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Smoking Pipes & Chillums

In our smoking pipes & Chillums section we have one of our wide selections available on Shiva. If you’re looking for a new smoking pipe then you’ll definitely find it here and if you don’t then, you’re not going to find it.

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Stylish glass pipes with a colourful liquid filled interior

Discover the Glow In The Dark Mini Glass Spoon Pipe – Pocket sized fun on the go

Introducing the PieceMaker Kwiki. Fun, flexible, and strong!

This 10cm Glass Notch Pipe is perfect for both first time users and smoking connoisseurs alike.

The Cone Roller Pipe is an awesome little tool. Use it as a pipe or use it to roll perfectly formed cones. What more could you want?!

The CoolKrew 15cm Glass Pipe with Stand is a really wicked gadget that nobody should miss among their glassware collection!

The Cosmos Pocket Pipe is a wooden pipe that will allow you to easily smoke out and about!

The Rasta Silicone Double Cigarette Holder is a fantastic travel device that will allow you to smoke multiple items at once, great for party’s!

Get your smoke on with the Metal Pipe & Screens Set by The Bulldog.

The 7 Part Combuster Pipe is made from durable steel, making it easy to clean and built to last.

Presenting the Glass Twist Pipe by Atomic.

Introducing the Silicone Hammer Pipe by Bounce.

Introducing the deluxe version of the pipe we all love, the Bud Bomb XL. This extra large Bud Bomb offers all of the features of its little brother but in an extra large size. Available in Black, Silver and Gold Colours.

These Dugout Ridged One Hitters are ideal for anyone needing a quick hit anywhere at any time.

Gaia was the personification of the Earth and one of the Greek primordial deities worshipped as the creator of the universe.

Lovely looking and extremely practical, the Mushroom Pipe transforms from pipe into Liberty Cap magic mushroom shape. A proper hippy accessory!

Crafted in sturdy steel, the amazing Atomic Spider Pipe is an incredible looking gadget that features a spider embellished with jewellery motifs.

The Can Be Rolled Portable Waterpipe means the ultimate revolution when it comes to travel smoking pipes.

Here we have an 11cm Glass Pipe with Metal Bowl by CoolKrew.

This Electronic Pipe takes all of the effort out of having a smoke. You quite simply fill the bowl, apply a flame and allow the pipe to fill your lungs with thick smoke at the press of a button.

These Etch Art 2 Part Large Mirror Pipe are a variation on the Etch Art Large Mirror Pipe, but the design is segmented into two parts. Both stylish and practical.

Add a new twist on an old favourite with the Glass Twist Chillum!

This is the newest version of the Nut & Bolt Pipe. These pipes are well designed with discretion in mind.

The Dhumapana Pipes are part of an exclusive range of smoking pipes made of top quality steel and wood!

These beautifully crafted pipes not only look highly stylish but are also highly functional. Available in various colours to suit your preference.

The Kundalini Chillum is a nice looking device that will make you question how did you manage to live for so long without it!

The Nut & Bolt Pipe transforms from nut & bolt shape into a sturdy, small pipe. Sling it into your toolbox and no-one will ever notice! (Just be sure no-one borrows your tools without asking first.)

The innovative design of the Puk Pyrex Pipe means that you can load every bowl, keep the pipe in a pocket, and not have to carry spare tobacco.

The Silicone Bubbler Type Waterpipe is a must have. A handy and convenient item that will fulfill the purpose it was once designed for, and beyond.

The Wooden Mushroom Pipe is a very discreet but highly functional wooden pipe. It also helps that it looks awesome. Available in a Small and Large version.

The world is your oyster – go forth and explore all its glories and wonders. Life is a learning adventure for those brave enough to seek the truth!

Presenting the 14.5cm Glass Pipe with Bend by CoolKrew.

These cool little pipes are designed to be highly portable and incorporate a rather stylish etched design.

If you’re looking for a way to clean your chillum with a little more magic and finesse, then we’ve got the perfect tool for you.

The Screen Queen Deluxe Screenless Pipe is designed to provide a cool and pleasant smoke whilst reducing feedback and the need for replaceable screens.

Allow this pipe to guide you during your martial art practice, as it helps you quite your mind for the mindful and meditative practice.

The Acrylic Honey Pipe is fun and colourful, with a steel bowl for added durability.

Unlock the secret to life itself! These Ankh Pendant Pipes will always be with you when you need to answer life’s big questions.

Fun, durable & portable. These handy little Silicone Pipes by Atomic will spark your interest. Available in a wide range of both solid and stripped colours.

This Mini Pocket Chillum is a perfect little pipe to carry out and about with you, and is just the right size to fit in any trouser or jacket pocket

The Sit-Up Perspex Mirror Pipe has a hygienic aluminium bowl and mouth piece, in various funky colours. The solid, flat base means you can put your pipe down between tokes.

The Artemis Pipe is hand carved from rich dark wood and allows you to transition from the state of stress to relaxation in a mere few tokes.

The simplest ideas are often the best, and this is certainly the case with the Better-Bat. The Better-Bat is a one hitter pipe that is simplicity itself to clean!

