cev weed

Cev weed

The first time I got high I was already drunk, it took a while for the weed to kick in, but when it happened, I felt more drunk. and then everything was suddenly funny.

A girl got sick at the party, because of the mix of alcohol and weed, and while I was helping her. Getting a bucket and some paper towels and stuff, I just couldn’t stop giggling.
The first time I got high, without alcohol, I felt heavy, kinda sleepy, and again, everything was funny. my friend started staring at his shed, looking at the screws, he was all like “Dude. They look like eyes, it’s creeping me out”
And about 5 mins later, I noticed this thing in the grass, glittering, and I got curious,
So I went down, laying on my stomach, face all down in the grass just to find out it was a tiny drop of water. It took me a minute or so to get up again.
Was fun, but not something I have made a habit off (nor do I want to)

Weed is a mild hallucinogen. You can see CEV's which are a kind of hallucination. If you get really fucking blazed, then you can see very subtle patterns wherev – #62594757 added by steavo at French