arizer air bubbler attachment

Bubbler Mouthpiece for Arizer Air, Air 2, Solo, Solo 2

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The Arizer Bubble Straw Mouthpiece replaces the original mouthpiece with this handy accessory for water conditioned vapor on the go! ✅ Buy now with fast shipping and our unique 100% satisfaction warranty!

Arizer Air II/Solo II bubbler mouthpiece

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This hand-blown, yet affordable bubbler mouthpiece from Easy Flow cools your vapour as you inhale, and allows for moisture conditioned clouds of vapour without any need for additional water tools or adapters.

This mouthpiece is only slightly larger than the standard Arizer Solo II/Air II mouthpiece and can be filled with water (a few drops of water are enough!) for moisture-conditioned vapour. After filling the water chamber, load your herbs into the chamber (on the bottom), and gently twist the piece into your Arizer Air II or Solo II to begin enjoying the fresh cool hits it delivers.

The Easy Flow bubbler mouthpiece comes in an acrylic travel tube for extra safety.

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Take care when first inserting these glass pieces!

  1. Warm the bowl on the highest setting for 10 minutes
  2. Gently twist the glass piece into the unit, ensuring that it is not at an angle


The acrylic travel tube can also be used for cleaning the bubbler mouthpiece:

Pour a small amount of isopropyl alcohol and some salt into the tube with the mouthpiece, screw on the lid, and gently tip the tube back and forth. Rinse thoroughly with water before re-using.

  • + Smoother vapor
  • – Too expensive
  • – Very hard to clean
  • – Water splashbacks to mouth

I guess the best stem i have between the 5 i own. because of the water it saves vapour between the hits ,without having to put a cap on it, thus i have longer sessions than with the other,i also like the sound of the bubbles when inhaling and the fact that the water cools down the vapour even on higher temps. i would love to see a version that holds a little more water , a little bulkier shorter and in black colour..definetely i would buy that also.


As regards emptying the bubbler: blowing the mouthpiece pushes the liqued out (I.e. over a sink/onto the floor). Putting a tissue on the mouthpiece first will keep the lips away from whatever cleaning solution is being expelled.


Very nice bubbler mouthpiece for the price.. the only drawback is the water tends to get hot towards the end of a session, probably because you can only put a few drops of water in.


Really like this mouth piece. Just got it but works great! Arrived to the US in about 2 weeks. VapoShop included a mini funnel. Vapes awesome and its much less top heavy then the other water tool. Could not be happier.


awesome experience in vaping. highly recommended to have nice smooth, clean and cold vap. store is also 5 stars. well and discretely packed and quickly sent.

Arizer Air II/Solo II bubbler mouthpiece Questions

As the Bowl / Stem-size did not change between the Air 2 and the first gen Air, the bubbler should fit it as well. Please follow the instructions provided in the product description when fitting the bubbler into the Unit for the first time.

dominique patriarca 6-08-15 08:52 Bonjour, Comme je pense que vous ne faites pas de livraison sur l’Espagne, je vais faire livrer ce tube chez mon fils en Normandie mais pouvez-vous me garantir que celui-ci sera très bien protégé car il le mettra dans sa valise dans la soute de l’avi

Dominique, cet article est extrêmement bien emballé puisqu’il est même vendu et livré dans un tube de protection/nettoyage. Il résistera sans aucun problème à la soute de l’avion. Mais vous pouvez tout aussi bien choisir de vous faire livrer chez vous en Espagne, ce n’est pas un problème pour nous.

Rodrigo 29-11-15 22:58 How do you use the stem? Do you put water on it?

The tool can be filled with a few drops of water, using the included funnel.

Matt 3-03-16 15:02 This may seem like a strange question, but how do you get the water out?? turning it upside or tilting in any direction doesn’t seem to work.

Giving it a good shake (and tilt at the right angle) will help get the water out!

giovanni 29-11-18 20:22 salve, è adatto anche per arizer Solo II?

L’ Arizer Air/Solo- bocchino Bubbler e`compatibile anche per l’Arizer solo II.

ranko munjas 12-10-18 08:06 Como limpiar bien la boquilla bubbler?

El metodo mejor es la inmersión en alcool isopropilico y el utilizo cuidadoso de un zepillo muy fino y flexible.

This hand-blown, yet affordable bubbler mouthpiece from Easy Flow for your Solo or Air vaporizer cools your vapour as you inhale, and allows for mois… ]]>