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The more seemingly worthless a gadget, the more Pipes is fascinated by it. And he finds Earth a veritable gold mine of worthless gadgetry: carrot juicers, musical wristwatches, electric hair combers – the capacity of the human imagination never ceases to amaze Pipes! He is so enthralled by all this that he now collects these artifacts, creating a sort of mini-museum of American consumerism in an unused corner of the Ark. Pipes doesn’t allow his hobby to interfere with his responsibilities to the Autobot struggle – at least not usually. Even while on a mission, he’s been known to pull over to the curb and enviously ogle a human walking by using a hand-held, portable electric fan. Pipes explains, “The true collector never knows when or where he’ll discover his next treasure.”

In vehicle mode, Pipes can travel 100 mph, has a range of 400 miles and can haul up to 60 tons. His twin exhaust pipes, which become his arms in robot mode, emit corrosive gases that can dissolve a 2-inch thick slab of steel in 10 minutes. He is among the strongest of the Autobots.

Pipes is fairly tough, but even a mere scratch to his corrosion-resistant armor leaves him vulnerable to the destructive effects of his own exhaust gases. Often, in the heat of battle, Pipes is unaware of such blemishes and, consequently, sometimes succumbs to his own weapon.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

Pipes’ Cybertron mode

Pipes was left on Cybertron during Optimus Prime’s four-million-year-long sleep on Earth.

Pipes joined the Autobots on Earth in 1986. The endless warfare has left him a bit twitchy, and his focus on Earth gadgets help him retain his sanity.

MUX History:

Mini-Bots in Action!

Pipes remains a warrior on Earth, garrisonned on Autobot City.

In 2015 He was part of the crew on the ill-fated maiden voyage of the Spirit of Freedom.

OOC Notes

The long-suffering Pipes


  • March 15 – “Silvertail’s Departure,” Silvertail departs for Cybertron with the body of her ‘father.’
  • March 3 – “A Senseless Waste of Technology” – Pipes reports destroying all of Arkeville’s stuff


Pipes was once played wonderfully by Dunmurderin, but is now available for application. He’s now been @emitted by Zero and SpikeWitwicky, and his posts written by Bzero.


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Shattered Glass

Left behind when the Ark launched, Wheeljack burned with anger at the lack of appreciation of his obvious genius. Desiring revenge, Wheeljack took his own ship, the Star Hammer, to Paradron to rescue Ultra Magnus, killing Pipes in the process. Upon Magnus’s release, Wheeljack pledged to assist him in Magnus’s own revenge schemes against Optimus Prime.

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In 2013, Jetfire tried to make Pipes head Autobot Engineer. Sadly, Pipes was already dead.

The more seemingly worthless a gadget, the more Pipes is fascinated by it. And he finds Earth a veritable gold mine of worthless gadgetry: carrot juicers, musical wristwatches, electric hair combers – the capacity of the human imagination never ceases to amaze Pipes! He is so enthralled by all…

Pipes (G1)

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The name or term “Pipes” refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Pipes (disambiguation).
Pipes is an Autobot from the Generation 1 continuity family.

Pipes is an excellent soldier—tough, brave, and very strong—and otherwise worthy of little note, except for his unusual ability and eccentric hobby. When he came to Earth, Pipes became enamored of the fleshlings’ primitive and ingenious technology and could not resist taking home cast-off examples when on missions. Eventually, a previously disused area of the Ark became his own personal museum of nose hair trimmers, patent rulers, and other worthless but fascinating ephemera of the throwaway society. He will gladly talk for endless hours about each prized find.

Only Wreck-Gar can be said really to enjoy an extended tour of Pipes’s little museum, but Pipes is a good soldier and a friendly soul, and his comrades generally allow him his little eccentricity.

Pipes’s most notable ability, which he is not the most proficient at controlling, is to emit clouds of corrosive gases from his exhaust pipes. This is possible in both modes, but is more useful (except to annoy motorists) in robot mode, where the pipes are on his arms. If he stays at it for at least ten minutes, these noxious gases will eat through a 2″ slab of ordinary steel. His own skin is well protected against these gases, but in battle, the coatings may flake off. If he does not notice this (as frequently occurs) he can become vulnerable to his own attack, with unpleasant results.



