can you dab kief

Is Kief Dabbable? Sort Of… Not Really. No.

Doug Scott

Kief isn’t dabbable because it doesn’t melt like traditional concentrates.

However, it does burn on a titanium nail and gets you high.

I took a half gram of kief home to try and dab the stuff. Why you ask? Why not. I have access to it, its cheap with my employee discount at the dispensary and I love experimenting with kief.

Getting the kief on the nail takes some practice. My first attempt was trying to form the kief into a small ball and then drop that onto the nail. This didn’t work at all. The “sweet” spot for dabbing kief seems to be shoveling the kief continuously onto the nail until it stops burning. I was able to achieve three large scoops in one session.

Having a larger nail would be beneficial as you need to retain a lot of heat to do this.

Did I get high? Not dabs high, but I was pretty toasty. To be honest I like the high. It feels more light and energetic. When I say light I literally mean that I felt lighter. The smoke wasn’t harsh on the lungs, had a sweet smell and virtually no taste. It took a couple sessions to achieve a level I was comfortable with.

There are some downsides to smoking kief out of a dab rig. Its a messy ritual because you’re trying to shovel and drop kief onto a nail. The bubbler I use looks like a war zone. There are fragments of charred kief that make things messy.

Even with the messiness of it and the uncertainty of actually how to dab kief I find myself wanting more.

Is kief Dabbable? Sort of… Not really. Its not dabbable because it doesn't melt like traditional concentrates. However it does burn on a titanium nail.