best hemp wick

Best Hemp Wick

If you are looking for the best hemp wick, the Twisted Bee 100% Organic Hemp Wick is definitely one of your better options out there. We like this hemp wick because it burns slowly without dripping, it burns smooth and has a better flavor than most of the other brands out there. Also it is all natural and the purity has been verified by plenty of third party testers.

  • #1.Twisted Bee 100% Organic Hemp Wick
  • #2.EricX Light 100% Organic Hemp Wick
  • #3.Bee Wick Organic Hemp Wick
  • #4.Connoisseur’s Hemp Wick Natural
  • #5.Humboldt Organic Hemp Wick

For those who are interested in the best hemp wick, we highly recommend that you try out the Twisted Bee 100% Organic Hemp Wick. This hemp wick is nice and slow burning with no dripping. We like it because it tends to do a really good job of holding a lower temperature flame. This is one of the more popular brands on the market and we can definitely see why. The quality is just amazing.

With this, you get 200 feet of beeswax coated undyed premium organic hemp wick. It just has a smoother burn and a better flavor than most of the hemp wicks that we know. Also, it is pretty effortless to light it and it burns pretty slow and drip free. There’s not much else to say about it other than many others vouch for this brand as well.

#2.EricX Light 100% Organic Hemp Wick

Next up, we have the EricX LIght 100 which is the best hemp wick for those who who want a nice slow natural burning hemp wick that holds straight. You can definitely use this hemp wick to make a hemp wick lighter and it doesn’t give you that butane taste when you are lighting and smoking because the hemp wick takes it out.

With this hemp wick, you also get to skip all of the stinky chemicals that are associated with matches. We think that this hemp wick also does a good job of keeping the flame alive despite it being windy. In fact, the strong flame is probably this hemp wicks standout feature. Also, the hemp wick just seems a bit thicker than the others, which makes it burn longer.

#3.Bee Wick Organic Hemp Wick

Another great product when it comes to the best hemp wick is the Bee Wick Organic Hemp Wick. It is made with 100% organic hemp and pharmaceutical-grade beeswax. We think that this hemp wick works pretty well with a wick dispenser which is sold separately. You just load up the dispenser with this hemp wick and light it with a normal butane lighter.

The hemp wick will absorb most of the butane flavor so when you do use the flame to directly light your bowl, you won’t get a nasty butane aftertaste. Also, the flame will stay lit longer than a regular butane lighter, which you kind of have to constantly hold and maintain. Overall, the quality is good and this one is definitely meant for a wick dispenser.

#4.Connoisseur’s Hemp Wick Natural

It is definitely no secret that the Connoisseur’s Hemp Wick is a nice seller these days. It really shines in that it is incredibly multifunctional and versatile and not just for smoking. First and foremost, keep in mind that this is 800 feet of hemp rope, which is more than enough to last for quite a while. It also has a long shelf life so don’t even worry about it going bad over time.

We like it because it has a nice slow long lasting burn and it rivals even the Twisted Bee mentioned above when it comes to this. So it is great for arts and crafts and candle making as well. Like most of the other hemp wicks, there is no ash trails or excessive wax drips. If you are looking for a bulk purchase to save money, go with this product.

#5.Humboldt Organic Hemp Wick

Finally, we have the Humboldt Organic Hemp Wick, which is made in humboldt county california and designed to taste much better than butane. This hemp wick is mostly designed for smoking in mind and requires you to get a hemp wick dispenser. You don’t have to have one but it definitely helps out a lot in terms of smoking.

The biggest issue we have with this hemp wick is that it is quite expensive for what it is and you don’t really get a lot. Sure it’s all cute and nicely wrapped, but it’s definitely not a value buy. We do think though that it tastes pretty good and it produces a nice lower temperature flame that much smoother and better tasting than a butane lighter.

Find the best hemp wick by reading our thorough reviews and learn more about the pros and cons of each product on the market.