cloning straight into soil

Cloning straight into soil

Of course it’s happening inside your head.
Why should that mean it isn’t real?

Or. if, by a long shot, you happen to have a weeping willow tree nearby.

To make rooting hormone soak the yellow-tipped shoots of a weeping willow tree in water. A tea made from the bark of a willow tree is also effective. When using the shoots or bark soak them for 24 hours prior to using.

When you buy rooting hormone at the store, this is what you’re paying for. You’ll be just as well off making it at home from what I’ve read.

D o n ‘ t c r i t i c i z e w h a t y o u c a n ‘ t u n d e r s t a n d

Inverted said:
Crazy, those fuckers are all over where I live! Never heard of that one before. They are especially fun to chill under when tripping

Especially if it is raining!

Ha ha I know I just wanted to say Pussy Willow.

Weeping willows are all over where I live.

It works just fine. Make sure you keep the soil pretty moist and you’ll see roots in no time.

Rooting hormone is a luxury that increases success but is in no way needed. Soil cloning is pretty simple.

I’ve actually pulled a clone out and seen no roots just a stalk. Pulled it out again the next day and there where roots shooting out everywhere.

Once the roots begin to grow they blast off. You could go 2+ weeks even without seeing any roots but that next day the will be everywhere.

Oh yeah, I’d take the bag off and observe it as the day progresses. If it can handle a whole day without the dome I’m sure your fine.

Make sure you watch it though. Don’t just take it out and come back in 4 hours to find them all dead.

So i decided to see if it would work, and try to clone my plant without any rooting horomones as its kinda hard to find any where i live. All i did was take some miracle grow organic choice mixed