davinci miqro vs pax 3

DaVinci MIQRO vs PAX 3 Comparison

When you talk about vaporizers, there are two brands that are competing to be top players in the market: the DaVinci and PAX. These two brands created a solid reputation for providing top-quality, stylish, and functional vaporizers. We’ve got a DaVinci MIQRO vs PAX 3 review to help you gauge which one is going to be better for your vaping sessions.

Style and Design

You can say that both vaporizers are dressed to impress. With the external casing made of anodized aluminum, both are durable and lightweight. They have a sleek, smooth finish that gives them both their own unique sense of style and sophistication.

The MIQRO is the smaller version of its successful predecessor, the DaVinci IQ. Learning from the drawbacks of the previous model, the MIQRO comes with a stable oven pearl and an easier-to-clean removable ceramic zirconia vapor path. Cleaning is easier without worrying about breaking. It comes with a flat and extended mouthpiece to suit different styles of vapers.

The PAX 3 is well-known for being small, lightweight, and easy to hold. All the pieces snap together through a magnetic system for an effortless assembly. Although the Pax 3 doesn’t have an extended mouthpiece, it does have a raised one to provide comfortable vaping.

Heating system

The DaVinci MIQRO can be used to vape dry herbs. With its conduction system, the MIQRO can vaporize as much as 0.25g of dry herb. With the adjustable oven pearl, you can vape smaller amounts for instant microdosing to conserve your herbs.

The PAX 3 also features a conduction heating oven. However, with a simple change in the chamber, the vaporizer can also work for wax concentrates. Simply set the vaporizer to its highest temperature, and you’re ready to vaporize.

Control and operation

It’s easy to turn on both units to get started on vaping. With a few clicks on the power button, you can start vaping in no time.

Once you’ve got your MIQRO turned on, temperature control is easy without relying on any smartphone apps. You can use the up and down buttons to customize your vaping temperature, or you can set turn on the Smart Path. This makes your device steadily increase in heat as you vape, giving you different layers of vapor production

The PAX 3 is a device that will tickle the fancy of any tech-savvy vaper who prefers a modern vaping experience. It’s got the same precision temperature control as the DaVinci MIQRO that you can set using a smartphone app. It’s got 5 temperature settings, with the 5th set explicitly for concentrates.

Battery power

Batteries will always come up when you compare the DaVinci MIQRO vs PAX 3. The MIQRO has a removable 18350 that has a 900mAh capacity. It takes 45 to fully charge and provides 20-30 minutes of vaping use.

The PAX 3 has a non-removable rechargeable lithium-ion battery that carries a 3500mAh capacity. You can charge it with either a USB charger or the PAX AC adapter. USB charging time takes 2.5hrs, while AC charging takes 90 minutes. On a full charge, you can get 90 minutes of use, or approximately 8-10 sessions.

Vapor quality

The MIQRO offers excellent vapor in terms of flavor and vapor cloud production. With a max temp of 430 °F, some reported a more potent vaping experience.

The PAX 3 can’t be considered a top-tier vaporizer for no reason. It can produce outstanding vapor quality with dense, visible clouds.


Both, of course, have their limitations.

The MIQRO is mainly built for portability and stealth. Its small size limits the capacity of both the chamber and the battery. It’s a vaporizer that you can take advantage of during solo sessions and on the go. It’s not a vaporizer that you can depend on when you want to do a shared session. The mouthpiece can also heat the longer you use it. You can bypass this by using the extended mouthpiece.

The PAX 3 starts excellent, but the vapor quality degrades as the session progresses. Although you get dense clouds, the vapor is not as clean in flavor as the MIQRO. Some also experienced restricted draws, and the unit doesn’t provide exceptional delivery for concentrates.

DaVinci MIQRO vs PAX 3 Conclusion

Overall, both vaporizers offer different vaping experiences in terms of style, ease of use, vapor, and functionality. The MIQRO is highly portable and more affordable, ideal for those who want a discreet vaping device either indoors or outdoors. The PAX 3 allows you to vape wax concentrates, with a replaceable flavor chamber to meet your vaping demands. Each has its benefits that will shine the more you use it.

