can you dab dmt

Preparation:DMT ingestion methods

This guide is provided for informational and educational purposes only. We do not encourage you to break the law and cannot claim any responsibility for your actions.

WARNING: Always start with lower doses due to differences between individual body weight, tolerance, metabolism, and personal sensitivity. See responsible use section.

⇣ Smoked
Threshold 2 mg
Light 10 – 20 mg
Common 20 – 40 mg
Strong 40 – 60 mg
Heavy 60+ mg
Total 5 – 20 minutes
Onset 20 – 40 seconds
Come up 1 – 3 minutes
Peak 2 – 8 minutes
Offset 1 – 6 minutes
After effects 10 – 60 minutes

DISCLAIMER: PW’s dosage information is gathered from users and resources for educational purposes only. It is not a recommendation and should be verified with other sources for accuracy.

DMT in its pure form must be administered either by vaporization or smoking. This article covers a variety of different techniques which one can use to ingest DMT via inhalation.


Oil burner/Freebase pipe

In an oil burner or freebase pipe, sometimes referred to as a meth pipe, DMT crystals are placed in the bulb, then a heat source is used to heat up the glass and vaporize the DMT via conduction. The resulting vapor is then inhaled and held in the lungs for a 10-20 second period to allow for maximum absorption.

Glass Vapor Genie (GVG)

Often referred to as one of the most efficient and easy ways to ingest DMT, the Glass Vapor Genie and similar vaporizers use convection to vaporize the DMT by passing a heated air stream over the crystals. While the GVG is one of the more expensive tools for DMT ingestion, it is often the highest-rated due to it’s ease of use and efficiency.

“The Machine”

“The Machine” is made by taking a small glass bottle and putting a copper scrubber in the neck and a hole in the bottom. The copper mesh is heated before pouring the DMT onto it, allowing it to stick to the metal. It is important to heat the scrubber thoroughly before using it to burn off any coatings that may be on it. After the DMT is on the copper, a lighter is used much the same way as the GVG above in order to vaporize using a hot air stream and by heating the scrubber. A straw is often put in the hole of the bottle to make it easier to breathe from.

Dab Rigs

Dab rigs, commonly used to vaporize cannabis concentrate, can also be used to vaporize DMT. As with other vaporization methods, care must be taken to ensure the dose you are taking is adequate. If your normal sandwich method dose were, say, 50mg, start dabbing at half that (25mg), as no DMT will be lost to accidental combustion (assuming your nail has been heated adequately). For any normal sized DMT dab, a temperature of 300 degrees Fahrenheit is more than enough to allow for complete vaporization, and too much higher than this may cause unwanted combustion. If you are using a quartz banger/nail you use for THC concentrate as well, consider investing in another nail for DMT dabbing, as you may receive unwanted psychoactive effects from cannabis dabs thereafter, and not to mention the residue that would be left on the nail.


Sandwich method

The sandwich method involves layering DMT between a herb such a marijuana, an inactive herb, or ash, put into a pipe, bong, or anything else commonly used for smoking. With this method a lighter is used above the bed of herbs, trying not to light it on fire, in order to use the heat to vaporize the DMT between the layers. This method allows for a little room for error in that it will still work fairly well if the herb is allowed to catch on fire, but is otherwise known to be inefficient and difficult to fully breakthrough on without using up excess material.

This method can also be used to create a gravity or waterfall bong to create a larger hit easier.

Enhanced leaf

Enhanced leaf is created by taking a herb (often an inactive one such as mint) and mixing it with a solution of DMT and solvent such as isopropyl alcohol, butane, or acetone. There are many different recipes and mixtures for enhanced leaf, often based on changing the proportions of DMT and herb, but the basic recipe for a simple 1:1 mix is as follows:

  1. Weigh out the amount of DMT you wish to use. It is often suggested to work for the amount in excess of 250mg to make it easier to work with.
  2. Weigh out an equal amount of herb.
  3. Put DMT and herb in a container. Often a glass shot glass is reccomended due to it’s appropriate size, clearness, and ease of cleaning.
  4. Add enough solvent to cover the DMT-herb mix.
  5. Mix until no DMT is visible, so it all dissolves in the solvent.
  6. Let dry for several days. Drying is complete when you can no longer smell the solvent, and the herb may take on a slight DMT smell.

