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Portable Weed Vaporizers and Glass Blunt Pipes

Weed Vaporizer Options from HoneyStick

If you’re into smoking weed or other herbs, then you probably are going to enjoy reading about some of the newest weed vaporizers and related products that we carry. For those that are visiting our website for the first time, here at Vape Honeystick we specialize in carrying some of the best dab pens, dry herb vape pens, and many other cannabis products. We pride ourselves on designing some of the best products on the market and offering them at a great price.

Many of our customers enjoy using our products for cannabis and the benefits that THC provides, while others use them for CBD. Some customers even use them for both. Whether you’re into CBD flower or a traditional flower with THC, we have many durable weed vaporizers that can solve your problems. Whether you’re looking for a vaporizer for weed that can be taken on the go or something at home that can really impress your guests, we have options. Below we’ll cover a few different product categories and their respective top sellers.

Honeystick HRB Portable Weed Vaporizer

The HRB portable weed vaporizer is a compact unit that is easy to transport, it fits perfectly into your pocket. It’s our best selling travel vape pen for dry herb. It’s about the same size as a multi-tool and is very lightweight (but packs a lot of power). Its very affordable and high quality, giving the user a ton of value at a low price point. It has a few different temperature options, ranging from 390 degrees to 420 degrees (f). This little unit provides some big hits and can be used while on the go, making it one of our top selling travel-sized dry herb vape pens.

The HRB comes in black, red and white and has side grips with cooling air vents. The unit comes with the dry herb body, a USB charging cable, an extra glass mouthpiece, a cleaning brush, a herb shovel, and an instruction manual. Charging the HRB turbo is easy, simply plug in the USB cable and the red light will turn on indicating that it is charging. Once it finishes charging the light will turn off.

Packing the unit with the herb is easy, simply pull the magnetic mouthpiece off and pack the heating chamber with ground herb. Do not add solid nuggets because they will not cook all the way through before you get a burnt taste from the outside of the nug burning up. This unit is not made for oils, wax or other types of concentrate, it’s only meant to be used with dry herb. Check out the demo video below and let us know what you think!

Weed vaporizers that are both portable and powerful can replace your oversizer Bong. Our glass blunt pipe is perfect for on-the-go weed smoking.