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Exxus Snap VV Cartridge Vaporizer

The Exxus Snap VV Variable Voltage Cartridge Vaporizer improves upon the basic Snap by giving you the ability to select from four voltage settings. Now you can customize your vaping experience to a higher degree. This is the first variable voltage vaporizer for oils. It is sleek and uses a strong magnetic connection to keep its recessed atomizer firmly in place.

Exxus MiCare Cartridge Vaporizer by Exxus Vape

Introducing the newest addition to the Exxus Vape lineup with a twist, the Exxus Micare by Exxus Vape Powered by SMOK. In a class of its own, the Exxus Micare by Exxus Vape Powered by SMOK is compatible with your favorite essential oils and combines stunning construction along with top of the line technology. Perfect for any level of vaper, this remarkable device ensures nothing less the amazing sessions.

Exxus MiNovo Cartridge Vaporizer by Exxus Vape

Introducing the incredible, stealth, out of this world Exxus Minovo! A creation out of the second ever collaboration between Exxus Vape and SMOK, this sensation stunner vows to deliver an unparalleled experience. Featuring remarkable advancements like bright LED light indicators, preheat mode, convenient magnetic adapters, precise variable voltage and a whopping 470mAh battery, this is not a device to miss out on! Enjoy great flavor and great clouds with the help of the Exxus Minovo! Get it today!

Sutra Auto Cartridge Vaporizer by Sutra Vape

Introducing the newest star added to the Sutra Vape roster, the Sutra Auto Cartridge Vaporizer. This incredible portable oil cartridge vaporizer delivers great sessions with matching performance. At just 2 inches tall it combines power and elevation together for an experience like no other. Featuring advancements like auto draw for convenient use, magnetic thread adapters for security as well as protection, micro USB for rapid charging and powered by a high rate discharge lithium ion battery, there’s nothing better on the market. Get the Sutra Auto Cartridge Vaporizer today!

Sutra Squeeze Cartridge Vaporizer by Sutra Vape

Introducing the incredible, contemporary Sutra Squeeze by Sutra Vape. A new addition to the Sutra Family, this innovative device is the perfect stealth unit delivering a one of a kind superior experience. A compact stunner enjoy the portability as well as its striking appearance of the amazing Sutra Squeeze! Available in Gun Metal, Rainbow, Silver, Bronze, it is a must have for your collection.

UNI Adjustable Cartridge Vaporizer by Wulf Mods

If you are looking for an efficient, easy to use, ultra-portable mod then look no further than the Wulf Uni by Wulf Mods Powered by Yocan.

Exxus Plus VV Cartridge Vaporizer by Exxus Vape

The Exxus Plus VV 380mAh 510 Variable Voltage Battery by Exxus Vape is a streamline fit for many tanks on the market because of its simplistic design quality. With a 510 thread attachment component, a threading that is an easy match for many products on the market, it is as close to a universal device as it’s possible to be. As a variable voltage device, the Exxus Plus’ voltage can be adjusted to a range of 2.6V-4.0V and yields 380mAh of power. These features allows vapers to hit the mark of their individual preferences of heat for an ideal vaping session.

Wulf Micro Plus Cartridge Vaporizer by Wulf Mods

The Wulf Micro Plus by Wulf Mods is an innovative portable vaporizer designed to deliver users an unmatched vape experience. The Wulf Micro Plus features, a premium quality designed tank, magnetic adapters and four variable voltage settings (2.8V, 3.4V, 3.7V and 4.2V). Combining powerful performance and functionality, the Wulf Micro Plus by Wulf Mods is the perfect addition to any vaper’s collection.

Exxus Twistr Cartridge Vaporizer by Exxus Vape

Get ready to twist and shout with the new, incredible Exxus Twistr by Exxus Vape. With a simple twist, this innovative device allows you to cycle through your voltage settings; 2.0V to 4.2V for enjoyable potent sessions that you can’t resist. The perfect companion to your goodies, indulge in unbelievable flavors with the remarkable Exxus Twistr by Exxus Vape!

Sutra STIK 650 Cartridge Vaporizer by Sutra Vape

Now announcing the newest addition to the extensive, innovative line from Sutra Vape, the Sutra Stik Vaporizer. This amazing, stand out piece employs advanced features for a precise, elevated vaping experience. Enjoy continuous, great tasting potent sessions and in a compact, portable form wherever you go with the help of the Sutra Stik Vaporizer by Sutra Vape. A definite must have to your collection!

Sutra STIK 900 Cartridge Vaporizer by Sutra Vape

Enjoy incredible, great tasting sessions with the help of the Sutra Stik 900mAh by Sutra Vape. This one of a kind device is the perfect integration of innovation, high performance and stealth, stunning appearance for an overall enhanced experience. At a great price, get one today!

