galaxy, and the Dr Dabber range.

This is a common and easily overlooked topic, however, your vape pen atomizer works at its best when cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. For best flavor and vapour production you will want to make sure your chamber is fresh and maintained, although deemed as a consumable we don’t want to have to replace our atomizers weekly, right?

Let’s start with the Dr. Dabber range.

The Aurora, Ghost and Light vape pens from Dr. Dabber all have the same cleaning procedure, now depending on how often one uses their vape pen you will want to clean it out as often as possible; if you are a regular user make it part of your evening clean up otherwise I would recommend a weekly soak off to keep your vaporizer fresh and always ready to go.

For the Dr. Dabber range, you will need, isopropyl alcohol, cotton swabs and paper towels. To start remove mouth piece and atomizer from battery, at this point it a good idea to give your battery a quick wipe down with a lightly dampened cloth if need be, if timed correctly you can charge up your battery while the atomizers dry off… Place your atomizers and mouth pieces into a small amount of isopropyl (ISO) and leave to soak off, ensuring it is completely submerged, twirl around in alcohol every 5min or so and let it soak for about 20 minutes. Do NOT leave your Ghost atomizer in alcohol over the recommended time frame as this may damage the rubberized finish on the outside of the Ghost and Light vaporizers.

Once your atomizers have soaked remove from ISO, dip a cotton swab into some clean ISO and very gently wipe out any excess residue; do NOT use the loading tool to scrape the atomizer coils, as it is very easy to catch the wick/coil and tear it out of its connectors. Wipe down with a paper towel and allow to dry off, this will evaporate any remaining alcohol in your atomizer.

Before using your atomizer, reassemble your vaporizer and “burn-off” once or twice, do this by heating up your chamber on high for a few seconds to burn off any alcohol that may not have evaporated. It is imperative to ensure all alcohol is evaporated before use as it will undoubtedly affect your session, make sure the coils glow before loading it!

Depending on usage and cleaning habits, your atomizers will last between 4-12 weeks before needing replacement.

Here is a quick look at the atomizer provided with The Aurora vape pen.

As not all oils & waxes have the same consistency, Dr. Dabber Aurora provide three unique atomizers which expand your range and improve your performance and flavor. The inside of all Atomizer are lined with quartz

1. Dual Quartz Rod: Good for tasting your product this atomizer produces a “clean” flavor and can be used with most types of concentrates if the product is not too thin and gooey.

2. Dual Ceramic Rod: Good for superior clouds, your draws have more heat and resistance and like the Dual Quartz Rod can be used with most types of concentrates, as long as the product is not too thin with an extremely low viscosity.

3. Ceramic Halo Heater: Good for more discreet sessions as it produces very little visible clouds of vapor. This atomizer usually needs to heat up on a higher setting and is more suitable for waxier oils.

The next on our list of Vape pens is the Galaxy from Kadypens, this is a real punch packer…lol… you will definitely want to keep this one clean and free of any residue build up – you want the best flavor from those massive clouds so keeping her clean is both essential as well as simply the best thing to get into a habit of doing…

So how do you clean your Galaxy atomizer?

Similar to that of the Dr. Dabber range, you will need ISO, cotton swabs and paper towels. Disassemble your galaxy and soak your atomizer in ISO or even a glass cleaning solution, however, in my experience alcohol works the best. Your soak should be for about 15-20min giving it a swirl around every few minutes.

After soaking remove from ISO and blow out the air holes and chamber, the use of a hairdryer is certainly handy, make sure the unit is completely dry before reusing. Be sure not to soak your Galaxy atomizer overnight as the external coating may peel off.

Reassemble your vape pen making sure air holes in your atomizer are clear and that there is no spill over near your battery. Before use it is best to do a burn off like explained previously, by heating on high for a few seconds and allowing any ISO so burn off completely.

Should you find that your Galaxy is clogging up it is possible that you are either overfilling your chamber or you are not cleaning it out often enough. Be sure to never fill your atomizers beyond the air holes present in the chamber.

Up next is the Puffco Pro 2: this is a great vaporizer, the clean-up is the exactly the same as mentioned with the Galaxy. Soak off in some ISO for 15-20min, however, it is highly recommended that you DO NOT stick any foreign objects like a cotton swab into the atomizer at all! Inside the chamber is very fragile and only requires soaking.