Our DaVinci MIQRO vs PAX 3 review talks about the difference between style, heating system, control, battery, and vapor quality.

Pax 3 vs Davinci IQ Vaporizer Comparison

This article is a comparison between the Pax 3 and the Davinci IQ portable dry herb vaporizers. The Pax 3 “Complete Kit” retails for $249 while the Davinci IQ is $199, both come with a 10-year warranty, both have smartphone apps, and both use conduction heating. The biggest difference between these two brand new portables is the battery setup and charging system.

Some other noticeable differences include a 15-second heat up time on the Pax 3 versus a 45-second heat up time on the IQ, the Pax 3 weighs around 50 grams lighter and the Pax 3 offers an option for concentrates.

Let’s go ahead and break down the details between the Davinci IQ and the Pax 3.

Left to Right: Pax 3 vs Davinci IQ Vaporizer

Pax 3 vs Davinci IQ Size, Portability, Durability

The Pax 3 is the lighter unit coming in at 90 grams while the IQ weighs roughly 145 grams. The heavier weight with the IQ is not really a downside since it makes it feel durable and solid in the hands. It’s not too heavy for the pocket and the compact size allows me to completely palm the unit for discretion. Both units fit well in my pocket and I’ve taken both of these vapes on long bike rides with no problems.

Pax 3 and IQ Size: The exact dimension of the Davinci IQ is 3.54” H x 1.65” W x .94” D and the Pax 3 is 3.87” H x 1.21” W x .85” D. The Pax 3 is a little taller than the Davinci IQ causing it to stick out of the top of my hand. Now don’t get it twisted, these are two of the most portable vaporizers currently on the market, but between the two, I think the Pax 3 holds the sleeker/slimmer profile. If you needed to completely palm the unit, I would go with the shorter Davinci IQ.

Left to Right: Pax 3, Davinci IQ, Firefly 2, Crafty, Pax 2.

Portablity and Concealment: One thing that is noticeable between the two units is the buttons. The Pax 3 uses a completely concealed button under the mouthpiece at the very top of the unit. If you didn’t know how to use the device it would be hard to even turn it on. On the other hand, the Davinci IQ has three buttons that run down the side of the vaporizer giving off the appearance that it’s a device of some sort. Obviously, the Pax 3 is a vape too but hopefully, you get what I’m saying. This is just another +1 in the sleek/slim profile for the Pax 3.

Durability: I can’t really talk about the durability of the Davinci IQ yet. I have dropped it from a good height (not on purpose) and it still works just fine. It did put a little dent/mark on the top towards the mouthpiece but it’s barely noticeable. After years of use with Pax products, I can definitely stand by the durability and reliability of their vaporizers but I’m not for sure how the new polished finish will hold up. So far my Pax 3 hasn’t had any bad drops on hard surfaces or picked up any scratches to test the shell so I’ll keep an eye out for this and update my reviews if I notice anything.

Pax 3 vs Davinci IQ Vaporizer Comparison

Pax 3 Davinci IQ
Rating: 9.3 (Pax 3) 9.3 (Davinci IQ)
Price: $250 $199
Warranty: 10 Years 10 Years
Heating Type: Conduction Conduction
Vapor Path: Stainless Steel Ceramic Zirconia
Battery Type: Internal Li-Ion Internal Li-Ion
Battery Life: 6-8 bowls 3-5 bowls
Recharge Time: 100 Minutes 240 Minutes
Bowl Size: .30 Grams .30 Grams
Weight: 90Grams 145 Grams
Temp Settings: 4 + 1 Custom Full + Smart Paths
Heat Up Time: 15 Seconds 45 Seconds
Pros: Heat-up Time Replaceable Battery
Shop Pax 3 Shop Davinci IQ

Davinci IQ vs Pax 3 Charging System and Batteries

After extensive testing, I’ve found the Pax 3, which uses a non-replaceable internal 3500mAh 18650, will provide about 100 minutes of average use on a full charge and take a bit over 100 minutes to completely charge from dead. Whereas the Davinci IQ, which uses a replaceable/rechargeable 3500mAh 18650, will provide about 50-70 minutes of use per battery and takes about 240 minutes to charge from dead within the unit. So if you do not want to or plan to carry a spare battery, the Pax 3 comes out ahead in the battery situation, however the IQ allowing user replaceable batteries allows even the heaviest users to get through some like an all day festival or even a camping trip.

