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Blunt Wrap Platinum – Black

Blunt Wrap Platinum – Amber

Blunt Wrap Platinum – Blue

Blunt Wrap Platinum – Black

Double Platinum flavoured Blunt Wraps are a tasty treat that are simply a ‘must try’ for all smoking fans. The Strawberry and Kiwi flavoured blunt wraps will leave you licking your lips and wanting more.

Each wrap is crafted of the finest tobacco, blended to perfection and flavored with amazing natural essences. It is then pressed in to leave you with a silky smooth rolling sheet that can be rolled however you like. You will also be sure of always receiving a fresh blunt wrap full of flavour due to the great foil packaging they come in.

Jamaican Rum Flavour
Sealed For Freshness
Quality Tobacco Used
2 Wraps per pack
25 Blunt Wraps Per Box (50 Blunt Wraps)

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