boundless cf battery replacement

Boundless cf battery replacement

Just posted my Boundless review, I like these!

These are portables for dry herbs under $200 and they’re very well-rounded units, check out my short video:

HI Bud = great review as always.

But please comment on conduction vice convection (not what Boundless says but what you think from design, vapor flavor, and AVB).

Also, cleaning. Aside from the mouthpiece and oven, is there anything else to clean. e.g. the air path that looks to start on the bottom of the unit. Ever get dirt in there, ever need to get in it?

Lastly, I take it that batteries are not removable? Yeah? Hence you have to expect failed batteries at some point just because Li batteries have a charge/discharge cycle lifetime. ??

thank you sir and great feedback!

I’d say it’s hybrid conduction/convection heating, there’s no way it could be 100% either based on how it behaves. You get that super fast heat-up time and instant vapor production (conduction), but it works with a loose packing and the AVB is extremely even at all temps (convection-esque).

Cleaning will involve the usual brushing-out of the oven after each session and the mouthpiece “cooling unit” part can be soaked in ISO every dozen sessions or so (after being disassembled into a few pieces). Haven’t had any issues with the bottom air intake yet but if I do the first thing that comes to mind to use is that air duster I bought to clean my FF2 screen :-> I’ve had these two units for quite a while now and no clogging yet but definitely an area to keep my eye on.

Batteries are not removable, but here is what POTV says about it on their site:

Great review man! I think I read somewhere that the CF does not have overcharge protection is that something of concern (if plugged in overnight or charged all day)? Also do any of these have pass-thru charging?

As always thanks for taking the time to share your findings, you are the Gene Siskel of the vape world!

Outstanding, Bud. Thanks for the answers and POV and Boundless have a really good policy on warranty and battery replacement. None of this stuff will last forever, but it you kill a battery after 2 years, then $25 is very reasonable for replacement cost.

Really good. If I didn’t have a Flowermate Pro right now, I would consider a CFX. Maybe I need to gift the Flowermate to a buddy? 😉 >:)

The packaging is actually surprisingly nice for a vaporizer priced this cheap. Inside the box there was
the Boundless CF Vaporizer itself, manual, power adapter, USB cable, concentrate “pod”, brush and some packing tool.

When you first pick up the CF vaporizer, you’ll feel a nice soft to the touch yet comfortable in the hand feeling. I always feel like I have a grip holding it which is great for me lol. I did 2 burn-off cycles before using on the highest heat setting just to be safe. It’s a habit I do on new vaporizers to prevent dealing with any weird taste. Not saying this unit has one but it didn’t when I first used it.

The CF 5 temp settings are 355F (179C), 370F (188C), 385F (196C), 400F (204C) and 415F (213C). I’ve found these temp choices to be more than enough for vaping purposes. The heat up time of this vape is rather fast. about 25-30 seconds to hit 370F which surprised me. On 370F I usually get up to that temp in around 25 seconds. Hold the button down on the CF, temp light will blink and become solid green when it’s heated ready to vape. I’d say there is a little draw resistance but since it gives vapor so easy, it’s not a problem at all for me. (Y)

The CF and CFX do have the same size herb chamber. The Boundless CF can easily hold .5g of course grinded herb. If you really grind it up fine you can def get more into the chamber but I find it’s not necessary to go nuts like that IMO. The flavor from this vape is not bad at all and hits are pretty smooth and not too harsh until last 2 hits maybe.

I will say, when loading, the little ring area around the mouthpiece will get herb in it from loading but you just brush it out easily. Maintenance on the CF vape is real easy. just a brush to the chamber when needed and taking apart the mouthpiece unit every so often to clean with ISO. I got a good amount of use before needing to clean for the first time which I always appreciate.

The CF vaporizer has a micro USB charging and gives me about 55-75min of use fully charged. Comes out to around 4-6 sessions for myself but obviously it will vary depending on how you use it. The Boundless CF has a 1300mAh battery inside. The micro USB charging is decently fast (they recommend using a 2.0A output charger). Using 2.4A output USB charger it takes about 90-105min to fully charge from dead.

