colorado pure hemp cigarettes review

Colorado Pure Hemp Sticks

Colorado Pure Hemp Sticks



Burn rate

CBD Feeling

  • Great smell
  • Packaging
  • Star filters
  • Low CBD content

Pack of Colorado Hemp Cigarettes

Certified Organic? Yes, Please! I am all about things organic, So when I was able to try these Colorado Pure Hemp Cigarettes I was very excited! They are packaged very similar to Wild Hemp Cigarettes (Check my review here) Same filters and same good packaging. I think they might be made by the same co-packer. These Colorado Pure hemp cigarettes may look like Wild hemp cigarettes but they taste much better and seem to have a slightly higher CBD content.


Thanks for the review. They do look like wild hemp cigarettes but taste better. Im glad I read your review!

I must have just gotten a seedy batch because it’s almost like one of those exploding joke cigarettes, I’ve been smoking wild hemp cigs for several months to keep me off tobacco (which hemp is great at) and thought I’d give these a try. Not impressed by the seeds, I’ve been a fan of the cannabis plant for a long time and if there’s one thing you don’t do is have seeds in your smoke. Hopefully the whole carton isn’t as bad as the first pack

Certified Organic? Yes, Please! Check out our pure hemp cigarette review to learn the all about colorado pure hemp cigarettes. ]]>