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18 Concentrate Brands You Should Know About

Stoners, weed snobs, and concentrate connoisseurs, lend us your rigs.

To honor all things dabbable, Weedmaps News compiled a list of some amazing concentrate makers in the U.S. today. It includes craft brands, some founders, ground-layers and “original” companies in legal markets, big-name dab makers, small-batch processors, and everything in between. As the industry grows, more talent crops up, so know that quality extractors extend beyond this list.

We see you, dabbers. So here’s a tip of the hat to some of the coolest companies crafting our golden wax, rosin , and concentrates in all shapes and sizes. From the entry-level to the rare expert, the list includes both supreme top-shelf and affordable but still high-quality companies for consumers to enter through.

Here are 18 ooey, gooey concentrate companies killin’ the game you need to know about.

Raw Garden

Why It Made The List: Get lost in the live resin sauce. Raw Garden is a popular California concentrate maker known for its refined live resin diamonds and live resin sauces . Raw Garden tends to fly off dispensary shelves thanks to its affordable price, landing anywhere from $40 to $60 per gram. This is the tastiest bang for your buck, and it keeps winning awards to boot.

Who It’s For: The avid dabber who will not sacrifice quality and flavor for a low price

Where to Find It: California


Why It Made The List: Bloom is a wildly popular concentrate brand founded in 2013 in Los Angeles. Today, its concentrates can be found inside of Dart pods, distillate vape pods, and easy-to-use syringes for distillate. Its quality can only be matched by its tried-and-true genetics worth trying Bloom’s take on, including King Louis the XIII , Green Crack , Pineapple Express , and Maui Wowie .

Who It’s For: The consumer who wants clean, easy, delicious distillate

Where to Find It: California, Nevada, Washington, and New Mexico


Why It Made The List: Since 2015, Moxie has been an award-winning staple in the concentrate game with plenty of clout. Its cartridges and Dart pods will sell new consumers on the gospel of concentrates. The wax found inside will be Moxie-level quality. Genetics you’ll dab with this brand? Snoop’s Dream, Alpine Cookies, Blue Coral, Goji Valley Kush, Lemon Goji OG, and Viper City, to name a few.

Who It’s For: The dabber who loves convenience and new tech

Where to Find It: California, Nevada, Michigan, Pennsylvania


Why It Made The List: Viola was founded by former NBA player Al Harrington . Since Viola’s inception, the concentrate brand has made waves in both Colorado and Oregon with its trail-blazing diamonds and live sugars, innovating today with THCA sauces, and serving up massive jars called Honey Pots. Delicious dabs include Screaming Afgoo, Chem D Krush + Chem D x I95, and Orange 43.

Who It’s For: The honey-bear consumer who wants a “Honey Pot” (7 gram jar) of concentrate, so it will last a long time

Where to Find It: Colorado, Oregon, California, and Michigan

Green Dot Labs

Why It Made The List: Green Dot Labs is at the top of its game in the Colorado market, absolutely crushing concentrate products including live resins, badders, and rosins worth drooling over. The company innovates in its hydrocarbon extraction process as well as collabs with artists, including a recent collaboration with the Disco Biscuits for the summer. If you see Green Dot Labs’ Black Label, know that it will be as glorious as music in your ears.

Who It’s For: The responsible but heady, jam-banding dabber

Where to Find It: Colorado

Natty Rems

Why It Made The List: Natural Remedies, which evolved to Natty Rems over the course of the last ten years in the Denver market, produces some killer concentrates. Founded as one of the Mile High City’s first medical dispensaries in 2009, the company grew to include Concentrate Remedies in 2015, when it began producing cured budder, live budder, live diamonds, live sugar, shatter , and fresh frozen solventless concentrates.

Who It’s For: Dabbers who want the heady, natty remedy without breaking the bank

Where to Find It: Colorado

The Clear

Why It Made The List: In the case of this Colorado company, the name really does say it all. The Clear produces some super-clean concentrates, almost opaquely white diamonds, with product line offerings, such as a new 1:1 Lobster Butter, Banana Cream, and its Honey Buckets of pure distillate.

Dubbed by the company as “Sunshine in a Bottle,” you can find The Clear on shelves in dispensaries in five legal markets across the U.S . Founded by a group of chemists, The Clear said on its website that it produces its flavors and terpenes in-house, “using only organic and kosher components.”

Who It’s For: The dabber who is obsessed with crystal, bling, and sparkly things

Where to Find It: California, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and Michigan

Willamette Valley Alchemy

Why It Made The List: If you live in Oregon, give concentrates from Willamette Valley Alchemy a shot. Founded in 2015, the company uses genetics from equally sought Oregon producers and collabs including Doghouse and Yerba Buena, to name a few. The alchemists create shatter, live resin, and diamonds made from freshly frozen cannabis flower , potency ranging anywhere from 65% to 95%, while prices will range but hit in the $42-to-$72-per-gram range.

