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Magnum Detox Instant Flush

About This Item

Give your body a fresh start by adding the Magnum Instant Flush to your routine. It helps freshen your digestive, urinary and circulatory system to ensure that everything in your body is performing up to its full potential. This grape body cleanse drink is formulated to bond toxins together for an intense cleansing that will leave you feeling refreshed. It is suitable for people up to 340 lbs and is made with a blend of natural herbs and fiber. This Magnum cleansing drink is carefully sealed in a container that is small enough to fit in most bags, so it can be carried anywhere you go. It will clean the blood, urine and saliva and comes in a handy 2-oz bottle. The delicious grape flavor of the Magnum Instant Flush makes it easy to drink. There is no need to avoid toxins for 48 hours prior to consuming, as it will clean everything from your system for a healthier you.

Magnum Detox Instant Flush:

  • Formulated to help cleanse the blood, urine and saliva
  • Magnum cleansing drink comes in a 2-oz bottle and has a grape flavoring
  • Magnum cleanse works for those who are up to 340 lbs
  • No need to avoid toxins for 48 hours prior to consuming

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