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AAA QP Weed Mix & Match

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Mix & Match a QP of weed by selecting your own marijuana strain

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  • + 28 grams per each selection (total of 4 ounces AAA marijuana)


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AAA QP of Weed (4 oz)

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6 reviews for AAA QP Weed Mix & Match

Lucien (verified owner) – March 1, 2020

I’ve been getting the bulk deals for some time now and I’m very satisfied with count, the quality, the variety and the customer service. I’m living at the other end of our country and my delivery time is very fast. The herb is great for smoking in a vapourizer, rolled in joint, making butter and other edibles that your imagination can cook up. I recently had a delay and WD sent me an extra eighth of an ounce. So how good is for that for keeping a customer happy and yes I was very happy with the way WD handle the problem.I’d like to give a comment on WD products but I have not found anything that is distributed by them to be anything less than excellent. This M.O.M is one of the best out there for me and anybody that has tries my goods that I receive from WD. So tell your friends, your families and your clients that this is the best, most honest and professional place to get your GREEN or maybe PURPLE Sorry about the length of this but I’m old and I just want let the baby boomers and other generations tha this is the place to shop for your supplies. HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY EVERYONE AND BE SAFE AND RESPONSIBLE. 🙂

TeamWDWD – March 2, 2020

Thank you so much for being a long time customer of ours! We are so happy to hear that you enjoy our products and service so far. We truly appreciate your feedback and kind words. Take care and have an awesome day as well 🙂

Combine any four marijuana strains with our best deal AAA qp of weed mix and match. Each qp (quarter pound) contains 4ounces (112 grams).