Who It’s For: The mad scientist dabbler

Where to Find It: Oregon

710 Labs

Why It Made The List: The 710 Labs’ motto? “OGs make better OG.” Which its founder Brad Melshenker said means the “constant struggle to now one up ourselves.” This California concentrate company has been praised in both the Cali and Colorado markets for making some out-of-this-world concentrates in the form of sauce, live resin sugar, sauce, and live badder. Using unique genetics in its living soil cultivation — including Lemon Tart Pucker, Z Cubed, Black Mamba, and Kaya’s Koffee F2 — 710 Labs has the clout to match its price point. Often partnering with artists including This Is Addictive, Giacomo Bagnara , Katz and Dogg, to name a few, 710 Labs is as artisan as it gets.

Who It’s For: The dab head with extra cash or who wants to savor the gram. If you’re saving money, it’s the birthday splurge.

Where to Find It: California and Colorado

West Coast Cure

Why It Made The List: West Coast Cure is responsible for creating some of the prettiest wax extracts we’ve ever seen. Its most popular strain extracted under its BHOMB product line, Hardcore OG, propelled West Coast Cure to stoner notoriety, as rapper Action Bronson vouched for its Hardcore OG cake badder . Founded in Newport Beach, California, in 2010, West Coast Cure was born to cater to a high-end consumer of cannabis extracts, including shatters, budder, and cartridges.

Who It’s For: The weed snob who started dabbing for the terpene and flavor profile

Here are some of the coolest companies crafting our golden wax, rosin, and concentrates in all shapes and sizes. From the entry-level to the rare expert, the list includes both supreme top-shelf and affordable but still high-quality companies for consumers to enter through.

Dab nap concentrates

We are happy to be able to provide just about every kind of cannabis concentrate available on the market. Everything from top-of-the-line Live Resin Crystals dripping in Terpenes, to 100% Solventless extractions including Rosin and Ice Wax.

Live Resin is one of our most desired consistencies of cannabis extract. It comes in many forms but what they all have in common is the method of extraction. Live Resin is produced by harvesting a plant and immediately vacuum-sealing and freezing the product before it goes to the extraction facility. Once there, it is removed from the freezer and promptly put through a solvent extraction in a closed loop system. By freezing the product from harvest to extraction the terpene profile is kept as fresh as possible and yields the most terpene-rich extracts in the end product. Live Resin comes in an array of forms, everything from crystalline THCA submerged in high-terpene sauce, to whipped batters that are easier to handle and still pack a serious flavor.

Shatter is another phenomenal form of extract, it has a semi-translucent and almost glass like appearance. It is the easiest form of extract to manage as it is incredibly stable and doesn’t posses a sticky surface quality. Most agree that this form of concentrate is the most efficient concerning terpene-preservation. It can have just as much flavor as Live Resin and will retain it even though unideal conditions, this is one aspect that makes it a desirable form of dabs.

Rosin is the most refined form of Solventless extraction, can be made from Flowers, Kief, or even high-quality Ice Wax or Water Hash. It is made with a combination of heat and pressure, by placing some form of cannabis between two heated plates and compressing them the resin from trichome heads will flow out of the original product separating from the flowers or other Solventless product. The clean resin will then be collected and is referred to as Rosin. When dabbed it will leave behind little to no residue, unlike Ice Wax or Water Hash, the particulate in these forms of extract have been removed in the pressing process. This form of concentrate is a favorite among connoisseurs, its lack of solvent and cleanliness is highly preferred.

Ice Wax/Water Hash, another form of extraction that is 100% Solventless, utilizing only water and consecutively finer screened bags. The flowers are thrown into a freezing tank of water and agitated to drop their trichomes off through a series of screens that will continuously refine them into different levels of cleanliness. The last few screens will catch all of the trichome heads and create the most desirable end product. The hash is removed from the screens and often freeze dried to maintain its terpene profile and speed the drying process. Often the lower grades of this product will be pressed into Rosin and the most refined sections will be sold as is because they are already incredibly potent and flavorful.

Wax, one of the easiest extracts to handle. Commonly used in vaporizer pens due to its lack of stickiness and ease of use. This type of extract doesn’t sacrifice flavor or potency for its desirable consistency. Made through a similar process to shatter, however it is often “whipped” to create the rocky and sometimes powdery appearance. Still fully purged and testing with incredibly low residuals, it is one of the cleanest forms of marijuana concentrate on the market.

Distillate is known for its incredible potency, with ranges between 90-99% THC content. This is the strongest form of extract on the planet. Through a fractional distillation process the THC is separated from all forms of plant matter, terpenes, and other cannabinoids to create the most pure THC only concentrate around. Often combined with terpenes after the extraction process to reintroduce desirable flavor profiles. This extract will have a transparent color, with no sugaring or buttering. If done well it will have a very tacky, almost stable consistency making it more difficult to handle, but surely worth the extra effort.

Be sure to come by the store and check out these different consistencies! We always welcome consumers new to the extract market, if there’s anywhere to come learn about the different types of concentrate and thier effects its here at The Dab!

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