Pax 3 and Davinci IQ Charging Options

If you decide that you want to go with the Davinci IQ, I would recommend picking up an extra battery or two and an external charger like the Nitecore i2. Not only do the external charge two batteries at once, but they also charge them in about 120-150 minutes instead of it taking 240 minutes to charge one internally with the IQ.

If you just look at both battery systems, the Pax 3 or the IQ could be better for you specifically depending on how often and in what situations you plan to use the unit.

Chambers, Vapor Path, Mouthpieces

The Pax 3 uses a stainless steel oven, stainless steel vapor path, and a food grade silicone mouthpiece. You actually get two mouthpieces with both the Pax 3. I personally use flat MP more since I just prefer the look and feel.. The raised mouthpiece works well and not longer gets your lips hot like the Pax 2 raised MP.

The Davinci IQ uses a ceramic zirconia oven, vapor path, MP with just a tiny bit of food grade silicone in the vapor path, but less than the Pax 3. Unlike the Pax 3 where I generally stick to the flat MP, with the IQ I like and use both the flat and raised MP. The raised mouthpiece doubles as a 10mm water pipe adapter, and I’ve noticed that I get a little better air flow with the raised mouthpiece but it’s nowhere near as discreet as the recessed mouthpiece. You can literally palm the Davinci IQ with the recessed mouthpiece which is a huge plus when you want a compact dry herb portable vaporizer so each mouthpiece definitely has its advantage.

Davinci IQ and Pax 3 Mouthpieces.

Davinci IQ Vapor Quality and Temp Options

After about a month of testing, I feel like I enjoy the sessions more with the Davinci IQ. Overall they both have a very similar draw resistance but the vapor is cooler and a bit tastier with the Davinci IQ. The IQ can also kick out dense clouds a bit more consistently. Both the IQ and Pax 3 offer very good vapor quality for conduction vaporizers coming in at the #1 and #2 spot, however the IQ slightly wins this category.

The Pax 3 offers the same temp range as the Pax 2 running from 360-420F but the new Pax Vapor APP allows you to choose any temp within that range. So instead of getting only 4 preset temps, you now get a full temp spectrum. The downside to this is you’ll need to have your phone/app to change these temps. They can’t be changed without the app.

Pax 3 App Vape Modes

The Davinci IQ offers a full temp spectrum ranging from 250F-430F and four heating profiles called “Smart Paths” with can all be used without the app. Within the app you can modify the time, and temperatures during your smart paths, and view your usage statistics. The default starting temp for the smart paths starts out at 350 and end 20-degree higher with the next path beginning where the first left of. So Smart Path 1 starts at 350F and will gradually climb to 370 half way through the session. It will then remain at 370F for the rest of the session.

Davinci IQ APP Custom Smart Path Options

The Pax 3 does heat up much faster than the Davinci IQ. After testing the Pax 3 averages about 15 seconds to hit temp whereas the Davinci IQ takes about 45 seconds on average.

Last but not least, you can use the Davinci IQ and practically all of its features without the need for the Davinci APP. You can select precise temps in the precision mode, you can boost temps still, change smart paths, dim the LEDS and check battery life. Pretty much the one thing you CAN’T do is customize your smart paths. You will need the Davinci app to do that.

Pax 3 vs Davinci IQ Cleaning and Maintenance

So far both of these vaporizers have been pretty easy to clean. The Davinci IQ has some tighter spaces and more parts to clean, but both units can be cleaned up with some ISO and a few Q-Tips. Both units tend to produce more draw resistance at about the 8-10 bowls area and will need to be briefly cleaned to keep it running at peak efficiency. Overall the Pax 3 does take a bit less cleaning, but its minor.

