cool pipe names

Best Names for Bowls/Pieces

Mike Tyson. One hit and your knocked the fuck out.

Some kid in my brothers grade back in senior year of highschool had a bong names Mike Tyson. Back in like 03. when most you little NS kids were in middle school or elementary school.

Name 100% depends on the bowl. Must really fit the piece.

First off you just smoked for the first time 2 months ago. Second your pipes were probably purchased from the fucking citgo station. Buy some real fucking art glass, smoke a little more, and then think of a real name.

Threaded thread thread /thread.

got a medicali steamroller named cherry garcia (cherries well) aka melky carbrera (milllllky hits)

have seen a nice frosted bong named abongable snowman

My friend has a tripple perc, gilled downstem, glass on glass bony that’s just small enough to smoke yourself. – -typical, I kniw, but its nice– We call it Sampson because its always fun to talk to him.

My other friend has a straight tube, kinda like a steamroller, glass on glass of course, and we call it a bong.

My friend has a wooden piece he made himself like 5 years ago that we call Fizgig. Fizgig is some hairy ball from ‘The Dark Crystal’ and at that time, we we’re calling any ghetto rigged item we made a fizgig.

My freshman year dormroom lightbulb cape was dubbed Incredibulb.

We call blunts sticks cus i had a game rolled up in my ear as i was going out to smoke. Girl asked “Is that a stick?” in a typical dumb girl voice. It has stuck with me since then.

What are the best names for bowls and bongs and shit?Right now i just got a greenish bowl named Buzz Lightyear