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Weighing at 226.8 grams, a half-pound, or 8 ounces of cannabis is also known as half-pack and half-pounder . It is reported that lemon juice has the ability to flush THC metabolites out of the system in surprisingly small quantities. It is advised to mix one tablespoon of lemon juice with 500ml of water, which should be sipped frequently over the course of several hours.

The goal here is to drink this mixture around 7–8 times over a few days before a drug screening. If you’ve been hitting the vape pretty hard recently, be sure to carry a bottle of this mixture around with you to ensure you consume enough. With a name like Thick Ass Glass you pretty much need an acronym so they go with TAG. To load the microG Pen with either oil or wax, use either the branded metal tool contained in the microG Pen kit, or your own tool with a curved metal tip, to grab a small amount of your concentrate. A: Your visit is always highly welcome. You may also have spotted a pink film, which is a fungus. One of the most common types, Fusarium , grows in damp locations.

Fusarium is also capable of utterly destroying cannabis plants. Mold tends to accumulate around reclaims and percolators, two of the most challenging areas to clean. It is fair to say that the Atmos Magna is a level above your garden-variety/low-cost portable vaporizer . It offers excellent value if you’re seeking a cheap and reliable way to enjoy wax concentrates, and the temperature control, magnetic connections and glass mouthpiece are three things not seen in other inexpensive pens. Humidipaks (optional) – Boveda Medium 62% packs are cheap and specifically formulated for storing cannabis so it does not dry out or get crispy. Remove bandage in a CLEAN bathroom after 2-3 hours. Bandage may be left on overnight if it feels comfortable and secure. If the bandage is removed on the first night, the tattoo may stick to or stain bed sheets. Maintain clean bedding throughout the healing process (about 2 weeks). Quartz dabbing nails are another favorite of serious dabbers because of the ultra-smooth flavor that they provide. While they appear very similar to cheap glass nails, you can generally identify authentic live quartz if it has an engraving of some sort in it. Ice notches are 100% a matter of preference, some stoners swear by them, while others are completely opposed. Once you can get past the beauty of the exterior design and the superior heating elements, the next highly prized bit of technology is its portability. Most vape pens on the market are portable, but this is a unique one that offers an extended battery life. You can virtually take this anywhere you opt to go, and have confidence knowing it will withstand the demand you place on it. Standing at 5.75 inches and 13mm in diameter, there’s no second guessing if this vape pen is portable. The disadvantages include: Ooze Cruze Variable Voltage Extract Battery Vaporizer Mod Introducing the Cruze Extract Vaporizer Battery. 420 Classic Pop Top Jars are the perfect place to keep your herbs and spices. Because they are made from thick, high quality glass and are air tight, meaning your herbs and spices stay fresh! What we do know is that any applications exposed to continuous temperatures over 150°C will most likely require a silicone rubber to allow for efficient performance and longer life span. This is where Silicone Engineering can provide silicone solutions for many industry sectors and applications. Every real dabber knows low temp dabs are the best, it's important to the find that optimal heat up and cool down time on your nail to get the most out of every dab. Doing this not only maximizes flavor and potency of your concentrates but also helps to keep your nail clean.

When you dab at extremely high temperatures the oil can combust causing permanent stains on the nail. Unlike titanium nails, you CAN use cleaning solutions or alcohol to help clean your quartz dab nail.

If your nail is really dirty you can let it soak in rubbing alcohol for a deep clean. This should remove all residue and with a little scrubbing from a Q-Tip your nail will be looking and tasting brand new. The best and easiest way to keep your quartz nail clean is to clean the bucket with a Q - Tip after each dab that you take.


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