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Best Desktop Vaporizers 2020

The best desktop vaporizer will more than likely be different for every person. Not only do they vary quite a bit more than your average portable vaporizer but they tend to cost a lot more as well. This article will list my top dry herb and concentrate desktop vaporizers.

Best Desktop Vaporizers 2020

You might be wondering what is the difference between a portable vs desktop vaporizer, and which one is best for you. In most cases, the desktops are going to be larger, more powerful, more reliable, and while a lot of portable vapes utilize conduction or hybrid heating methods, almost all desktops are full convection.

Since they are not constrained by size, shape, weight, or battery life you can generally expect better flavor, denser vapor, and better efficiency from a desktop compared to a portable. If you think a smaller and more portable vaporizer is best for you, or you just don’t want to be limited by a power chord check out my best portable vaporizers for 2020 article.

To help you find the best desktop vape, I’ve broken down all of the top dry herb desktop vaporizers and placed my favorites into different categories. These categories are based on three different delivery methods; Bags, Whip and Direct Draw. For each category, I will recommend my top pick and a budget pick. I will talk briefly about the vaporizer, provide a link to my full review, and a recommended authorized retailer to buy from.

Best Desktop Vapes

Directions: Click on the preferred category to go to that section or click on the Shop link to check out the best price from one of my recommended authorized retailers. Feel free to leave a comment below with any questions about my top picks for best desktop vaporizers.

Category Desktop Vape Price Best Price
Best Overall Desktop Ditanium $269 Shop Ditanium
Best Bag Desktop Volcano $407 Shop Volcano
Best Budget Desktop Extreme-Q $169 Shop Extreme-Q
Best Direct Draw Cloud EVO $449 Shop CloudEVO
Best Direct Draw Budget E-Nano $199 Shop E-Nano
Best Home Use Portable Mighty $296 Shop Mighty

Best Overall Desktop Vaporizer

The best overall desktop vaporizer is the unit I use the most. It’s usually on all day every day, readily available to get me medicated quickly. It’s also the desktop vaporizer that requires the least amount of cleaning and maintenance. Last but not least, it is the most reliable because it has to be. This is my go-to vaporizer when I’m at home.

Ditanium Desktop Vaporizer

Ditanium Vaporizer ($269)

The Ditanium is the best of both worlds if you are trying to use both dry herbs and concentrates. You can use it with just dry herb, just concentrates, or combine them for a “double-decker” and hit both flower and concentrates. Trust me when I say you will be napping shortly after that.

This is a “whip unit” but can be used in many variations. The end of the whip fits 14mm female connectors and the whip portion can be removed for hands-free draws via the glass portion.

I am extremely impressed by the overall build quality and consistency of the Ditanium. I get super smooth, cool rips with dry herb and the quartz nail delivers some super tasty dabs. This vaporizer truly does it all while being easy to clean and maintain.

I was a Volcano all day everyday type of person and this Ditanium has put the Volcano up on the shelf. I leave it on from the time I wake up until the time I go to sleep. It’s always heated, always ready to go, and you always have the option of doing a dab if you’re feeling super spicy.

I don’t recommend venturing outside the 12-1 PM range on the temp dial for both flower and concentrates. You don’t have to adjust the dial for concentrate use. I recommend a fairly coarse grind with about .15 grams of dry herb and the term “a little dab will do you” works appropriately for the Ditanium.

Ditianium with the whip and Brilliant Cut Grinder

The two of us that run have literally been fighting over who’s turn it is to test the Ditanium. So… we had to order a second one. The black one in the first photo is the new unit. It comes with a new dial, different style glass attachments, and a longer style whip. Did I mention they come with a lifetime warranty? You seriously can’t go wrong with the Ditanium.

Best Bag Vaporizers

Bag vaporizers are quite a unique experience. The vaporizer will fill the bag with vapor, and then you will casually take draws from the bag. Bags are best if you are looking for a vape for group use, and they are really convenient and easy since you are free to move and walk around with the bag.

Volcano Classic Vaporizer

Volcano Vaporizer ($407 w/code)

The Volcano is my dry herb vaporizer daily driver and has been for about seven years now. It gets turned on from the time I wake up until the time I go to bed and the Volcano delivers consistent, quality results every time.

First off, the Volcano comes in two different versions. The Digit Volcano is the digital version offering on vape temp display, easy to press temp buttons, and a 30-minute auto-shutoff timer.