Generation 1 cartoon continuity

The Transformers cartoon

Pipes was present at the Ark when Trypticon came to destroy it. He and his fellow Autobots made a valiant effort to hold off the Decepticon city-robot, but failed, and the Ark and its volcano were reduced to rubble. When Sky Lynx, Blurr and Wheelie arrived with Metroplex’s transformation cog, Pipes installed it, allowing the Autobot giant to transform and defeat Trypticon. Five Faces of Darkness, Part 5

Later, he accompanied Rodimus Prime, Kup, and the Aerialbots on a rescue mission after Perceptor and friends disappeared while looking for a source of chronal energy. They found the Quintessons had constructed a Time Window on an asteroid for the purpose of undoing the original Autobot rebellion against the Quintessons on Cybertron. Perceptor was found alone, suffering serious injuries, and his team missing. Pipes’s mechanical skills were put to work as a battlefield medic to try and patch up Perceptor, but Perceptor’s incoherent mumblings about theoretical physics didn’t do anyone much good. Forever Is a Long Time Coming

Japanese cartoon continuity
Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers manga

Pipes was part of a group who arrived to back up Powerglide, who was defending a dog that had been cruelly experimented on by the Decepticons from being hunted and captured by the Combaticons. He and the other Minibots combined with Powerglide in their vehicle modes thanks to the energy within the dog, and spinning furiously, smashed through Bruticus’s chest and out the other side in a flying drill attack. Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers #8

Wars manga

While Pipes was stationed at Scramble City during its rebuilding following an attack from Metrotitan, the Decepticons attacked again. Pipes pleaded with Twincast to activate Metroplex, but Twincast was wary of the energy usage on their limited stocks. Nevertheless, Metroplex pressed through and helped send the Decepticons into retreat. Metrowars

Wings Universe

Pipes was present at the first “meeting” between Ultra Magnus and Optimus Prime. Battle Lines, Part 6

Marvel The Transformers comics

Pipes graduated from Autobot Military Academy, but nearly lost his friend Tailgate to a stupid initiation stunt when the hapless cadet accompanied some other Autobots into the Underworld to prove his courage. Fearing the worst, Pipes and Outback went in after him. When they found Tailgate battling a group of techno-mutants, though, Pipes convinced Outback to hang back and let Tailgate prove himself in combat. Tailgate successfully defeated all comers, and the three Autobots returned to the surface. Underworld!

Dreamwave Generation One continuity

When Shockwave pumped out anti-Autobot propaganda to discourage public sentiment for the newly returned Ark crew, Pipes was among the Autobot civilians seen watching Optimus Prime’s “rampage” through San Francisco. Cold War Later, after the insurrection against Shockwave, Pipes was seen training alongside Red Alert and several other Autobots, under Ironhide’s supervision. Black Sunshine

2005 IDW continuity

Pipes of Pescus Hex The Not Knowing (sometimes Pipes of Helex) was good friends with Riptide and Hubcap. He also had a “type” he looked for in, cough, partners: aquatic-mode triple changers with “minimal kibble [and a] big chest plate”. Whether boat-changer Riptide knew this is unknown. No Guns, No Swords, No Briefcases

When Rodimus was planning his quest to find the legendary Knights of Cybertron, Pipes and Riptide accompanied Drift to Iacon’s religious quarter with the intention of buying a starship. Seeing that Drift was carrying a gold currency card, Pipes tried to get the former Decepticon to guess how much he’d saved up in his travel fund but Drift was more interested in finding the owners of a certain quantum spaceship. After buying the U1 for a billion shanix, it was decided that it needed renaming. Pipes suggested that they hold a competition, while Drift was content to wait for a sign. as they realised that they were attending the Festival of Lost Light. Twenty Plus One

