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Why Do Grass Give Me Gas?

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I’ve been a daily smoker for over 2 years now, and the last 6 months have been strange. to say the least. Whenever I smoke, I get REALLY gassy. Usually out the top not bottom. I get so much pressure in my chest it hurts, and look like an idiot frantically trying to clear the gas. It comes up in surges, and is more of a deep, growling rush of air than a normal burp. The pressure can get so intense it causes me to have panic attacks, and if you’ve ever had one, you know they are no joke. Also, on a more gross note, lots of diarrhea usually follows very closely.

At first, I thought it was my diet. I altered it with no change. Then I thought it may be the smoke, so I started to vaporize only. Nothing. So now I am on a weed break, 24 hours in to be exact, Probably why I’m up late typing this. and NO GAS. For the first time in a few weeks I had a large meal and didn’t spend the next 2 hours frantically burping to ease my pain. I blame the magic flight for being too awesome, nah jk, I love it.

Has anyone experienced these symptoms? I don’t want to stop getting high, but damn, for a young male in my 20’s, I shouldn’t have to deal with this. Is it anxiety or weed, or both?

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Don’t know how you would have transitioned but make sure you aren’t swallowing the smoke versus inhaling it.

Anxiety can produce gas so if smoking makes you anxious that could be a trigger.

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It does just the opposite for me.
It helps to relieve stomach/intestinal discomfort.

Do you buy or grow?
Maybe the purchased stuff had some funky shit in it.

Just read through some of the threads here or on other mj forums.
Some growers do CRAZY shit to their weed and then sell it.

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I buy, used to grow but no time anymore. What I get is always top quality and changes strain every eighth I get. But ya, I believe there are some lazy growers out there, I always think “god I hope he flushed”.

Budlover, I have attempted to make my diet change permanent, however, I am a broke college student with little time. I’ve begun making my own homemade granola (organic oats, coconut oil, org dried fruits and nuts) for all snacking. Has helped a little. Does anyone here drink kombucha? I brew my own, and have worried that it could be screwing with my stomach. I mean it has gluconic acid, a natural thc detox, and I smoke daily. Maybe I got a battle going on inside me.

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I don’t know whether anyone cares, but I want to post once more on this topic. I’ve haven’t toked up in over 48 hours and not a single burping spell. No significant change in diet, just no herb. Feels quite nice actually. Wish there was an explanation but I guess everyone is different.

I've been a daily smoker for over 2 years now, and the last 6 months have been strange….to say the least. Whenever I smoke, I get REALLY gassy. Usually… ]]>