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How to Roll a Cross Joint in 6 Easy Steps

Ever wondered how to roll cross joint? Perhaps you watched Pineapple Express and want to relive that experience. Although the cross joint looks wicked cool and complex, it’s easier than you might have imagined. All you need is 3 rolling papers, a paper clip, scissors (optional), and your favorite smoking blend.

Step 1:

Roll two joints. One joint should be significantly larger than the other. If you plan to use a filter make sure you only use it on the larger joint. You will be lighting both ends of the small joint.

Step 2:

Use a paper clip to create a hole in the larger joint.

Step 3:

Maneuver the paper clip around so that you create a large hole all the way through the large joint. The hole should be as big as the small joint. The smaller your joint is, the easier this part becomes.

Step 4:

Use the paper clip to make a hole in the smaller joint. This is to allow air to flow when you smoke it.

Step 5:

Insert the smaller joint into the hole you made in the larger joint. Make sure the holes you poked in the smaller joint are in line with the large joint.

Step 6:

Cut or tear the gum strip off a joint paper. Use this strip to wrap around the center, and make it air tight.

Enjoy the fruits of your labor!

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