Once your atomizer has soaked off and you have allowed for sufficient dry time, +-2hrs, you may burn off by activating a “Sesh mode” on the high temperature to allow any unwanted excess oil and alcohol to burn away.

The Pro 2 is not only easy to use but easy to clean as well, along with the Plus, these clean out simply and leave no residue behind.

Finally let’s see how to clean the chamber of the best vape pen thus far, the Puffco Plus vaporizer.

Although Puffco advertises the Plus’ chamber as a self-cleaning one, I like to clean mine from time to time. Cleaning the Plus is even simpler, all you will need is a paper towel. For general cleaning, warm up the chamber on high “Sesh Mode” for one cycle to warm up the chamber; Puffco has recommended never using any foreign objects or alcohol in your chamber. Simply unscrew your mouthpiece and heat up your atomizer by pressing and holding the button; hold it upside down over your paper towel as you keep pressing the button and allow for any residue to run off.

Inside your mouth piece is the Dart, it is held into the mouthpiece by a small black silicone grommet, which is easy to remove for quick cleaning. Dip a cotton swab in some ISO to remove any byproduct on the Dart and wipe the threading. Be rather gentle as the Dart –like the chamber– is made of ceramic and can be fragile. Removing the Dart is simple; push it out of the mouthpiece by pushing through the top of the mouthpiece with a cotton swab. The dart can be cleaned and wiped down using ISO.

Puffco highly recommends not to soak any gunmetal parts of your vaporizer in any alcohol or alcohol based cleaning solutions.

It is normal for the bottom of your Plus chamber to darken over time, just as a ceramic nail would typically do, however, I do not believe this will affect the performance of the chamber.

Your mouthpiece, battery and threading should be cleaned by wiping with a cotton swab or paper towel dipped in ISO.

If you use your Puffco Plus quite often then be sure to clean the threading and connection points of your unit with an alcohol dipped cotton swab frequently to avoid any contacts getting sticky.

Should you find clogging happening in the chamber of your Plus vaporizer, be sure to do regular burn offs, unscrew the mouthpiece and hold the pen upside down over a paper towel, initiate “Sesh mode” for a cycle or two allowing any residue to leak out of the holes in chamber, also keep in mind the concentrates consistencies be sure they are not overly runny, sappy or liquid. Repeat this process 2-3 times if need be.

Puffco recommends cleaning your Plus and all its parts every few uses to prevent any build up in the vapor path to ensure tasty, pure and smooth vapor.

Since dry firing your atomizer should be –if possible– avoided, another way to clean any of these vape pen atomizers is with the use of a hairdryer, the use of a hairdryer will allow you to heat up the inside of your chamber or atomizer.

The cleaning process with a hairdryer is pretty simple and quick: using tweezers or a pair of pliers, hold your atomizer over a paper towel. Turn your hairdryer on high and aim it towards the inside of your chamber. Heat until your atomizer has warmed up enough to allow any residue to run out. Repeat if needed. I then do is take one alcohol pad and gently wipe any left over residue with the pad.

So that wraps up the simple cleaning methods of the top selling vape pens in South Africa thus far! And while very similar it is highly recommended that once you have purchased your vape pen that you visit the brand’s website and check out any tips and tricks that may assist in maintaining a good life span of your vape pen and its parts.

It is also recommended for the purpose of warranty that you check your atomizer is working and functioning properly before its 1 st use. Chambers, coils, mouthpieces and darts are considered consumables and differentiating between defect and damage is virtually impossible should the atomizer be used. General wear-n-tear of these consumables is inevitable; however, with proper care and maintenance, you will extend the life of your atomizer. Test initially right out of the branded box to determine whether chamber heats up, once the functionality is confirmed, do not continue to dry fire.

I hope I have covered all the relevant information and that this blog has been helpful. Please do not hesitate to comment any further queries or any help needed I will gladly assist in any way that I can and remember a clean vape is a happy vape and will perform and taste the best!

How to clean pen vape atomizer? Keep your wax and concentrate atomizer cleaned and maintained for best flavor and vapour production.