biggest dab ever

What is the biggest DAB ever taken?

Just so, what is the world record for most dabs in a minute?

Raven K. performed the dab dance move 59 times in one minute.

Subsequently, question is, can you hotbox with DAB pen? So to some extent, yes, hotboxing does indeed work. If the air you‘re breathing through your lungs has traces of THC in it, you‘re going to have some sort of an enriched experience.

Thereof, what is Gram DAB?

Dabs are purchased by the gram, usually, and tend to test around 60 to 99 percent THC. One gram of 60% THC dabs is about 600mg of THC. One gram of 70% THC dabs is about 700mg of THC. One gram of 80% THC dabs is about 800mg of THC. One Gram of 90% THC dabs is about 900mg of THC.

How do you hit a reclaim?

Collect Your Reclaim Using Your Dab Torch The most effective method for getting your reclaim out of your rig involves using your dab torch and a silicone or other “non-stick” mat. You’ll need to gently heat the glass of your rig to melt the reclaim.

Finally, we arrive at what is (as far as we can tell) the current unofficial world record for the largest individual dab. Coming in at a whopping 55 grams, the absurd solo session was taken from a five-nailed rig.