I’m the King of the Castle, you’re a dirty rascal! The Castle Pipe is the big brother to the Manor Pipe. Made from dark wood and steel, this pipe has been built to last.

This Aztec Pendant Pipe is a pocket sized pipe with a hand carved Aztec style face.

Small in size but Large in stature, The Click-Pipe is a highly functional, revolutionary magnetic pipe. When not in use it folds down and fits in your pocket perfectly.

Steel pipes are great; durable, easy to disassemble and clean, and always a pleasure to smoke, and the Drunken Master Pipe is no exception.

The Gauzeless Pipe is a unique design that eliminates the need for gauzes (screens).

The Tribal Glass Chillum is a handy and convenient device that will make you fall in love with its functionality!

The Dunlop Pipe combines the best of both worlds with its steel tubing and its wooden bowl and grip.

The Jali Pocket Pipe is perfectly suited for travel due to its compact size. This beautiful pipe has been handmade in India with a Jali cut out design.

ROOR are renowned for their glass blowing expertise. They have now turned their attention to pipes, and created the beautiful ROOR Steam Roller Pipe. This mini version is great for a quick hit.

Ultra light. Ultra practical. Ultra cool.

The 16cm Colour Changing Bubblers are both funky and functional, standing out amongst any glass collection. It’s heady aesthetic is reminiscent of the 60’s counter culture, with bright colours and swirled patterns.

Introducing the new and improved third version of the popular Magnetic Journey Pipe. Now boasting a new and improved magnet and available in two new colours. The Magnetic Journey Pipe, by popular demand, is finally back after too great an absence and will surely leave the many pretenders in it’s wake.

The Travel Water Pipe cools the smoke as you inhale providing you with a far smoother smoking experience when compared to a regular pipe.

The Aletheia Glass Bubbler is such an incredible device that it simply doesn’t belong in this galaxy!

Using a chillum is one of the oldest methods of smoking in India. This carved wooden chillum is a beautiful addition to your home and to your smoking ritual. The Cactus Wooden Chillum has a beautiful cactus design engraved in to it.

The Evolution Pipe is crafted from aircraft grade aluminium, shatter proof polycarbonate and medical grade stainless steel. The mechanical carb acts as a shotty producing heavy hits.

The traditional method of chillum smoking has been used in India for centuries and has spiritual associations. Our clay chillums are handmade and decorated with different coloured beads. Each comes with a filter stone – there is no need for pipe screens.

The Cobra Pipe is ideal for those of us who are maybe a little on the clumsy side. The flat, sit-up base helps prevent spillages and is good for resting between tokes.

Fold-A-Pipe is something that can be taken anywhere. Going abroad and need something to smoke from? No problem! Put one of these in your wallet and you will never go without.

The Sherlock Pipe is designed and manufactured by Rayknight – longstanding specialists in the tobacco industry.

Introducing the ‘AirBall’ Tar Catching Pipe by Atomic. This 12 cm glass pipe comes with a removable chrome bowl (screen included). Available in Clear, Blue, Green or Amber.

Using a chillum is one of the oldest methods of smoking in India. This carved wooden chillum is a beautiful addition to your home and to your smoking ritual.

These classy looking pipes are designed to be able to ‘sit up’ when you put them down. Perfect for resting between tokes.

The Sherlock Pipe is designed and manufactured by Rayknight – longstanding specialists in the tobacco industry.

Get your smoke on with the Coloured Glass Pipe by Atomic!

The Coco Pocket Pipe has been carved from wood and hand made in India. This simple but beautifully designed pipe is ideal for travelling.

These Embroidered Chillum Bags are the ideal storage solution for your Chillum.

The transparent centre of these pipes allow you to observe the smoke travelling through the pipe as you toke. Available in various colours.

The Sherlock Pipe is designed and manufactured by Rayknight – longstanding specialists in the tobacco industry.

The Torpedo Pipe is an awesome all round pipe. Its portability and design make it easy to use when on the go or at home. Available in a choice of Small and Large versions as well as a choice of Silver or Brass colour.

The Cross Pendant Pipe is a small wooden pipe with a cord attached for hanging around your neck. Ideal for travelling.

These awesome pipes have a transparent centre that allow the user to observe the smoke as it travels through the pipe.

Smoking Pipes & Chillums

The serious smoker will tell you that there is nothing better than a pipe to get the real experience and hit from your tobacco or herbal product. Our pipes and chillums collection covers a range of traditional pipes, including those which were made famous by the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes. These traditional wooden pipes not only look good but they smoke beautifully as well.

For something completely different, why not try one of our traditional chillums? If you have not used one previously, you will find that using a chillum will be an entirely different experience; the smaller the chillum the hotter the smoke when it hits you, with the larger ones, the smoke cools off, but there is an increase of volume.

These are just two of the many pipes that we offer here at Shiva, you can find deluxe pipes, and travel pipes, disguise pipes, glass and brass pipes plus so much more.

These products are intended for use with tobacco, molasses and herbal smoking mixtures. They are sold on the understanding that they will not be used as a means of smoking illegal substances.

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Smoking Pipes & Chillums In our smoking pipes & Chillums section we have one of our wide selections available on Shiva. If you’re looking for a new smoking pipe then you’ll definitely find it