The Classic Volcano is essentially the exact same vaporizer minus the digital temperature display and auto shut-off feature. The temperature on the Classic is controlled via a rotary dial ranging from temp one to nine, nine being the highest.

The system itself is pretty simple. It uses a heater with a fan that sits below the chamber. Place the chamber on the top of the unit and it blows hot air over your herbs into a bag. You then detach the bag from the valve system and press your lips against the mouthpiece to take a draw.

The Easy Valve system seems to be the only remaining option these days. The Easy Valve system is exactly as it sounds. You just buy new bags that are pre-made with custom mouthpieces.

All the sizes are the same and there’s very little cleaning involved. You also don’t have to make any bags.

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Volcano Classic with Filled Balloon

At first, I really liked the Solid Valve system because it allowed me to customize the bag sizes which was nice but over time I’ve become lazy. The lack of cleaning involved with the Easy Valve is just too hard to pass up and I’ve been using the Easy Valve system most of the time lately. In the end, I really like both valve systems, and while they do each have their own strengths there’s no wrong choice. It is completely up to you.

One under-rated aspect of the Volcano is the lack of cleaning. With the Solid Valve set as long as you quickly brush the chamber/plunger in-between bowls you can likely vape over an ounce of material before needing a cleaning, this is quite a bit more than most other vaporizers, and with the easy valve set you can easily go 4-8 ounces before needing to clean the bowl.

Volcano Classic with Glass Bubbler

I have the Cloud Evo, the extreme q, da budda, e-nano, plenty, and I’ve tried countless others. I ALWAYS come back to the Volcano. It’s stupid easy to use, always ready to go, and reliable. I can always count on it to work and work well. It’s also one of the best options for groups because the bag can easily be tossed around the room. Click the Volcano link above for the full review or click here to pick one up from my recommended authorized retailer.

Best Budget Desktop Vaporizer

The best budget desktop vaporizer is affordable without sacrificing quality or features. This is the best cheap desktop vaporizer that still delivers great vapor production, taste and won’t break the bank.

Extreme-Q ($149)

The Extreme-Q vaporizer is a multi-use desktop vaporizer that features the option to fill a bag or use a whip. I like to call the Extreme-Q the jack of all trades but master of none. Yes, it offers both the bag and whip but it’s not the best in either category.

Compared to the Volcano the bags fill much slower, they will not taste quite as good, and the volcano bag-valve systems are great, they seal the vapor and have essentially zero draw resistance. With the Extreme-Q bag, you will have to keep your finger over the tube to prevent leakage, and the tube has a thin diameter so you can take the huge free-flowing draws like you can with the Volcano.

Generally, I prefer the bag delivery method. It’s easy to pass around and I’m not tied down to a whip in one location. But when I use the Extreme Q I actually find myself using it with the whip most often.

So if you like the whip option and are also interested in a few bags here and there, I really think you would like the Extreme-Q.

Overall the Extreme-Q is actually the desktop vaporizer I use the least from this page, but it is also the cheapest vaporizer. Since the Extreme-Q is very reliable and very versatile it definitely deserves its spot here.

Best Direct Draw Vaporizers

Direct draw vaporizers give the closest experience to a steamroller or a bong. These units are best for flavor, efficiency, and vapor density. These units are on-demand so you will generally take a few draws at most to finish each bowl. If you are looking to get the maximum effect from a set volume of herb, you should consider a direct draw unit.

Cloud EVO Vaporizer ($449)

The VapeXhale Cloud EVO is the ultimate desktop vaporizer for purest/taste enthusiasts and is my secondary daily driver. This unit works both dry herbs and concentrates.

The one thing that the VapeXhale Cloud EVO can do that the Volcano can’t is absolutely 100% crush me. I’m talking can’t breathe, gasping for air, tears rolling down my face type of hits. You don’t HAVE to hit it that way but it most definitely has the potential to flatten you. Not everyone likes/needs this, I do 🙂

The CloudEVO vaporizer has an all-glass vapor path and uses herb baskets for dry herb or glass/quartz “vapexnails” for your dabs/concentrates. Turn the unit on and select the temp via a rotary dial. There are no numbers on the dial but it’s set up like a clock. 9:00 would be your lowest temps while 3:00 higher temps.

Place the nail or basket into the top, place your glass hydratube or regular mouthpiece over the basket and rip it.

