arizer solo bong attachment

Arizer solo bong attachment

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Arizer Solo / Air 14mm Glass Water Tool Adapter

This high-grade glass adaptor was designed and manufactured based around the Arizer Solo and Air vaporizers and fits snugly within the socket of your vaporizer allowing you to immediately enhance your vapor experience. The fit is firm on both the Solo or the Air while the unit is cool and as it heats – no need to worry about the piece sliding out. Simply remove your regular glass mouthpiece replace with the adapter – then attach any 14mm water tool you want!

Please Note: This is the 14mm Ground Glass Adapter Piece for the Solo or Air portable vaporizer. Click here to purchase the 14mm Water Tool.


  • 1 x Arizer Solo / Air 14mm Water Tool Adapter

Cool and condition your Arizer Solos vapor by using this 14mm Glass Water Tool Adapter – can be used with any 14mm glass water percolator.