coolest grinders

Coolest grinders

Check out some of coolest, best and most unique herb grinders out there. Looking for a dope gift? Who wouldn’t want a cool weed grinder? Someone who is a crazy person, that’s who, and you can’t afford to have that kind of energy in your life anyway. Now that that’s settled, why not treat yourself to a new cool grinder?!

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ROBOTS! They’re coming. Not much we can do about it. So why not have them roll us some joints?? That’s exactly what the folks at Banana Bros. must have been thinking when they invented this awesome weed gadget. It’s the OTTO Smart Grinder & Rolling Machine, the first ever all-in-one electric smart grinder and .


The Puff Kit from Alpha Cat is for the kind of person that likes to say “gimme the works!”. Cause this thing’s got it all. The all-in-one AlphaPuff Kit packs a whole bunch of features into a sleek package to make sure you’ve got everything you could possibly need for a wide variety of smoking situations. A grinder, .


Liberate your nugs from the ziploc gulag in the back of your freezer and whisk them away to the luxury suite that is the RAW Special Wood Rolling Box. This beautifully designed wood rolling box is gorgeous AND functional (like me). It has a latching lid, and makes a perfect private little hide-a-way for your stash. .


Electrify your grinding game with this awesome Easy Grinder Motorized Electric Herb Grinder. Just load it up with nugs, press the button and watch this hand-held powered grinder transform them into ground up goodness, AND dispense said goodness exactly where you like. The USB-rechargable battery lasts literally .


The future has arrived, and it is dope. Finely ground dope, that is, and all you have to do is press a button on the Mamba Electric Weed Grinder to get it. Yeah you read that right. This is a real life electric weed grinder, the epitome of weed gadgets, amiright? And honestly it’s come at just the right time. .


Wowie zowie this is very neat: a grinder with a built-in pipe that you can carry on your keychain! The Rocket Grinder is a jack of all trades. Well maybe not all trades, but SEVERAL trades. Which ones, you ask? This baby is a grinder, a funnel, a container, and a one-hitter all rolled into one very dope little .


Is it a pen? Is it a grinder?? Is it both. No, actually, it’s just a grinder. But it’s a grinder that looks like a pen, works like a charm, and is totally dope. Check out this little guy, a pen-shaped grinder and motorized dispenser from PenSimple. Just pack your herbs in the top of the PenSimple grinder, grind .


You work hard. Every day. You get up, and you go. somewhere and do something. I’m not sure what. But it’s something, and you’re good at it, damn it! Here’s what I’m getting at – before you freak out that this amazing gold grinder is $1,500*, I want to make sure you realize one thing: YOU DESERVE IT. That’s .


It’s cool when people combine cool stuff to make other cool stuff. Like a pipe and a lighter. Or a mouse and a scale. Or a spaghetti and a washing machine. The folks who made The Grumbler pulled off the stuff + stuff = more stuff formula perfectly, by combining a grinder and a storage container to make one very .


Let’s face it, you have a lot of grinding to do. Lots of stuff gots ta git grinded. But you’re also a man and/or woman about town, so sometimes your grinding gots ta git grinded on-the-go. What’s the solution? A credit card grinder of course! This thin little grinder from The V. Syndicate makes quick work of .


What’s the best grinder you can buy? First of all, thank you for asking, I appreciate that. And second of all, you’re looking at it, pal! It’s the Cali Crusher 4-Piece Grinder and jeeze louise this thing is dope. This amazing grinder from Cali Crusher is packed with patented technology and awesome features like a .


Wait, a grinder that looks like a grenade?? File this one under “Didn’t Know It Existed But I Need It NOW!”. You DO have a folder with that label, yes? If not, make one now and file this in it, dawg! This Grenade Grinder has a magnetic grinding compartment with a mesh screen to collect kief along with sharp, high .

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Back in the olden days, there was one kind of weed grinder. Your hands. Then humans invented tools and the modern-day weed grinder was born. But now it’s finally the future, and boy did the future deliver. We got weed grinder pens, electric weed grinders, robotic grinding and joint rolling machines. Wowie! What’s the best weed grinder? With so many cool ones to choose from, there’s no one real answer. It is a personal quest, dear Weedgadgeteer. Now go forth and discover what the world of cool grinders has to offer!

Coolest grinders Check out some of coolest, best and most unique herb grinders out there. Looking for a dope gift? Who wouldn’t want a cool weed grinder? Someone who is a crazy person, that’s