bamboo water bong

Bamboo water bong

This is a bong made ​​of bamboo with a cannabis leaf design on the front. The bamboo bong is nicely finished with white varnish. The base of the bong is sturdy and thick so it remains stable while in use.


Bamboo is a very versatile material, a kind of hollow reed-type with wood qualities. The bamboo is dried well and treated to make this bong dazzling. Although wooden bongs are seldom seen, wood is a natural product and perfect for a bong.

Using a bong

Fill the bong with a few centimetres of water so that it comes to just above the bottom of the metal pipe. The metal pipe should be a few centimetres into water. Then place a piece of gauze in the metal bowl and put the weed or desired herbs on top of the gauze. The bong is now ready to use.

With one hand, hold the bong firmly with your thumb on the hole at the rear. With your other hand, hold a lighter beside the herbs. When the weed or herbs start to burn, place your mouth over the top of the bong and inhale. The smoke will go to your mouth through the metal pipe and the water. You will feel the cooled smoke in your lungs.

This is a water pipe made of bamboo with a cannabis leaf. The bamboo water pipe is nicely finished and painted with white lacquer.