Subsequently, Pipes joined up as a crew member on the newly christened Lost Light to take part in Rodimus’ quest. How to Say Goodbye and Mean It He was dismayed that Hubcap wouldn’t leave Debris for the trip and that Riptide hadn’t bothered to turn up (and would never learn Riptide had been attacked). No Guns, No Swords, No Briefcases Following its failed launch, he was sucked out into space and crashed on a nearby planetoid, where he was retrieved by Rodimus and Ultra Magnus and taken back to the ship. Hangers On

An alternate Pipes was created when the Lost Light’s quantum engines malfunctioned. If you thought the regular Pipes had had it bad, this duplicate Pipes was killed by Helex, who ripped him in half when the Decepticon Justice Division boarded the ship and slaughtered the crew. The Road Not Taken

Pipes was at the official grand opening of Swerve’s bar with Drift, where they toasted to the recently deceased Duobots. Pipes lamented his lack of luck with making friends and ventured that he could start hanging out with Drift and Rodimus. Drift suggested Rewind as a potential friend for him, but Pipes knew he was involved with Chromedome, revealing he was looking for a bit more than friendship. Drift offered to introduce him to Tailgate, feeling the two might have some things in common. No Guns, No Swords, No Briefcases

Anticipating his first outing on an alien world, Pipes accompanied Drift and Ratchet to investigate an outbreak in Delphi. On arrival at the medical facility, and before Ratchet could explain the symbol on the door was the universal plague symbol, Pipes used his alternate mode to bust in and found himself hip-deep in dead bots. He was infected with the Red Rust virus by Dent. He menaced Drift while succumbing to the virus, and the other Autobot knocked him out, though he had already passed on the infection. Ratchet took him to be treated. Life After the Big Bang Later, Pipes was cured from the virus by Ratchet’s newly acquired vaccine and returned with the group to the Lost Light. How Ratchet Got His Hands Back

Soon afterwards, Pipes was hanging out with some other Autobots at Swerve’s when Fortress Maximus went on a shooting rampage. Pipes was Maximus’s first victim, but survived and ended up on a bed in the medical bay. Interiors He eventually recovered, and joined a few other Autobots for movie night in Rewind’s hab-suite, watching “Proteus’s Promise”. Who’s Afraid of the DJD?

Pipes volunteered to go on a mission to Temptoria to see if a group of Decepticons were holding the Circle of Light there. On the way, he discussed Red Alert’s recent decapitation with Hound. The mission presumably didn’t go well for Pipes, as he spent the journey back lying on the floor of the Leading Light. Before & After After recovering, he was accidentally shot by Brainstorm’s new invention, a gun that fired ennui, and almost shrugged himself to death as a result. Cybertronian Homesick Blues

Pipes visited Blaster to check if the subspace communicator was working so he could send Hubcap a message. He passed the message on, then made his way to Tailgate’s room for a movie night. before bumping into Overlord’s foot. He attempted to apologize, but was cut off by the Phase-Sixer stomping him to bits. Barely functional and holding his open chest to keep his spark from falling out he crawled to an alarm and set it off before his spark extinguished. Under Cold Blue Stars

Following the battle against Tyrest on Luna 1, Rodimus returned to his office and vowed to redecorate it with less garish colours and a small memorial to Pipes and the crewmembers he had lost. The Sound of Breaking Glass A ‘time fissure’ at Swerve’s was eventually discovered and allowed people to look back at their departed friends. Tailgate chose to look at Pipes and Drift. It was then that Tailgate finally learned what Pipes had been looking for. No Guns, No Swords, No Briefcases

A simulation of Pipes later appeared to Team Rodimus on Mederi alongside the also-deceased Trailcutter. Metastasis The two tried to convince the others that they were in the Afterspark and everyone should accept death. The God War However, the truth behind Mederi was soon uncovered and the apparitions of Pipes and Trailcutter vanished. You Are Here

Pipes was one of the many deceased Cybertronians glimpsed by Soundwave as the Decepticon died using the Enigma of Combination to assist Optimus Prime in his battle against Unicron. Ceremony


