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Kiln Heating Attachment Waxy Cartridge

$32.99 $24.99

The Kiln is a uniquely designed heating attachment that is compatible with box mods and standard 510 batteries. The Kiln is made completely out of pure ceramic and it utilizes an advanced ceramic heating disc to evenly vaporize your wax consistency products, producing a smooth and pure taste. The Kiln’s pristine look and powerful performance make it a must-have for anyone who enjoys vaping waxy products.

Size: h 2.12 in, d .875 in

Developed and Designed by Atmos Nation. ( Patent Pending. )

Resistance: 0.88ohms

This Kit Includes:

1- The Kiln Heating Chamber

Notice: To ensure peak performance, when using the Kiln with a variable wattage battery, we recommend using a range between 5-15 Watts. If you are using a temperature control battery with the Kiln, we recommend a temperature between 300 and 400 degrees. When using the Kiln, fire in intervals of about 3-4 seconds to avoid over working the ceramic heating disc. Using settings higher than those outlined here may cause damage to the heating element. The Kiln will only work with batteries capable of handling 0.7ohm attachments.

Caution: Pulsing rates and discharging rates vary with different brands of batteries, so these settings will not be true for all brands of batteries. We highly recommend starting at 5 Watts and moving up slowly if needed.


Christopher price – 01/03/2020

I’m really salty about buying this product. Number one issue is that you can taste the porcelain heating disk right off the bat. But the biggest issue is how cheap the product actually is. I fired mine at 11 W and it still fried, so I called customer service only to be told that they don’t cover attachments and that the best they could do is 35% off rather than a replacement or refund. The kiln is a cheap and faulty product, and Atmos customer Service is rude and should do more to offer quality care to customers.

Scott Clark – 10/06/2017

The Kiln is actually pretty damn good wax vaporizer. This thing produces clouds of vapor that are tasty and definitely not as harsh as my other vapes. I use the guy over my source vapes v3 consistently. Highly recommend especially for the price.

Joshua Thompson – 03/05/2017

This is by far one of my favorite products, ever! Sleek, sexy and very discreet design! Usable anywhere! Expect to be coughing like a fool though! This little guy is absolutely no joke!!

John EagleSpirit – 12/25/2016

Finally a Product that does what it claims. This is one Bad Ass nice looking, easy to conceal, wax delivery system. Thanks Atmos.

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