The glass bubblers/bongs are called hydratubes and they definitely make the entire session more enjoyable. You can use the bent glass mouthpiece that comes with the unit but I’ve noticed that the vapor tends to get pretty warm with longer rips.

Downsides are that the baskets don’t hold up too well under heavy use so you’ll have to replace those. I also recommend that you pick up the Quartz version of the vapexnails. They will be much easier to clean.

E-Nano Vaporizer ($199) Budget Option

The E-Nano is like a smaller wooden version of the Cloud EVO. Each vape is handcrafted in the USA out of sustainable hardwood, and efficiency along with pure taste is the name of the game with this unit.

This is currently the smallest desktop vaporizer I have, and when the glass stem is not in place it’s also probably the most discreet unit.

You are going to be loading very small bowls with this vape generally in the size of .025-.1g area so this one is amazing if you want to conserve. Despite the low price and small bowl size the E-nano still rips hard. You can easily blow out big dense clouds since it can finish a bowl in 1-2 draws.

The E-nano heats up in a few minutes and has fully adjustable temperature control with a dial going from 1-11 corresponding to 0-560F. I personally like to vape in the 5.5-7.5 range with dry herbs.

In the stock configuration, you will draw from a glass stem, however, you can also add an optional glass water pipe adapter if you like to vape through some glass.

Home-Use Vaporizers & Honorable Mentions

Mighty Vaporizer ($349)

The Mighty vaporizer is definitely a portable vaporizer but I find myself using it at home more than on the go.

The Mighty has exceptional battery life and can be used while charging so it works perfectly for both on the go and carrying from room to room or out onto the deck or yard.

I also like the fact that it’s one of the easiest vaporizers to use and own. The cleaning is infrequent, but it does take a while when needed. I’ve gone months before cleaning my Crafty/Mighty vaporizers.

The other thing that I like about the Mighty is that it’s just the right size to pass around in a group setting and it’s durable enough to survive big drops. So the Mighty isn’t a desktop vaporizer but hopefully, you can see where it might serve that purpose.

It also hooks up to glass pieces via a water pipe adapter and is powerful enough to draw huge clouds.

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Plenty Vaporizer($249)

The Plenty is a hand-held home-use vaporizer made by Storz and Bickel. They are the same manufactures of the Volcano, Crafty, and Mighty.

The Plenty is one of the most enjoyable session vaporizers that you can buy BUT it is a bit of an herb-hog. It definitely works best with a full chamber or at least a smaller layer along the bottom and it will go through it fast.

With that said, you get a full temp spectrum with auto-shutoff, and the long stem does a good job of cooling the vapor before it reaches your lips. It does seem to get a bit dry during long sessions but it will kick out huge clouds and tasty rips

The Plenty plugs into the wall and is meant to be held in your hand for the duration of the session. There’s really no way to set it down which is a good thing because then you’d just be wasting more herb.

The Plenty will definitely not be for the small load size efficient type BUT if you have access to a lot of dry herbs than you’ll really love the smooth, taste, cool vapor quality of the Plenty.

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OG Sticky Brick ($179)

The OG Sticky Brick is a butane home-use vaporizer. It’s too big to fit in your pocket but it’s the perfect size to fit in your hand and carry from room to room. The Original Sticky Brick is made out of natural hardwood in the USA by Sticky Brick Labs. The name basically explains what they are. They are bricks that stick together via magnets to create a wonderfully smooth, cool, and tasty session.

The OG Sticky Brick is the one I recommend for first-time butane users because it’s the easiest to use straight out of the gate. They also offer the Junior which is a smaller more pocketable version. The Hydrobrick is for someone that already has some glass at home and lastly the HydroBrick MAXX. The MAXX includes the glass mouthpiece, glass WPA, whip, and connector.

Be sure to pick up a quality butane torch. If you pick one up through the link below, you’ll get an Eagle torch which is the same one I’m using and it’s good to go.

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Where did you get the curvy glass mouthpiece for the Ditanium? I’m looking for something similar at least for a workbench handsfree setup.

Buzz Danklin says

I got it directly from Ditanium, but unfortunately they don’t seem to sell them anymore.

hey, may you help me find a good economical vaporizer for “pods”? i haven’t educated myself on this one yet but looks like interesting bec it sounds convenient to use while reading your forum above. i do MMJ treatment for debilitating pain and this dispensary curaleaf has the volcano vaporizer for sale but im just inquiring for now.

