crooks and castles bong set

Pure Glass Crooks & Castles set


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Full Crooks & Castles collaboration with Pure Glass brings this amazing Bong & Bubbler set nothing like it in the world this amazing set has a 14" 50mm Beaker Bong as well as a 16" 50mm Bubbler with Black Trim this is limited edition set by Pure Glass & C

Crooks and castles bong set

Here’s something that we do not normally come across. Crooks & Castles and Pure have teamed up on this set of glass to smoke your. ummm. “tobacco” out of. Here’s what you get in the set:

Custom 14” 50mm Two-Tone Glass-on-Glass Water Pipe with Detailed Etching. (Includes: Water Pipe, Down Stem, and Bowl) Custom 4-piece 55mm Glass-on-Glass Bubbler with Detachable Tall 5arm Tree Percolator and Mouthpiece. Includes Detailed Etching. A custom 55mm laser edged glass on glass Crooks jar.

The set is now available at the Crooks online store. We must notify you that you have to be at least 18 years of age to purchase this.

Here's something that we do not normally come across Crooks & Castles and Pure have teamed up on this set of glass to smoke your ummm "tobacco" out of ]]>