Once the enhanced leaf is done, it can be smoked like any other herb. There have been accounts of attempting to vaporize but with limited success.

A note on naming: some claim “enhanced leaf” is a term for adding DMT to something that is already active, such as marijuana or salvia, so perhaps this could be more appropriately called “infused leaf” if an inactive herb is used.


Changa is similar to enhanced leaf in the process to make it, but uses an MAOI containg herb in order to lengthen the experience. There are also many different changa recipes in terms of ratios and what is used to make it, with common MAOIs being caapi, blue lotus, and passionflower. While the experience is lengthened by the addition of an MAOI, it is also reported to be slowed down, similar to an Ayahuasca experience, but not lasting as long.

Other methods (not suggested due to possible toxicity)

Bottle and tinfoil

The bottle and tinfoil method works by cutting the bottom of a plastic bottle off and covering the bottom with tinfoil. The DMT is then placed on the tinfoil and vaporized with a lighter under the foil. This method is not suggested due to possible toxicity of the heated foil.

Light bulb

A light bulb can be used like an oil burner pipe, but can be hard to handle safely, and some light bulbs have coatings that can be toxic when inhaled.

DMT in its pure form must be administered either by vaporization or smoking. This article covers a variety of different techniques which one can use to ingest DMT via inhalation.

Can you dab dmt

I just took a “dab” of DMT out of my hash oil rig, and damn it works well. I have a domeless nail so it was extremely easy to do. I was really anxious (and this probably constitutes to what is about to happen) so I tried just meditating on what I’m doing, trying to get my heart rate down. I laid in bed and just relaxed until I thought I was ready. I already had my single chunk sitting there (couldn’t weigh via mg scale, but similar size to a .05 dab of oil).

Once I was ready, I heated up my nail until it just started to glow red. I stopped and turned it off, counting slowly to 25. I dumped the DMT onto the nail and ripped it. As soon as I exhaled, my vision morphed and my head felt like it was rising. As I slowly gave into the state, I became engulfed in symbolic fractals. I closed my eyes and fell into a dark room. This is where things got a little creepy.

My lips went completely numb. Instead of the gaping mouth I had before, it felt as if my lips were sewn shut. These entities appeared, (felt like 8 or more) and were surrounding me in the room. I couldn’t see any forms but just their shadows. It looked as if they had alien-like heads. This creeped me the fuck out, but I tried to simply remember why this was happening. I tried to not focus on the scary emotional side, and more try to see whats all around me. Unfortunately, the vibe from these entities was just too much for me to simply ignore.

I kept a bit of calm until I came down, watching them examine me in the poorly lit room. I opened my eyes in a shroom-like state and shook uncontrollably for about 20 seconds from the shock of it all. I calmed down and enjoyed the afterglow and tried to reflect on it all. I think my anxiety previous to the dosing was a big cause of this, but it was still quite an experience, and I can’t really say I regret it. I still got well over .2 left and it should last a while with how I regard this stuff.

So if anyone out there has a oil rig or is looking for a good way to vape your DMT, try it out. It might take a hit or so to get the cool down count about right, but once you do it’s easy as pie.

Idc what people will think of me but I used to be all about extra-dimensional aliens and would often come in contact in my trips with them, until they turned on me. Started getting freaaaky experiences with them aliens man. Then shit just got wild one time on acid. I will never trust them again. I later read about the Archons as mentioned in the Nag Hammadi texts.. Gnostic texts from wayy back when and all the shit they described about these intrusive beings matched exactly all my experiences with the aliens.

I’m not surprised your anxiety could attract such beings. They feed off of certain energies.

(unless you think dmt is just always your subconscious mind coming alive and turning into very real hallucinations. I don’t think that’s always the case. I personally think those realms are very real)

Now, to sound a little more “normal,” whatever that is. it’s cool that you found a way to use dmt with your oil rig. I’ve heard talk about that before but haven’t ever read/heard of anyone actually trying it.

I just took a "dab" of DMT out of my hash oil rig, and damn it works well. I have a domeless nail so it was extremely easy to do. I was really anxious (and this probably constitutes to what is about