Concentrate and Wax Options for Davinci IQ

With the introduction of the Pax 3 came the new concentrate lid. It’s basically an oven lid with brackets supporting a stainless steel chamber that hovers in the oven. The good news is that it actually works and doesn’t create any big messes. You definitely get more of a session experience and it doesn’t finish the load as fast as an e-nail or pen but it has great flavor and is very smooth. I definitely wouldn’t necessarily buy this vaporizer if I were only going to be using wax/concentrates. I would buy it because I mainly vape dry herbs and want the option to vape concentrates without it being a hassle. So far, the Pax 3 concentrate lid has been an enjoyable experience.

The Davinci IQ does NOT offer the option for concentrates. However its still always possible to sandwich a little bit in the middle of a dry her bowl with basically any vaporizer. This method can be messy so you you need to use a very small amount, and overall the experience is nothing amazing, but it can be done.

Partial Oven Options – Single Person Sessions

Both the Pax 3 and the IQ function best with a full oven that is tamped down which is generally around .30 grams with the strains I have weighed. If you want to use a smaller load with the Pax 3 you will use the half-pack lid. I have actually found myself using the half pack lid more often than the standard lid so I am really glad they included it. Like the name states, the loads have come out to basically .15 grams in the strains I tested.

With the IQ you can unscrew the pearl to reduce the oven space slightly, however I had the pearl fall off once and almost get lost while messing around with it, so now I keep it screwed in tight. I have found the best way to use partial loads in the IQ if by packing down the load tight against the bottom of the oven almost creating a puck of dry herb.

While the puck method with the IQ does a pretty decent job, if you plan to be using small loads often the Pax 3 half pack lid is more convenient.

Summary Pax 3 vs Davinci IQ [TL;DR]

Here are the big differences for me.

  • The Pax 3 offers much quicker heat up times while being the sleeker, slimmer device and offers the ability to vape concentrates.
  • It does come with a full temp spectrum but you can’t change temps without the app and you only get to pre-program one custom temp option.
  • The Davinci IQ offers slightly better vapor quality while being more compact and uses replaceable batteries. Other than customizing smart paths, you can completely control the device without the need for the app.
  • You get more battery life per session on a full charge with the Pax 3 (roughly 100 minutes on a full charge), but you can purchase replaceable batteries with the Davinci IQ (about 50-70 minutes per battery).
  • The Davinci IQ will take roughly 240 minutes to completely charge a battery from dead whereas the Pax 3 will charge a dead battery in 100 minutes.

You can pick up an external charging dock and extra battery for the IQ adding only about $25 price. Is it worth it? For me yes, it cuts the charging time down from 240 minutes to about 150 minutes. You are also able to charge two batteries at a time, but some people will be fine without.

Overall each unit has its perks. Personally, I would go with the Pax 3 if I wanted the quicker heat up times and concentrate option and I would go with the Davinci IQ of neither of those mattered to you. Both of these units are feature-full, capable, and very compact vaporizers that has delivered on all fronts except for the fact they are not convection.

Pax 3 and Davinci IQ on a beautiful Fall day.

For some people being able to completely control the Davinci IQ with the 3 buttons on the side of the device is going to be priceless, for others the simplicity of a single hidden button on the Pax 3 will be more desireable.

Both units come with a 10-year warranty. The Pax 3 is now $249 and the Davinci IQ is $199. I recommend picking up the Pax 3 from Vapeworld or PaxVapor and I recommend picking the Davinci IQ up straight from Davinci.

Thanks for checking out my Pax 3 vs Davinci IQ vaporizer comparison review. Please let me know in the comments if you have any other questions about either of these new ultra portable vaporizers.

Pax 3 vs Davinci IQ Vaporizer Comparison This article is a comparison between the Pax 3 and the Davinci IQ portable dry herb vaporizers. The Pax 3 “Complete Kit” retails for $249 while the