boundless tips

Boundless tips

Boundless shows amazing promise as a community driven building and exploration game, however, there are many mechanics that aren’t necessarily clear or explained well. Therefore, I made this video containing 10 tips for new players to help you get started. I realize not everyone likes to watch videos, so you can also find a written version below. Hope it’s useful!

1) Boundless has an interesting way of managing what you’re holding in your hands. You can make sets, and scroll between these with the scroll wheel. However, if you hold ctrl or alt while scrolling, you can scroll individual hands. Alternatively, you can go into options and change how the scroll-wheel works, by either only changing your primary or secondary hand. This takes some getting used to, but ultimately I really like the flexibility of these options.

2) Resource generation works completely different from minecraft. If you just dig into a random direction it’s possible you won’t find anything for a very long time. Resources tend to spawn close to other resources. Therefore, checking cliffs (or inside of caves) for resources to dig (even coal) is good. Then you just follow that vein and possibly run into another vein of another resource. To be sure you can dig 1 block around that vein, as they don’t always spawn RIGHT next to it. This method doesn’t always work, but gives consistently good results (especially when looking for ancient tech fragments in mountains).

3) You can split your stacks by holding the left mouse button on them, and then dragging the cursor to the desired amount.

4) When crafting, try to craft a lot at once. YOu get a discount in the resources you’re using. However. crafting 10 hammers at once will clog up your crafting bench for the full duration, so if you need a hammer really quickly, it might be good to craft 1 first, and then the rest in mass to save resources.

5) At the beginning of the game, don’t immediately use all your coal for smelting ores and cooking food. Only use the amount that you need. The reason for this is that you’ll soon be crafting a ‘compactor’. This can compact your coal into compact coal. To create 50 compact soft coal you need 360 soft coal. This means that 72 soft coal is the same amount of coal as 10 compact soft coal. However, 72 soft coal gives 44 ‘cycles’ worth of burning, while 10 compact coal gives 66. Therefore, waiting until you craft the compacter will help you save lots of resources.

6) Boundless found a nice way to organize your inventory efficiently, using so called ‘smart stacks’. You will recognize these when an item has a ‘#’ after it instead of a number. If you right click on this item, you can open the smart stack, and see what’s inside it. Different items can be in the same stack, as long as they belong to the same catagory (e.g. food, stone, rock, wood). Very useful! Watch out when building with a smart stack though, as you might suddenly be building with a different block than intented.

7) Navigation in this game is done using coordinates. You can see where you are by pressing e and clicking on locations. However, when navigating somewhere this isn’t very nice as you keep having to go back and forth from the user interface. What you can do, is press ‘.’ twice. This makes some information pop up. Look for the line called ‘camera pos’, which tells you were you are. This updates in real time, so now you can move around while seeing at which coordinates you are.

8) when building stuff while walking on a narrow platform, it’s easy to fall off. Prevent falling off from edges by holding the ‘creep’ button (default: ‘c’).

9) If you’re ever stuck somewhere, or don’t want to walk all the way home, you can press ‘esc’ and click on ‘go back to sanctum’. At Sanctom, you can interact with your current portal to ‘bump it somewhere safe’ in case you were in a dangerous position. However, if you just want to go to your beacon (or other saved locations), interact with the portal on the other side of sanctum, and specify where you want to go. However, be aware that this does cost you some coins.

10) Beacons allow you to build special things like machines within a 8x8x8 area. However, this area is not defined by the beacon itself, but rather by the game. You can visualize this by either crafting a ‘beacon plot remove’ or ‘beacon plotter’. When you hold either of these, you will see a white opaque area. This is the area that you own and can build within (and others cannot destroy your stuff there). You can add area with the beacon plotter, but only if you have land plots available (which you unlock by leveling your skills).

Boundless tips Boundless shows amazing promise as a community driven building and exploration game, however, there are many mechanics that aren’t necessarily clear or explained well. Therefore, I