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garbage. expensive and did not work

Bought about 300 dollars of different…

Bought about 300 dollars of different cloud v products most came broken in the package and the the rest burnt out within a couple weeks customer service was horrible takes 24 hours for a reply and they dont solve or help in anyway except to purchase more product would not recommend this company better luck going to your local shop some of the products I’ve purchased are the electro dab, alien vape, slim stick, flash vape, powerbox , black Chong vape

Amazing customer service!

This service has been extremely helpful and consistent with their products. They ship on time and the products are exactly what you pay for. Their customer service however is spectacular! One of my shipments was a little delayed due to the new year and they sent me and extra battery and lanyard for free! I didn’t even have to ask or say anything they just did it and because of that they will always have my business!

Save your money and don’t make the same mistake I did

It has been four days since i purchased my cloud pen 3.0 with two day shipping. I also have yet to hear back from my emails regarding this issue and still haven’t received a shipping confirmation or number so I guess its never coming. Save your money so you don’t make the same mistake that I did. Very disappointed would not recommend to anyone.

I LOVE this pen and I LOVVVVE this …

I LOVE this pen and I LOVVVVE this company. when my batteries went dead. they replaced them ASAP. when my flow valve went bad. they sent me new ones BEFORE I even asked them to replace them. The quality of the products is amazing. BUT. the customer service is UNMATCHED. and that makes ALL the difference.

Luv my cloud penz!

Luv my cloud penz!! Staff was very helpful and did me right!! Recommend their products!!👍

Great service

Great service, great product. My Paragon pen came with a faulty battery that wouldn’t hold a charge, but Manny from the CloudPenz team was extremely responsive and helped me with getting a replacement every step of the way. Battery was replaced within two weeks at no charge!

The Paragon is the perfect tool for on the go use and is easy to maintain by rotating atomizers and soaking the dirty ones in isopropyl. I highly recommend it; it is worth the semi-premium price.

Great product and company

Cloud Pen Vaporizer is awesome and Cloud Penz as a company goes above and beyond for their customers to make sure they are satisfied! They sent me more atomizers because I had trouble with my original ceramic rod atomizer I purchased, no charge to me at all. I really REALLY appreciate that they all go out of their way to make sure I am a happy customer, which I so am and was from the start of giving me a new pen after my battery was shot. So again, kudos and thank you all! Would definitely recommend to others, hands down.

I ordered my Cloud V F17 and 14 days …

I ordered my Cloud V F17 and 14 days later i received it. I followed instructions carefully when unpacking and charging. The device heated up to vaporizing temp but never burned the dry herb so that I could get a hit off of it. I sent it back to the manufacturer and they tried it, said nothing was wrong and sent it back to me. I tried it again and it still doesn’t work. I contacted them for a refund and they said they could only do an exchange for a device than is less expensive and couldn’t give me back the difference or even refund me for the S&H. I’m letting everyone know to just stick with local head shops, they give better customer service and actually back up their product with a replacement.

Sorry to hear about your problem. Unfortunately you’re mistaken us for another company. That product is a product of cloud vapes and not one of ours. But feel free to use the following promo code for 50% off to get a better product and helpful customer service. Promo code is friendfam50.

Thank you! #StayCloudy

I ordered my paragon pen on the 27th of …

I ordered my paragon pen on the 27th of June with overnight delivery. It is now the 13th of July, 16 days, and the package has still not arrived. When I go to track the package it will not even give me an estimated delivery date. I’ve used cloud products for years, but I’m really upset. And none of the customer service has been helpful at all besides saying it’s on its way.

Once the battery was replaced

Once the battery was replaced, pen works as advertised. It is functional for a variety of applications and vapes well.

I ordered the Cloud Penz 3.0 vape pen …

I ordered the Cloud Penz 3.0 vape pen recently and have been very happy with my purchase. The customer service is very professional and everyone is extremely friendly. I’ve been really happy with my purchase. Keep up the great work guys!

Discreet & Compact. Perfect Vape Pen!

The CloudPen 3.0 met all my expectations. I’m new to dabbing/waxes and this is the perfect product for anyone looking for a discreet and streamlined way to enjoy concentrates.

Used it twice battery went out.

Thank you for your feedback. I’m sorry to hear your battery isn’t working, but we are more than happy to replace it under our lifetime battery warranty. One of our customer service agents will be reaching out to you to resolve this immediately.

Excellent Service

On line support was almost immediate. Service was quick, and not complicated. I was completely satisfied, and would recommend Cloud to anyone. Stay Cloudy

It does work great

It does work great. The only reason i gave it 4 stars was i didn’t get all the mouth peace covers. I only got 3 and not the 5 that said it comes with.

I bought a cloudpen 3.0 and it worked …

I bought a cloudpen 3.0 and it worked once then stopped working. I sent a warranty email and they said it would be up to two business days for them to respond. After a week with no response I called them and they finally started the warranty process. After sending my defective pen back they sent me a replacement with the slowest shipping possible it took over a week to get to me from California. All in all it is a decent pen but I have had a much better experience with puffco in the past.

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