dab cartridge not working

Dab cartridge not working

The vapes currently on the market vary widely in performance. Depending on the make and model, a cartridge can underperform, malfunction, or outright break. And while the glistening weed oil is held hostage by a defective cartridge, consumers are left frustrated-as-hell wishing they were stoned.

Before tossing away your oil, know that you have options. Here’s what you can do to potentially salvage a broken vape cartridge.

Fix It Yourself

If you’re reading this article, there’s a good chance you’re combing the internet for tips and tricks on how to fix your vape. And we’re happy to report that just because it seems broken, doesn’t mean it’s dead. But maybe your battery is?

If the vape hardware is such that you can switch out the cartridge, test out some other carts to see if they work. If none are pulling, it may be a battery issue rather than the cartridge.

Is the battery area saturated with sticky oil? If that’s the case, take a Q-tip and dab a small amount of alcohol onto it. Then, lightly clean the contact points where the battery and cart meet. Let the battery dry and try it again.

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If this option fails, consider opening the mouthpiece of the cartridge. In some models, you can remove the mouthpiece and clean its components.

Also, though this may seem obvious and juvenile, make sure your vape is charged before you dismiss your vape cart as defective. And don’t be ashamed if you find it just needed a charge — we’ve all been there.

There’s nothing worse than a defective vape cart when you’re trying to get stoned. But there are options to salvage your vape — and your high.