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Ceramic can pot pipe will give you stoner nostalgia

We’ve all been there.

It’s well established that stoners are engineering geniuses when it comes to smoking weed and no pipes or papers are handy. And an age-old example of that ingenuity comes in the form of a simple beer can.

If you have no papers or pipe in sight, a slight modification to an aluminum can will create a perfectly capable smoking apparatus. Although, let’s be honest, it’s usually used by high school kids who have no other means to get high.

So in order to bring you back to your better years, a Portland-based ceramics company has created a more permanent version of the classic pipe.

The fully functioning pipe is made by Candy Relics, and is actually created from a slip cast of a real aluminum can. T he can’s opening functions as a mouthpiece, and what would once be the side of a can has an indented chamber where your pot will go.

As any seasoned stoner knows, you’ll need a carbonator, which is located on the side of the can towards the base.

Unfortunately, the handmade item has a price tag that’s a little bit more than your average canned beverage at $60 plus shipping. But, you’re an adult now, and adults don’t smoke out of aluminum cans unless it’s an absolute emergency.

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A Portland-based ceramics company created an adult version of can pot pipe you used in high school.