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Drew Carey’s Green Screen Show

Drew Carey’s Green Screen Show is an improvisational comedy show that aired on the WB Network in 2005 (and later Comedy Central), and was somewhat of a follow-up to Drew Carey’s former show, Whose Line Is It Anyway? The show’s performers (including Drew) do all their improv in front of a green screen, and then the footage is sent to animators who add animation in so that the people at home see the finished product, whereas the live audience at the tapings only see the green screen. Music and sound effects (except during the game “Sound Effects”) are also inserted in post-production.

Games played were similar to Whose Line? but with obvious differences, and no musical games were performed. Performers in addition to Carey include Brad Sherwood, Colin Mochrie, Jeff Davis, and Greg Proops as regulars, and rotating performers include Kathy Kinney, Chip Esten, Julie Larson, Sean Masterson, and Jonathan Mangum. Ryan Stiles appeared at the taping for the pilot (with Kaitlyn Olson) but not the series.

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Toaster Edit

life. Colin: Oh for God’s sake, kill him! Brad: This is going to be easier than I thought! All right. Jeff: For Death, a Broadway Moment!
Brad: I’ve got to take a couple of souls, I’ve got to take a couple of souls I gotta take a couple of soouls! I gotta take a couple souls, take a couple souls Take a couple souls, I lose control! I gotta taaaaake a.

Boot Camp Edit

Dentist Edit

Yes, it is. Not too big, though. Julie: It’s pr. oh! Brad: Wait. You’ve got lots of plaque. You’ve got a dead root. I must pull that tooth. Drew: I thought you were done. Brad: I was done, but I saw plaque. Drew: A plaque attack. Brad: Yes. Jeff: What do you do now? Brad: I clean your tooth. I scrape your plaque. I buff your tongue. Jeff: What if I say I don’t want you to? What if I say I want to leave right now? What if I say I don’t like the way you look? Brad: I am a D.D.S.!

Zeppelin Edit

I got no response to that! You? Brad: Maybe you have a response. Jeff: I do have a response. You just searched my glove compartment!

Western shootout Edit

. “you’re looking hell-a-fine.” That’s right. Drew: I can’t help it if I look better than you. There’s got to be other people looking better than you in the world. You might as well get used to it. You and your shiny teeth and your big hat and your tight chaps. Greg: While you’re standing there with your big hat and your little gun. Drew: Little vanilla! Greg: I’ve had enough of your harassment! Why, this is what I’ve got to say to you, partner.

. “I love you more than all the stars in the sky!” Drew: I think them’s fighting words! Greg: Fighting words?! I’ll give you fighting words! Drew: Yeah? Greg: These are fighting words!

. where are my car keys?

The Tale of Onion Sam Edit

Brad: The sweet wafting aroma of potonion had hit that beautiful town! Chip: Square bewteen Becky’s big eyes! They joined hands and they. Colin: . sang an ode to onions and potatoes, and it went. Jeff: . a little something a-like this. Brad: When you’re getting there sooner or later. Sean: . there’s nothing more tastier than a potater! Drew: When you’re feeling like you’re tired of standing on your bunions. Chip: . you gotta try our new potonions!

The Man Who Stole Florida Edit

The Superb Ego Edit

Anyway. Later on that afternoon. Brad: . the entire competition just. Kathy: . came to a halt as all the bees in the kingdom flew to his armpits and began stinging him! Colin: Once again he was swollen – not with pride, but with the. BEE VENOM! – coursing through his body like. Brad: . stuff that goes through your bloodstream! Greg: “Yes!” Brad: Lucky for him the final competition was “Who Had the Most Swollen. Colin: “. Armpits!” Kathy: It was Paul. Paul was swollen from head to. Chip: Toe, but in walked Big Pit Steve, he had the largest, most-swollen. Greg: . pits in all of the kingdom. Drew: Oh my God and they STANK TO HIGH. Greg: . heaven. Colin: Then everything stopped. The king had an idea – “I will hold a competition for the most humble! See the twist!?” The twist was. Chip: . that. Colin: . Paul had an ego, he couldn’t be humble, but to win, he had to have. the most humbleness. of anyone! His mind couldn’t take this. Kathy: . but. Colin: . it could in a way! He tried to be humble and said “Oh, I. Brad: “. am the most. ” Colin: “. humble, I can’t even be in the shadow of Steve, because. OH! OH, WHAT AM I SAYING!? I. ” Drew: “. GOING MAD. ” Colin: “. FEAR I GO MAD!” Then his eyes. Drew: . exploded! Colin: “Owww!” “Th-that hurt!” Brad: Now Paul and all the Steves had. Drew: . no eyeballs! Brad: All around them in all three rivers they stood, realising they were now in a town that would some day be called. Pittsburgh!

Drew Carey’s Green Screen Show Drew Carey’s Green Screen Show is an improvisational comedy show that aired on the WB Network in 2005 (and later Comedy Central), and was somewhat of a