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10 Of The Craziest & Coolest Gadgets on

#10: Tap Strap Bluetooth Enabled Wearable Keyboard & Mouse

Imagine taking notes in a meeting using one hand, full concentrated on the presentation in front of you – or being able to use a small, wireless keyboard on a quick flight to your next business meeting. This crazy cool wireless keyboard will allow you to make your next presentation in style. You can control slides, que up videos, and control multiple creative tools all with the motion of your hand. Our wireless keyboard is also compatible for games such as League of Legends and Fortnite. So what are you waiting for?>

#9: Bracelet Flask

Sneaking alcohol into any event has never been so easy. This stylish flask bracelet will work the magic for you and make you look good at the same time. Accessorize to your next party with this bracelet hydro flask and you might not remember what you did the night before, but at least you will get a bunch of compliments. With 3oz of fluid, there’s plenty to share. Why not wear more than one?

#8: Inhalable Caffeine

Delivers an airborne shot of instant energy. Each cartridge contains 100 mg. of caffeine, 6 to 8 puffs of fine powder that dissolves instantly in your mouth. It provides as much caffeine in one shot as a large cup of strong coffee! A quick hit of caffeine that’s ready anytime, anyplace. The great thing about Inhalable Caffeine is it´s safe and healthy, completely calorie free (unlike caffeine pills, coffee or energy drinks), plus it won´t stain your teeth.

#7: Global WiFi Hotspot Device

GlocalMe G3 is a hotspot that allows travelers to access the Internet at any point of their travels without any local SIM card or roaming charge in 100+ countries and regions. 4G LTE high speed network with 50Mbps max upload speed and 150Mbps max download speed allow you to enjoy movies music and reading everywhere, your very own wifi booster. It can connect up to 5 devices, you can share the internet with your friends or families. The G3 also works as a traditional unlocked Wi-Fi hotspot with two SIM card slot. There is also a Built-in 5350mAh battery, so you won’t run out of juice along the way!

#6: Beer Slushie Machine

Nothing beats ice cold beer! But if that’s not enough for you, then you could go one step higher–and several degrees lower–with the Frozen Beer Slushy Maker. Basically, the machine turns your favorite brew into a whipped, frozen foam of boozy goodness. It exits the machine soft-serve style, that’s perfect when served on top of beer for a truly booze-worthy treat. Beer slushy was first served up in Japan in specialty beer gardens, but with this machine, its maker Kirin brings the frozen delight to every cold booze lover worldwide. Take your homebrew to the next level bruh.

#5: Automatic Car Umbrella

Lanmodo car umbrella is easy to install with one-touch wireless remote. Automatically fold and unfold with a remote control, its open process takes 8 seconds and the total installation process only takes 30 seconds. Designed with a folding structure, it is portable to make sure you can use it everywhere when you park your car. Anti-Snow, Anti-UV, Water-Proof & Anti Rust! The Lanmodo car tent cloth is made of 210D Oxford to be super waterproof and easy to clean up. It lowers car temperature up to 36 degrees.

#4: Dango Tactical Wallet

The T01 Tactical Wallet was designed for the outdoor enthusiast that loves to keep things clean and needs to have tools easily accessible. There are over 14 functions built in, thusly one of the best wallets for men. The Dango Multi-Tool slides into the cavity where the cards sit. When engaged, the multi-tool can nest securely into the safety locks built into the wallet chassis- allowing for easy sawing, cutting and protection. Common tools are built in: hexes, para cord cutter, nail pryer, knife, saw and even a phone stand. We thought of everything and think that you will be pleased with all of the functions built into such a small package. The Dango Multi-Tool is made from high carbon, heat treated, corrosion resistant stainless steel and it is included with the Tactical Wallet for men.

#3: SparkSlide Phone Case Plate Lighter & Bottle Opener

Sparkslide is a rechargeable & windproof coil lighter and stainless steel beer bottle opener housed inside of a thick polycarbonate case powered by an extremely high quality polymer lithium ion battery. It is the most reliable & durable coil light phone case on the market. One 2 hour charge lasts on average 1 month. SparkSlide is also the sexiest & most useful phone case that you will ever own. 6 Month Warranty Included. Assembled in the USA.

#2: Vape Shot Alcohol Vaporizing Spirit Pump

1. Get empty 2 litter bottle 2. Pour small amount of your favorite mix drink or shot(1-2oz) 3. Insert VAPESHOT on to the bottle 4. Hold firm and pump 15-20 times 5. Quickly release VAPESHOT to create VAPECLOUD 6. Enjoy. Inhaling vaporized booze means that the alcohol goes straight to your bloodstream through your lungs instead of your stomach, which means you feel the drunken rush of a BAC spike almost immediately. And since you’re not actually imbibing anything, you don’t have to worry about downing a bunch of calories or feeling full.

#1: Moving Beer Pong Robot

Take your drinking games from the frat house to the big leagues by upgrading to the moving beer pong robot. This motorized device holds up to 5 plastic red cups and moves all around the table – dramatically increasing the difficulty of the shot. If Adam Sandler had this crazy cool robot, he would have never graduated the 2nd grade!

118 Jay Street 10 Of The Craziest & Coolest Gadgets on #10: Tap Strap Bluetooth Enabled Wearable Keyboard & Mouse Imagine taking notes in a meeting using one hand, full