Sutra STIK 1100 Cartridge Vaporizer by Sutra Vape

Presenting the newest addition to the Sutra Vape roster, the Sutra Stik 1100mAh Vaporizer by Sutra Vape. With 1100mAh battery, enjoy endless potent flavors and increased vapor production all in a compact frame for an overall unforgettable experience. Get the Sutra Stik 1100mAh Vaporizer by Sutra Vape today!

What is a Vape Pen?

A vape pen is a portable, non-combustible pen-shaped device used for inhaling a variety of e-liquids such as e-liquid (electronic liquid) and concentrates. Some also allow you to vape dry herbs as well. Vape pens are the most common type of vaporizers in the market and they come in a variety of sizes and thickness. They utilize whatever liquid or dry herb of your choosing and conducts it, heating the product inside the vape pen instead of combusting it with a flame source. This allows you to carry a discreet, all-in-one device with a pure flavor brought by conduction.

How to Use a Vape Pen:

Vape pens are incredibly easy to use. Most vape pens use a single button control or simply drawing from the mouthpiece will begin the conduction process to form vapor from the atomizer. Single-button controlled vape pens utilize a five-click on-off feature to allow you to save battery and lock the device from others. You can also adjust the temperature or wattage with three clicks or other buttons on the device.

First, decide what type of product you will be using and fill it inside the atomizer. Regardless whether it is e-liquid or concentrates, they can be filled easily in the atomizer. Some atomizers can be filled from the top and others can be filled from unscrewing the atomizer and inserting your choice product from the bottom. Each type of liquid uses a specific type of cartridge and wicking element that comes with the vape pen. Find out what works best for your needs!

Some vape pens have temperature controls that can be adjusted with ease and others come with a preset temperature for vaping that cannot be adjusted. If you like a varying degree of temperatures, search for a vape pen with variable temperature control. Also, the lithium-ion battery can be charged via micro-USB on the vape pen, providing hours of use with a short charging duration.

Types of Vape Pens: E-liquid, Dry herb, Concentrate

Vape pens come in different varieties to suit any person looking for a portable device with clouds and pure flavor. There are e-liquid vape pens, concentrate vape pens, and dry herb vape pens. Some vape pens can do both concentrate and e-liquid. It all depends on your atomizer cartridge and the base of the vape pen.

E-liquid vape pens

E-liquid vape pens are the most commercially common type of vape pen. These types of vape pens use electronic liquid with nicotine or without and these e-liquids can vary in nicotine potency. Typically, e-liquid vape pens are used with 12mg nicotine or higher for a similar throat experience as if the user is smoking. They use cotton or silica wicks in their atomizers and can be filled with e-liquid from the top or bottom of the atomizer. E-liquid vape pens are the easiest the use out of the other two types of vape pens, yet all of them have easy functions for anyone to pick up and start vaping.

Dry herb vape pens

Dry herb vape pens are for conducting the herb of your choice and providing a pure flavor as opposed to traditional combustion procedures. They often come with preset temperature functionality, but some often include variable temperature control as well. This allows the dry herb to conduct inside the vape pen like a miniature oven and give the user plenty of enjoyable clouds. Many of these dry herb vape pens are small and compact, allowing for discreet vaping anywhere and providing a stealthy session while the user is on-the-go.

Concentrate vape pens

Concentrate vape pens allow the user to vape certain types of oils that offer a discreet style of vaping your concentrates while the user is out and about. Most of these concentrate vape pens are pen-shaped, but some are more flat and narrow allowing for even more portability. Other types are a mod-style which are more powerful, giving the user plenty of clouds and a pleasant flavor experience. Concentrate vape pens pride themselves on their sleek designs with the power of a rig in your pocket.

The Structure of The Vape Pens

Vape pens have a variety of different features along with various parts that make up the vape pen to suit your needs and style of vaping. These vape pens are made up with an internal lithium-ion battery, an atomizer, and a mouthpiece tip.


The internal lithium-ion battery provides power to the vape pen and causes it to conduct any liquid or dry herb of your choosing. The battery also houses any functions for all-in-one devices such as a power button and/or temperature control buttons. Pen-shaped vape pens usually carry on average a 700 mAh battery capacity. With a high electrical resistance coil in your atomizer, these batteries can last hours before it needs another charge.


The atomizer serves as a storage to hold your product and inside, the coil is housed and determines the electrical resistance in ohms (O) of your vape pen. Vape pens often have a standard 510-threaded connection on the base; this allows the users to clean the atomizer or swap the atomizer with another.


The mouthpiece tip allows you to draw vapor from the atomizer and can sometimes be changed with a variety of tips to fit your style of vaping. They come in all shapes in sizes. Long and narrow mouthpieces provide more flavor, but less cloud production and has a similar experience as to smoking. Short and wide mouthpieces tend to produce more clouds, but not as much flavor. Vapers often find a nice medium that suits their style.

