atmos rx wax attachment

Atmos rx wax attachment

From Atmos Rx comes the latest innovation in wax pen design – the Atmos Kiln RA. This dab vaporizer is perfect for wax aficionados who like to use a wide range of materials, as its extra deep ceramic chamber can be used with concentrates of many different consistencies. When using any vaping device, the last thing that you want is for your experience to be ruined by combustion. If your material gets too hot and burns, you just won’t get the benefits of vaping as opposed to traditional smoking, and the taste and smoothness of the vapor will suffer. The good news is that you can prevent combustion without compromising performance by making the Kiln RA by Atmos RX your pick of a portable wax pen for concentrates.

Why is Kiln RA by Atmos so Unique?

What makes the Atmos Kiln RA so unique is its ceramic disc heating technology. This revolutionary heating system warms up wax more evenly and holds its temperature optimally, virtually eliminating the risk of combustion that occurs with other wax pen units. The engineers at Atmos RX have managed to optimize the performance of the Atmos Kiln, so it reaches working temperature at a must faster pace than other dab pens with ceramic disc atomizers. Plus, this unit will give you larger cloud sizes than the competition, yet it doesn’t come at a more expensive price!

For heating, this wax vaporizer features a ceramic heating disc atomizer, which uses low, slow conduction to fully vaporize materials and give you potent, smooth vapor with a rich taste. The dual post system makes changing the coils a quick and simple task for effortless maintenance. An all-ceramic vapor path adds to the quality of the vapor. With all Atmos Kiln kits, you’ll receive a 950 mAh lithium ion battery, a standard battery which has a spring loaded connector that allows for quick and easy attachments. If you will want to be able to adjust the working temperature of this vape, you can substitute a 5-watt to 13-watt variable voltage battery for the standard battery, giving you more flexibility to customize your sessions. Although this Atmos vaporizer is a cheaper model, its battery is made to last through countless charges. Its dual PCB/IC protection prevents overcharging and short circuiting to help the 950 mAh battery outlast those found in other similar wax vaporizers. The powerful battery will allow you to enjoy long sessions at home or on the go.


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With any Atmos Kiln or Kiln RA kit, you’ll get everything you need to enjoy your vaping experience. These portable vaporizer pens come with a sturdy tool to aid with packing, and with rubber bands, replacement screws, and an allen wrench for maintenance. You’ll also receive the Micro USB cord charger for connecting to your computer or USB charging hub for re-powering.

Kiln Attachments

The original, first edition of Kiln from Atmos was a new cutting-edge wax chamber attachment. Compatible with box mods and many other 510 threaded batteries, the original Kiln attachment allows you to turn your e-liquid mod into a powerful dab rig! Made with pure ceramic, the Kiln uses an advanced coilless ceramic disc designed to vaporize your favorite oily concentrates efficiently and evenly.

This heating cartridge for the newer Atmos Klin RA features replaceable ceramic discs that are also wickless and coilless. Compatible with nearly all 510 threaded box mods and other batteries for ease of use. The chamber with advanced airflow technology maximizes efficiency when vaporizing and can easily be replaced via the dual connection system.

Kiln Vaporizer Kits

The original Atmos Kiln vaporizer was at one point the latest device in the new wax pen – mod hybrid category. The Kiln is powerful enough to provide rig-like clouds for serious vaping enthusiasts, and small enough to carry with you anywhere your adventures will take you. The original Atmos Kiln utilizes ceramic disc atomizer which is free of exposed wicks and wires, that allows wax concentrates to heat slowly, and eliminates the burned taste often associated with lesser quality wax vaporizers. A heavy-duty 950mAh lithium-ion battery provides all the power you need for best performance, all in a very portable and compact kit.

The second version, the Atmos Kiln RA vaporizer takes the original model to the new level by giving more control over your experience with the ability to replace atomizers. The dual post connection system is very unique to the RA version and is the feature that sets it apart from many other concentrate vaporizers. A ceramic heating disc on the bottom of the chamber provides maximum area for very efficient vaporization, anytime.

Kiln RA Special Editions

Tyga the Rapper and his business venture Shine have teamed up with Atmos RX team to launch the Tyga x Shine Kiln RA Kits, high performance vapes for waxy oils. An improvement on the original Atmos Kiln attachment, this device features dual post system of its predecessor, but offers rebuild-able atomizers for a customizable vaping experience. Tyga has put upon the newest version, the Kiln RA vaporizer his personal touch, a combination of efficiency and style. The Tyga x Shine Kiln offers new reflective metallic finish in gold or silver which dazzles the eye, feels smooth to the touch, and always looks brand new due to its scratch-resistant surface.

Express yourself with the Kiln RA Stylized limited edition series! The Atmos Kiln RA has built upon the original Kiln attachment by offering revolutionary rebuild-able atomizers to the wax attachment, and the Stylized Series now brings many uniquely vivid designs. Unlike others, the ceramic process used in the making of the Kiln RA Stylized Series is an old tradition passed down from generations, producing unrivaled durability and purity. The designs on the Stylized kits is scratch resistant, and can withstand high-temperatures without damaging its elegant designs. As other RA kits, these devices use powerful and portable 950mAh lithium-ion batteries, complete with dual PCB/IC protection in order to prevent overcharging and shortages.

Maintaining great relationships with international manufacturing facilities ensures Atmos RX can offer line of exceptional products. Honest and genuine business practices of the whole Atmos team, aims to build long lasting relationships with their partners and customers. All Atmos Kiln products come with a five year limited warranty, allowing their customers to rest easy, knowing that every product made by Atmos RX is a smart choice, as each review received about their brand is listened to in order to make necessary improvements to all of the product lines.

Atmos Kiln RA Vaporizer Pen for Wax, Oil . Atmos Kiln Vaporizer is perfect for wax aficionados who like to use a wide range of materials, as its extra deep ceramic chamber can be used with concentrates of many different consistencies. Kiln RA prevent combustion without compromising performance!

Atmos Kiln Vaporizer is perfect for wax aficionados who like to use a wide range of materials, as its extra deep ceramic chamber can be used with concentrates of many different consistencies. Kiln RA prevent combustion without compromising performance!