Buzz Danklin says

For desktop vaporizers with pods, the Storz and Bickel units are my favorite. You can get the pods for either the Plenty of the Volcano and in my opinion the Volcano is the superior product for most people and situations. As far as the Volcano Classic vs Digit vs Hybrid goes, I would go for the classic if you are on a budget, as it’s quite a bit cheaper than the Hybrid and still performs great and I would go for the Hybrid if money isn’t as much of an issue because it has extra features and the whip option. The digit has been discontinued so you might see it on sale some places but I would skip that one and go for the Classic or Hybrid.

I am interested in nothing that you listed here. This is where I tend to find the best vaporizer experience.

Buzz Danklin says

Sure dude. “I hate all other desktop vaporizers except for the one I sell!” Man, that is just the best marketing I’ve ever seen! Have a great day “Theresa”.

When you fill the bag on the volcano, how long does it last in the bag? Do you have to use it right away or can you use it later, like an hour or so later? Will’it still be potent?

Buzz Danklin says

Hey Sherry, I don’t remember the exact ratios, but it’s something along the lines of 90% of the actives are left in the vapor after 30 minutes, and 70% are left after 1 hour. As time goes by the actives will slowly condense out of the vapor and onto the sides of the bag. Generally the bag is most potent and “Fresh” right away or within the first 5 or 10 minutes. After that the bag will start to get more ‘stale’ or ‘harsh’ while also slowly losing potency. So I generally try to finish a bag within 10 minutes, however sometimes I forget a bag, and I still finish it even if its an hour or more later 🙂

Thanks for this write up! i am going to get the volcano analog and my buddy is getting the crafty! thanks for the 15% off too!

Buzz Danklin says

My pleasure! I use the Volcano daily. It’s literally turned on from the time I wake up to the time I go to sleep and sometimes it’s just on 24/7 lol. It’s been going strong for years now. Enjoy! Let me know what you think when you get them!

Nancy Sommerfeld says

Hey, what would you say is the most durable desktop vaporizer? My hubby vapes for pain multiple times a day and sometimes has trouble handling the glass bowl and whip connector on his Extreme Q. He needs something that can draw fast and intense to move on with his day, and with minimal messing around with small glass pieces. Thanks!

Buzz Danklin says

The Volcano is the most reliable vaporizer in my opinion. I personally use my Volcano more than any of my other vaporizers, and it’s also one of my oldest vapes (I got it back in 2009) and it’s still running like a champ. The Volcano bags also have MUCH higher airflow than the Extreme Q bags he might be used to, so the bags fill up much quicker, and you can also draw quicker. The Extreme Q bag feels a bit like taking a draw through a very thin straw with slower airflow, with the Volcano bag you can fill you lungs immediately.

I don’t want a vaporizer for cannabis. I need one for lactuca virosa extract that isn’t a crack pipe in a Sunday dress. what do you suggest? I liked your your reviews and think you can help me find the product I need. A desktop would be best.

Buzz Danklin says

I’m not 100% on this but I feel like the E-Nano or the Extreme-Q might be good options. I have a review for the Extreme-Q and check out my best desktop vaporizer article for info on the E-Nano and some others.

Dwayne Wolf says

I found with the Extreme Q you have to leave it on for 15 with the glass in. Then put your herb in…holy vape is all i have to say lol. I absolutely love it.

I sure like your reviews, thanks very much for them! I wanted to ask for your thoughts on the best vape for me.: I have used medical cannabis for quite a while via home made tinctures but have been considering trying vaping. I am a single user, would be using at home only, am not concerned about the price. My main objective would be to get the product that would likely be the best for my lungs/respiratory. I haven’t seen much written about that though so again I would really appreciate your thoughts on that question/objective. Oh, and also I would prefer to vape dry herb only unless you feel like the vape liquids are more “healthy” and easier on respiratory?

Much thanks/mahalo & aloha, b

Buzz Danklin says

If you wanted a desktop model, I would recommend the VapeXHale Cloud EVO or the E-Nano. Both are very clean hits and I prefer to use them both with water. It cools down the vapor and makes it easier to draw. Portable, Firefly 2! Pure convection heating and arguably the best tasting portable vaporizer on the market. Did you have a budget you were trying to stick to? Let me know if you have any more questions!

Click above to check out my complete list of the best desktop vaporizers for 2020 broken down into the best bag vaporizers, best whip, and best direct draw.