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top vaporizer left writing this for 3 …

top vaporizer left writing this for 3 weeks just too check out the deluxe and all I can say is get one asap.You contact them with any problems and they get back to you straight away.

Excellent product

Easy to use and well designed.Have used it for a week now and I should have bought it a while ago!

Super smooth Crater 420

I have already rated the Crater Deluxe vape and I gave it 5 stars! I now own the Crater 420! Well worth the purchase! And no need to guess, another 5 star rating. The taste and ease of use is fantastic. I will not be buying any other vaporizers as these are just flawless devices. They both deliver a smooth hit, whether it be conduction with the Deluxe, or, convection with the 420. I do like the design and the cooling chamber on the 420 for sure. Either vape is a solid choice, very nice items. I hear customer service is top notch, but as yet ive not had to use it. Buy one and melt into your high 😉

After a week of use

Crater Deluxe: After a week of use, this product rocks. Easy to use. Simple to clean. Very good quality build. Worth buying. Many thanks to the team at Crater. A job well done.

Great vaporizer but charging problems

Great vaporizer, slim and discreet however it’s temperamental with the charging dock and I’m worried its going to get worse over time as I’ve only had it a week. Unsure if it’s the charger or the unit itself

Really happy with the service and …

Really happy with the service and quality of the product from the guys at crater.
I bought the Crater Digital Vaporizer which has turned out to be the best I own.
The build quality is exceptional and the buying experience couldn’t be better.
A big thumbs up

Crater Vape 420

I purchased the 420 vaporiser over a month ago and haven’t stopped using it since! Though I don’t usually leave reviews, I felt I wanted to with this. Can definitely say that I am truly happy with the sensational and pure natural flavour it gives me from my plants (there’s no better way to enjoy now I’ve tried this) and the amount of vapour it produces is immensly satisfying. This Crater 420 is a truly impressive and I certainly received excellent service and value, any question was answered immediately. I tell you that this 420 has stopped me smoking and is the perfect substitute) – thank you Crater I am a complete convert to dry herb vaping 🙂

crater vape best thing ever

absolutely best thing I have ever bought . quick delivery and very happy with the product would recommend to everyone.

Researched – Best dry herb vaporizer!

The Deluxe crater is the best dry herb vaporizer out there, (from my weeks of research, and trying it out of course). 😉
I have also bought the vax mini water filter, which compliments this product perfectly!
* Please note, there seems to be a knack with connecting the filter to the vaporizer. It doesn’t fit as nicely as the original mouthpieces.
The water filter does NOT allow you to take longer drawers, but does make the experience a little less warm on your mouth.
Absolutely no regrets! It’s a pleasure to use!
I’m not giving up smoking, but it’s nice to have a choice as to whether I put smoke in my lungs or not! I’m a very occasional smoker.

* A second important note; if you don’t want to fill the oven to the top with your favourite herb, then you can gently pack it out with another herb, as it is important to fill the oven for best effect.

Don’t expect big clouds of vapour though.
I have nothing bad to say about the Deluxe,
But the one comment I would like to make is,
If you are looking for longer drawers and thicker clouds of vapour then the CRATER 420 is the vaporizer to buy!
This is not just for dry herbs!
I decided not to go for the 420 product as it appears to come with more parts and maintenance. Plus the deluxe has better battery than the 420.

One other important point I would like to make is the PAX 2 vaporizer (which is in the top 5 best dry herb vaporizers), is almost the same but the Pax 2 only comes with a 10 year warranty, whereas this comes with a lifetime warranty, so really it’s a no-brainer!!
🙂 🙂 🙂

Happy vaping peeps!
I’m now enjoying mine with organic hemp buds to fill the oven and help with chronic pain, with a little sprinkling of another well known herb. 😉

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