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Check out our range of top quality blunts. We have a full selection of flavours made from hemp and tobacco that’ll convert you to never using papers again! Our pre-rolled selection just makes life even easier so can get smoking in seconds. We have deals on almost all our different brands so get picking now and grab yourself a bargain.

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Organic Pre-Rolled Leaf fit for a King! Simply fill with your favourite herb and enjoy!

Introducing Tobacco Free Natural RIPS Wraps into the Shiva catalogue.

Simply put, you can’t beat the flavour of a Juicy Jay Wrap!

We all know tobacco is bad for our health. But, many people don’t want to give up their favourite consumption method. Juicy Jay have have bridge the gap for blunt smokers with these Juicy Jay Hemp Wraps.

The tobacco free Hemparillo Natural Wraps are sure to make a great addition to your wrap collection and hence guaranteeing you a fantastic smoking experience! Each pack contains 4 wraps in a resealable packet.

Pre-rolled blunt cones that feature bamboo tips that have been soaked in flavour for seven days! Xtra Slo Cyclone Blunts deliver an intense experience.

The long awaited Double Platinum Blunts are now available in many gorgeous flavours! Buy 5 and get 1 free!

Cyclone Blunts are super slow burning, pre-rolled clear blunt cones. Tobacco free and full of flavour.

The Torpedo Kingsize Pre Rolled Cones provide you with tonnes of flavour in a pre-rolled form. And in XXL size it lasts even longer.

Blunt Wraps

You may have heard of blunts and blunt wraps before and wondered exactly what they are. A blunt is generally a cigar that has two main parts: the inner leaf that resembles a rolling paper for a cigarette but it is actually tobacco and the outer leaf which is thicker and is spiralled around the inner leaf. In some brands, the leaves may be made from a paper-like tobacco pulp rather than tobacco leaves.

Which Type Of Blunt

The name comes from their tip, which is usually broad or rounded. They were given the name to make sure that they can be differentiated from other cigars that have a pointed tip. With plenty of different brands to choose from, finding one that is right for you should be easy. There are some brands that have been around for a long time but plenty that are new to the market.

You need to note that blunts will burn as quickly as cigarettes and last on average for about five minutes. This is in contrast to a premium cigar that can take up to an hour to burn. Unlike cigars though, you will not have to cut the end as they are either already cut or they have a hole at the end. You will also notice a substantial difference in price, with blunts making less of a dent on your bank balance!

Over the years the word “blunt” has been used to describe any cigar that has been wrapped using a single leaf, but back in the 1970s the spiral binding came into production and although this did not affect the shape, the way the blunt burns is definitely different. The cheaper production method has been beneficial for all concerned, however, and offers a better seal so the smoking experience is a little different.

Tobacco leaf wrappers can be used to for beautiful cigar like smokes known as blunts. But if you don’t want to add extra tobacco to your soke, have no fear; here at Shiva we also sell a range of tobacco free blunts for your smoking pleasure.

Our blunts and papers are for the discerning smoker who likes to roll their own tobacco/herb mix cigars.

Skins & Blunts

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