Types of Coils Vape Pens Carry & Which Coils Are Best For Your Product

The coil is one of the most important aspects of vaping. It decides battery life, flavor, clouds, and overall functionality of the user’s vape. These coils are measured in electrical resistance as ohms (O). Typically, the higher electrical resistance you have, the longer your battery will last and vice versa. Usually, a vape pen’s coil will be around 1.0-3.0O, but there are coils that a user can purchase that go as low as 0.15O for massive clouds. Coils also hold a wicking element such as cotton, silica, quartz, or ceramic to properly conduct the product. They also come in all types of varieties and some users even go as far as wrapping their own coils, as known as “building”.

Single Coil Atomizer

A single-coil atomizer creates small, but flavorful vapor. There is less surface area involved with the coils, thus it produces less vapor as opposed to other coil styles. Single-coils are known to keep the atomizer’s electrical resistance high and your battery life lasting much longer.

Double Coil Atomizers

Double-coil atomizers have much larger clouds as there are much more surface area involved. This doubles your size of your clouds, but will yield less battery life than a single coil.

Triple Coil Atomizers

Triple-coil atomizers are for cloud chasing e-liquid typically, but are also used for concentrate vape pens. They are rare as their low resistance typically yields a further reduction in battery life before a vape pen needs to be charged again.

Quartz Rod Atomizers

Quartz rod atomizers produce an amazing flavor experience and those looking for “true vapor” will enjoy quartz rods. They often heat up the fastest and provide an enjoyable throat feel.

Ceramic Aod Atomizers

Ceramic rod atomizers also are very efficient for vapor, but heat the user’s product slowly for a pleasantly delicious vapor experience.

Coil Less Atomizers

Coil-less atomizers utilize a bucket similar to a miniature oven. Heating a product inside one of these atomizers provides a smooth flavor experience and cleaning the coil-less atomizer is very simple.

The right type of coil matters for your style of vaping. E-liquid and concentrates often use single or double coils. High quality concentrate vape pens use quartz rods for a pure flavor experience. Ceramic rods are also used in high quality concentrate vape pens. Users can also find ceramic coil-less atomizers exclusively for dry herb vape pens.

Purchasing a Vape Pen:

Every vape pen has features that cater to the variety of styles of vaping that are out there. A few important aspects you should consider prior to purchasing a vape pen are affordability, size, usage, and a warranty.

The average vape pen can range from $30 and up to $100. They can be cheaper or more expensive depending on what style of vaping you are looking for. Price is indicative of quality as well. Rest assured that a high-quality product, you can expect a long life and value from your device. Cheaper vape pens are often disposable and sometimes only last a single use.

Size is a large factor in purchasing a vape pen. Think about your lifestyle. If you are a construction worker, you probably want to consider a larger device that is durable and will last the duration of your work day and possibly more. If you are a student and always on the go, you will want a smaller device that can fit safely in a pants pocket or small book bag pocket. If you are looking for a stealthy device, the smaller vape pens will accommodate your needs. Larger vape pens are usually saved for at-home vaping, but will provide lots of power and battery life as well.

Be sure to measure how often you think you will use a vape pen. Its usage depends entirely on the user and if you are stuck somewhere, unable to charge it, then you may want to decide on a vape pen with a large battery capacity. Cheaper vape pens need to be charged throughout the day after continuous use, but larger ones might only need to be charged once a day. Some vape pens can be used while charging as well.

Vape pens are often damaged from falls or face water damage from accidents or even be faulty from the manufacturer. Always check to see if there is a warranty with your device. More pricier vape pens often come with a warranty, but be sure to check the specifications and descriptions for a warranty as even some cloned vape pens will not have a warranty.

Temperature Control Information for Dry Herbs and Concentrates

Choosing the perfect temperature to vape dry herbs and concentrates will have a enormous impact on the user’s vaping experience for dry herbs and concentrates. An ideal temperature may exist for your product, but a perfect temperature for YOU is what you should look for. Thus, vape pens with temperature control settings are often praised for their high functionality as anyone could pick one up, adjust the settings that fit them, and vape.

Although you play a large role in figuring out your ideal temperature, your type of dry herb and concentrate also matters. The chemicals inside these products vaporize at different temperatures and could possibly burn or ruin your product if your settings are too high. Burning your product completely negates the use of these non-combustible devices.

Ideally, a new user will want to find a vape pen that has a temperature control range of 212 to 410 Fahrenheit (100-120 degrees Celsius). Although this is a large range, you can find more information online for your type of product you choose for where the ideal ranges are for that product, then adjust to suit your tastes and performance. Keep in mind that some vape pens come with a preset temperature and some offer temperature control from 360-400 Fahrenheit.

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