animal shaped bongs

Animal shaped bubblers

Elephant shaped bubblers

Cute small elephants look as a glass decoration but they hide all necessary bubbler’s equipment. A glass bowl is tightened with a rubber grommet and is located on the elephant’s back. A mouthpiece is hidden in the trunk and a carb hole is funnily placed next to it’s tail. You can choose either the pure glass elephant bubbler or heavily gold fumed elephant bubbler one with a nice color changing effect.

Octopus shaped bubblers

Octopus embracing a bubblers water chamber, octopus as a water tank or octopus sitting on the skull? Everything is possible. Check out what you like the most and buy one of these artistic bubblers. It’s really worth it. Classic bubbler’s size water tank, rubber grommet bowl and a carb hole – standard equipment – extraordinary design.

The most popular themes on the glass smoking products are all kinds of animals. We carry lots of different animals on our glass bongs, glass pipes and bubblers. Animal shaped bubblers are handblown of very durable Pyrex glass.