beer bong pipe

The Knockout

The Knockout is a bottle attachment that can be used to smoke and drink beer at the same time! This guarantees you a fun night! – World´s leading Beer Bong supplier!

  • The Knockout
  • Use it as a Beer bong, Waterpipe, or Knockout(Both parts)
  • Buttoms up and smoke

The Knockout is smart because you can smoke and drink at the same time. It fits in your pocket and can easily be taken anywhere and it’s easy to clean after use. A gadget you HAVE to own!

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This device provides you with an easy and fancy way to drink a beer! The Bottle Beer Bong is suited for bottled drinks only! – World´s leading Beer Bong supplier!

Let it get wilder. Try 2 drinks at once. Challenge your friends!

The Knockout! A new bottle beer bong that can be used to drink beer fast and to smoke. This is a gadget every party animal has to own! Buy here!