calabash pipe for sale

Calabash pipe for sale

You will certainly make a statement with any of our Calabash pipes. Who doesn’t envision the strong and seductive curved shank of a Calabash pipe when they hear the name of Sherlock Holmes? Whether you prefer the rather sleek and unadorned mahogany wood base with pressed meerschaum insert of the Mahogany Calabash pipe or one our many Calabash pipes which have been intricately carved with floral decorations by Master Carver Tekin, you can understand what led actors (starting with American actor William Gillette) to choose the now-iconic Calabash pipe as part of Sherlock Holmes’ wardrobe and persona.

The bowls of our Calabash pipes range from a traditional woody gourd or mahogany wood with meerschaum inserts to being entirely carved from Turkish Block Meerschaum. When you see the intricate carvings on many of our Calabash pipes, from the Serpentine Dragon in bas relief with reverse claw to lattice and floral carvings, you will understand why owning a Calabash pipe is not commonplace.

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