Remember I am only talking about the Boundless CF vaporizer and not the CFX vaporizer here although they do basically work the same vapor performance wise. That’s all for now, thanks for reading!

UPDATE: Starting the 2nd week of July 2016, the CF will now have these additional features. I got mine before this update so right now I’m not able to comment on the following added features.

Hold power button down on the CF for three seconds to enable stealth mode. The LED lights will turn off on the device but the unit will remain heated and fully functional. Hold power button down for another three seconds to power the lights back on.

The one we’ve really been waiting for! Press the power button three times to show the battery level. The LED lights will flash between 1-5 lights depending on how much battery life is left. 1 being the lowest amount of battery and 5 being fully charged.

The CF will now power on, set to the last temperature used. In the original model the CF would start at the lowest temperature and you would have to reset your desired level to start each session. With the update, the CF will now start heating up to the last temperature used.

Be easy!
-Flipz 😎

Thanks, Flipz. these look like very nice units and affordable also. As far as herb in the ring around the oven, I saw another video review of this with a gal and it did seem to bother her a bit.

But funnels are plentiful and cheap. Here’s one for the GH made by Delta 3D Studios that I bet would work fine:

great review as always!

Would you say this would be a good choice for my friends who have tried my mighty or crafty and fallen in love but could never afford one?

I quite often lend my friends vapes to try but then they seem disheartened when they can’t afford as good a vape as I lent them. Think I’ll have to start only lending the not so good ones out. lol

Hey vapelife team, things have been crazy busy lately so I’ve not been able to get online or participate on my favourite forum much lately but I hope you are all well!

Keep up the great work vapelife team!

AJ!! YOU LIVE!! :-O (Y) 😎 X-)

Good to hear from you, you have been missed. I was thinking just the other day that I should drop you a PM and see if you were well and then thought (stupidly) that doing so might be intrusive.

Glad to see you back on the board and look forward to all of your comments and contributions.

hey mate, hope your well! I’ve only just seen your PM. for some reason I didn’t get an notification email.

I know it’s a bit late but I’m glad you had such a good shoot and I hope you’ve recovered by now. I know what it’s like to suffer for a hobby. lol

I’ve been working offshore and without normal internet access for legal reasons. lol

I’d never view a pm from you as intrusive. lol

What’s up man, glad your doing ok. Always good to hear from you (Y)

Both the CF/CFX vape would be good for your friends I think. Don’t think anything else is out that resembles a crafty/mighty more lol. Vapor does taste better out of a S&B but the Boundless ones actually give off a nice amount of vapor and gets me feeling nice. Really cannot go wrong for the price and both vape the same so up to them on which Boundless they prefer. 😎

I’ve had my cfx now for a few months and I must say it’s pretty damn sweet. I ordered it from PuffItUp for $160 and they gave me elb top hat screens to fix the mouthpiece screen problem 😉 they also gave me the free water pipe attachment (wpa) so I ordered from them as they have the whole 2 year warranty stuff and all and hooked me up with free shipping since I live in Canada 🙂
The unit itself is pretty awesome and iv had no problems with it yet ( knock on wood ) lol. The flavor I find diminishes pretty quick after the 3 or 4th hit but then vapor production sure ramps up.
Boundless is suppose to be coming out with a new unit in the fall so I’m sure everyone on fuckcombustion will be going nuts cuz it sure is popular on FC forum lol.
@ VapeCritic I saw your video review on the Arizer Air, would you say the vapor quality and taste is better/ lasts longer on the arizer air? Because I like my cfx but was looking for a change lol.

i’ve found the NewVape pax loading tool works AWESOME for these:

Just posted my Boundless review, I like these! These are portables for dry herbs under $200 and they're very well-rounded units, check out my short video: