can smoking paper harm you

can smoking paper hurt you?

my son and his friends were smoking little rolled up pieces of notebook paper. im wondering how dangerous this is.

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It cannot possibly be good for you. At the very least, they were inhaling the deadly chemical Carbon Monoxide. I most certainly would not allow them to do this in the future- I’m guessing your son is somewhere between 7 and 13 (I could be wrong, but this behavior sounds consistent with that age group), and what you’re dealing with is the combined fascination with fire and the desire to be “cool”, wanting to look like they were smoking a cigarette or something of that nature.

All that being said, people smoke paper with every cigarette/ joint, and it is almost never something that does significant damage right off the bat- even in heavy smokers, I have yet to hear of a case of Carbon Monoxide poisoning except in an episode of CSI where elevated CO levels from smoking sped up the time it took someone to die in an arson.

There are worse things your son and his friends could be smoking, so be thankful for that. Still, now would probably be a good time to talk to him about that aspect of life. It’s not “cool” like it was in the past, and in fact the growing trend is that the “cool” thing to do is not to smoke. However, being around smokers does make it seem like the thing to do, simply for the social aspect of something I like to call the “smoker’s circle”, a unified group that is a byproduct of the anti-smoking trend- by pushing smokers into specific areas, it has created meeting places for people with at least one thing in common.

All that being said, you might ask your son why he did it. Gaining this knowledge will help you deal with the issue now, and better inform you on how to deal with future issues as they may arise. Still, nip it in the bud- also see what is influencing your son to want to smoke- it’s possible that his favorite teacher or some one else who he is fond of (anyone from a friend to a celebrity) smokes, and he just wants to be like them. If it’s someone who you can have a mature conversation with, you may be able to ask them to at very least not allow your son to see them when they smoke, explaining the influence they have.

Hopefully this helps!

kinda funny but here is how that goes. Smoking paper is NOT a good idea just like smoking Cig’s is not a good idea i mean when you smoke cigs your smoking a paper and gun powder (thats how they stay lite). and the tons of chemicals in cigs.

Smoking paper could be bad for their lungs of course but only dangerous if they keep doing it. The other factor is if the paper has any Gloss/Glue/Coating to it. the chemicals burning could make them sick so its not a good idea to let them and if your kids are old enough to smoke paper they are old enough to understand when you tell them how its bad for them.

Burning anything releases harmful chemicals that you are inhaling when you smoke it so yes. Plus paper already includes many chemicals that it obtains during the process of making it. You are inhaling those as well.

i did the same thing ^_^ that doesn’t mean it’s good lol. i wouldn’t worry too much, in a cigarette it’s the stuff in it that’s bad for you, not the paper around it.

so plain paper shouldn’t do anything if they stop now, doing it for a long time ( days, and days) would be something to call a doctor about.

my son and his friends were smoking little rolled up pieces of notebook paper. im wondering how dangerous this is…