davinci iq troubleshooting

Davinci iq troubleshooting

Thanks. great report.

We have a number of regular members (experienced vaporists) that love the IQ. (Y) 😀

Wasn’t my cup of tea, either. But others seem to have found it to be wonderful.

Good thing companies make a wide variety of vapes, yeah?

I had one to use for a few days. loaner from a buddy of mine. Was very new and in good shape.

However, I found the load size to be too big for my preferences, the draw restriction was awful IMO, the vapor was there but for whatever reason I didn’t feel that I got thick vapor out of it (and I start at 385 F which is in the high side).

Other people have had very different experience with the device.

Consider a Mighty as a second vape. Bit expensive but the price has gone down a bit. Dead simple to use and just delivers lots of great vapor. Load size can be adjusted by using either the dosing capsules or what I do is put in less than a full load and then press a Liquid Pad on top. Put on the cooling unit (mouthpiece assembly), turn it on, and just breath in.

There are many other vapes out there and for a second vape you may wish for a desktop instead of another portable. Worthwhile to check out Bud’s reviews on The Vape Critic site.

what both of you were stating were my initial issues with it. I have found a few things that have made this vape substantially better:

1. Different batteries are a must. They make the unit run considerably cooler and performance is improved. Sony VT6 being my personal favorite so far.

2. The IQ has a bit of natural draw resistance but it is super finicky in regards, not to grind size, but to fill volume. IMO it needs to be packed extremely loose. I don’t tamp at all and only use my IQ glass spacers to pack down in any way. At first I felt like I was trying to drink too thick a milkshake through a straw, but now it is actually pretty good.

3. do not leave the battery in. The Bluetooth is always on and will drain the battery even while the unit is off. This has an effect on performance

4. I start at like 368-370. I get really good flavor and pretty good vapor and step up from there

I am right with you on oven size I would like something closer to 0.1g although I have the glass spacers which are very useful and tale it down to 0.2 or 0.1 depending on the spacer I use. I start off around 360 and take it up to 400 or a little over, I like the taste of the first couple of hits the most but defiantly the vapour is very thin then. Draw restriction there certainly is but I find with a loose pack it is much better, and keeping it clean helps. I’m guessing that I will love a vape with a good easy draw.
Thanks for suggesting the mighty it may be the best vape for me (a little worried about reliability) when the time comes it will defiantly be in the running as my next vape.

Just found this thread, and wanted to add my current issues.

Vaping for years. Wore out 2 original Davincis, & have gpen elite, summit, others.

Bought IQ in January. Best vaporizer yet. But it had the problem of setting it down on hard surface would shut it off. Battery terminal spring is too light & battery bounces when set down. Easily repeatable, but I adapted & set it down softer.

After a few months of daily use, I noticed the flavor chamber was sitting so high on top that you couldn’t open the battery door without pressing down on f.chamber first.

Then I noticed the top door would not stay latched when up to vape temp. Clean the rubber seal area seemed to help for a couple of days, but it got worse.

It got back enough that if you carried it horizontally in hand while walking, the unlatched door would flip open, and the mouthpiece & f.chamber would fall to the ground.

I learned to put up with this, by just holding the latched end down while vaping. But none of my friends would when shared & out come the parts again.

Contacted DaVinci customer support & was surprised as to the video & photo evidence they required just to get an RMA number to return it. I jump thru their hoops in August & sent it in Sept.8th.

Received the repaired IQ on Oct.15th & tested. Battery problem was fixed with a very-strong spring under bottom battery terminal.

However, the f.chamber still raises the top latch when vaping & restricts access to battery door at all times. You must FORCE the f.chamber down to open battery door fully.

I emailed customer service about my displeasure. Got a stupid-but-convenient excuse, and asked to ship it to them again. That email said they would ship a new IQ as soon as the old one arrives.

“I deeply apologize to hear that.
I have backtracked your interactions with us and unfortunately Kyle left and he wasn’t able to address that with our team.
We can send you a label to return that unit, once its in the mail on the way back to us we can ship a new unit.”

I shipped again on Oct. 20th. and sent the tracking # they require in email. The email response was they will fast-track my unit for repairs once received.

“I am waiting for it to come in and I will have my tech fast track the repair.
I deeply appreciate your patience!”

I emailed back yesterday & asked which option am I getting: a new one or waiting for repair again.

No answer yet. I like their products, but their customer service SUCKS.

You can just glance at the battery and tell which is positive and which is negative. These vapes use flat top 18650 batteries and the positive terminal is smaller than the negative terminal as in this pic.

Hey @ alain305mia What happened to your device and where did it come from? I’d like to know more details because it seems like you’re venting off some steam. I’m not sure if you guys know, and its never mentioned in any reviews or forum posts, that Davinci Price Matches? I’m pretty sure they price match all the time and not just black friday. They have a ton of Authorized resellers that they are willing to drop the prices if you speak with supervisor not after hour representative 8:30-5:30pm pst (California area). I just clicked all the resellers till i found the best price, then send the link to verify in chat, which is quite fast. I found a better price than the 20% they’re giving out now for the IQ. Don’t just buy your product, save money to buy more accesories! I recently got the vape and I’ve been struggling to pull vapor. I realized that I had the ball out to much and screwing it in closer to the base really helped with air flow and I am drawing slowly and naturally. Using the tall glass spacer. I am now a very happy camper! Some more advice, use the wet cotton swab (either water or alcohol) inbetween the silicon gasket and ceramic heater while hot. That gap just gets dirty with casual use! Don’t let it build up and layer on.

Greetings, I have had my DaVinci IQ for about two months now and am enjoying vaping with it very much. It has helped me to stop smoking tobacco, which is huge for me,I had almost given up on giving up. The IQ has been a great vape so far and yes it is the only vape I have used so I have no idea how…