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By interfering with body calcium metabolism, the concentrated acid may also cause systemic toxicity and eventual cardiac arrest and fatality, after contact with as little as 160 cm 2 (25 square inches) of skin." [7] The marijuana wax drug, also known as marijuana oil, is highly potent and dangerous. The bong gets its name from the four percolators it possesses, all of which are shaped like rockets. If we don’t get this right, we end up at Lesson 1: Being an Ass! Nobody likes to be over managed or under supported, this tool prevents that, it helps you get it just right and develops your Epic Coaching Skills!

We have a wide variety of glass bowls, with many sizes and colors to choose from! Vaping enthusiasts will already know this: e-cigarette vapour can bother people around them . While much less toxic than cigarette smoke, vapour clouds are not always welcome. To fix this, Philter has just branded two products that can eliminate e-cig vapour . If vaping solo we recommend you use the half-pack oven for the best experience. It comes with the complete kit or can be purchased as an extra. Before we start putting together the tools for this quick and easy process for making ISO oil through the ‘soaking’ method, we’ll need to grind up and freeze our cannabis and alcohol in advance – by at least a few hours or preferably overnight. When we freeze flowers, the trichomes are a lot easier to extract from the plant itself. This sea turtle Bong is perfect for any one who wants to add a touch of marine life to their dab set up.

The beautifully crafted sea turtle features a nice honeycomb pattern that is attached to the side of the rig as it if were swimming across. The turquoise highlights around the mouthpiece and base just add to the tropical feel of the rig. The small and compact size allows for you to smoke anywhere you go, whether it be in the comfort of your home or the beach on a warm summer day. Stylish pipe is an extra solid chillum made from strong Pyrex glass. If you hold in your toke, you may feel it hits you stronger, but what is really going on is you are depriving oxygen content to your brain, making you feel a little lightheaded. If you add carbon monoxide and toxins from combustion to the mix, this lightheadedness is intensified. Instead, he found starting a farm of his own difficult. His first opportunity came in the form of a family friend who figured Franciosi was responsible enough to entrust with a $300,000 investment. The idea was to control the product from seed to sale, eventually opening a storefront. But it soon became apparent they didn't have the funds to build that kind of operation. Are EGO batteries compatible with all EGO Products? Every pothead knows Cheech & Chong, the stoner duo that brought us hilarious movies such as "Up in smoke", but did you know that they also have their very own line of bongs? And some of those bongs have an absolutely unique feature: They change their colour when used! Take some tokes and watch it take on an iridescent touch - it is pure magic! The universal thread count for maximum compatibility. If you are old enough you will remember smoking bowls from a metal hand pipe with a chamber. The chamber can be made of plastic tubing, or multiple metal couplers that form the shape of a chamber. Back in the day tokers would put a bud in the chamber, and smoke through your stash. Once the stash was gone you would remove the bud and smoke it last. The point of this was to let the resins deposit on the bud thus increasing it's potency. To this day chamber metal pipes are every popular with the older crowd. A closer look at the “Crushed Opal Ball” bong above. SHIPPING POLICY: Although this is pretty much common sense, we feel the need to elaborate. We are not responsible for packages once they leave our hands.

We pack shipments very carefully ensuring little wiggle room to ensure your package has the best chance of arriving in top condition, however we have no control over the shipping company handling your package(s). We provide our customers with tracking numbers for every order we ship, however the date of arrival is an estimated date and could get there before or after the estimated date, again we have no control over this. If you are worried you may not be around to accept the delivery (and don't trust having your package left outdoors) you can track the package as often as you like to find the status of its current location. Plus, you can call your local post office and have them hold the package so its not delivered in case your not around. Ask for signed delivery, which requires a signature to receive your order. We can provide insurance on orders valued over $100. Insurance starts at $5.00 plus $2 for every $100 declared value.

Example: A $500 order would cost $5.00 plus $10 ($2 x 5) or $15.00 total. Call us today at (708) 557-4357 and we will explain signature delivery and insurance options. You can pour water through the mouthpiece, stem depending on which bubbler you choose. Make sure you have the right amount of water by covering the carb and inhaling through the mouthpiece. Smoking kills - Protect children: don't make them breathe your smoke.


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