cone bubbler

RAW Glass Cone Bubbler

RAW Glass Cone Bubbler is made by the RAW Company that is iconic for smoking culture. Glass Cone Bubbler creates an extra step between you and a joint by filtering the smoke through a tiny water chamber, thus making it cooler. Bubbler quickly gained popularity in the smoking community for its design and convenience.

Great for those who prefer long smoking process to fast bong or pipe hits, yet sometimes find one or other joint difficult to beat as the smoke might be quite hot, leading to unpleasant sensations. Hand-made in the USA of durable Borosilicate glass.

In fact it’s a tiny, but very powerful bong (3.5” tall) that features an etched conical cone holder instead of a traditional bowl, so that you can easily stick the joint in. The process of smoking is exactly similar to a classic bong. Takes just a bit of water but does help a lot with cooling the smoke, making sure that the hit is clean and smooth.

This neat piece will be a decent addition to your smoking collection adding another unique way of getting high. Its small size certainly makes big fun as soon as a good joint is in there, works great with RAW rolling paper.

Personal note from ISmokeFresh team

I love it because sometimes I roll a joint with strong tobacco, the effect is great, but at the same time tobacco makes the smoke really tough, what is not the case with the Cone Bubbler.

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