Pipes was one of many residents of Axiom Nexus. He was seen in the company of Signal Lancer. Transcendent: Part 4

2019 IDW continuity

Pipes was part of the Senate Guard and provided security for an emergency Senate meeting. The Change In Your Nature Part Four Pipes later attended an illegal skitter race at Swindle’s. Swindle’s When Sentinel Prime ordered the captive Quake to be paraded through the streets, Pipes worked crowd control. After Roulette expressed her doubts that they could effectively handle the unruly mob, Pipes suggested she look to their particularly-unshakeable comrade Brawn to shore up her confidence. Prisoners


The Transformers: Battle to Save the Earth

Along with his fellow Autobots, Pipes protected Earth from the menace of the Decepticons. He was ostensibly under the command of Rodimus Prime. The Transformers: Battle to Save the Earth

Transformers Legends

Optimus Prime put Pipes in charge of his own team, which was assigned to protect researchers at a seaside town. The team subsequently had to see off an attack by Overbite and Nautilator. The B-Team Part Deux

Transformers: Earth Wars

Pipes arrived on Earth at the same time as Offroad to stop him and help clear the Autobots’ name. War Games After Pipes came through the space bridge, the stench of his corrosive fumes put off the ladies Arcee and Windblade, and they excused themselves.

  • Class: Warrior
  • Lowest Star Rating: 2 stars
  • Weapons: Pipes sprays some corrosive fumes from his hand on a target before engaging and attacking it with his fists.
  • Ability: Defensive Rush: Puts a protective shield that blocks 80% damage for several seconds, then charges the target and attracts defenses!
    • Cost: 4 ability points +1 cost increase.

Generation 1

  • Pipes (Mini Vehicle, 1986)
    • Japanese ID number:C-60
Pipes is an extensive retooling of the 1984 Autobot Mini VehicleHuffer. Like Huffer, Pipes transforms into an “American truck,” which is supposed to be either a terminal tractor (also called a “yard truck,” a “mule” and several other things) or a single-axle semi truck of indeterminate, probably made-up model (though it strongly resembles a Volvo F88). He is changed quite a lot; his front is Huffer’s back and vice-versa, and his cab transforms differently. Whereas Huffer simply moves the truck cab up to reveal his head and then flips over the smokestacks for arms, Pipes flips the cab over, repositioning it behind his head instead of shelling it like a hood, and his arms just pull out from their truck position. Amusingly, the tabs that hold the truck cab in place, sticking out of his robot mode chest, are detailed to look like seats. The grille, headlamp and bumper detailing on the front of his cab has also changed, and the tips of his smokestacks are cylindrical rather than flattened-out like Huffer’s claw-hand-things. Along with the regular Pipes, a European variant (dubbed “Puffer” by fans) exists which was actually Huffer’s original sculpt in Pipes’ colors. This is not to be confused with the Mexican version of Pipes (see below), which was also the original Huffer mold but sported slightly different colors.
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  • Pipes (Mini Vehicle, 1987)
In the Mexican Transformers line produced by IGA, Pipes was probably released as a straight redeco of Huffer, sold on Pipes cards. He came in two different, but closely-similar color schemes: metallic-blue with white robot parts, and all-over metallic-blue. Fans have given these versions the nickname “Puffer”. We say “probably” because while IGA appears to have done this old-mold-new-colors-sold-as-new-character move with all of the third-year retooled Mini Vehicles, so far Tailgate is the only one that has been confirmed with carded samples. All of the IGA versions of probably-Hubcap, Outback, Pipes and Swerve have only been found loose. So it’s highly likely, we just don’t have the final confirmation yet. Fun! IGA Transformers also eventually made their way to a variety of European markets, slightly decreasing their rarity. This version of Pipes was later repurposed as Shattered GlassPipes.

Pipes (G1) From Transformers Wiki The name or term “Pipes” refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Pipes (disambiguation). Pipes is an Autobot ]]>