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420 hemp


420 Hemp, LLC.’s goal is to produce global products for your life, body & mind.

420 Hemp, LLC.’s goal is to produce global products for your life, body & mind. We are a manufacturing company that produces products consistent with the 420 lifestyle.

We seek fair and responsible profit, enough to keep the company financially healthy for the long term and to fairly compensate owners and investors for their money and risk.

At 420 we see ourselves as innovators, not imitators. We carve the path that others follow and we sail in waters that have yet to be charted. Our products transcend the traditional energy drink market boundaries, appealing to buyers in all market segments. Teens and adults alike are reeled in by the name, edgy artwork and mystique of a product so bold. There’s something either in the name, on the can, or in the ingredients that initially attracts and eventually grabs people from all walks of life.

420 Hemp, LLC is all about industrial hemp and the vast agricultural and industrial legal use of hemp. Industrial hemp is grown for the seeds, oil and fiber that can be used on hundreds of products. Typical uses of industrial hemp include: textiles, fabric, paper fiber, pulp paper, rope, twine, canvas, paints, bio mass energy, food oils, food protein, building materials & of course for medicinal purposes. 420 Hemp, LLC is catering its products to the supporters and activists that understand hemp and its cultural and industrial uses.

We see ourselves positioned across a broad market that provides products in the apparel, body care, and energy drink segments.

We have filled the void and bridged the gap between societies and communities, including age, gender, color, race, faiths and careers, making 420 a catalyst for all walks of life bringing universal goodwill and unity for a better, greener, peaceful world.

In the energy drink market; most competitors follow the traditional energy drink consumer. They lack product individuality and consumer specific demographics. The name 420 receives a lot of publicity, notoriety and mystique with welcomed wickedness. We know who we market to and can effectively target those consumers. Our cans are attention grabbing, eye-catching statements on the shelf. In addition, our ingredients of hemp seed oil, mate green tea, and guarana makes 420 energy drinks the healthiest energy drinks on the market. In initial testing, our product is favored over the competitors in side-by-side taste tests. And finally, our product appeals to wide range of motivated, trendsetting, fun-loving people.

In the apparel and body care market, we cater to the same target, which by nature, are loyal consumers. We understand the organic sub-culture segment and offer a product line that is well accepted by these individuals.

While 420 Hemp, LLC is submerged in the culture of marijuana activist, we are by no means in business to do anything illegal. Hemp, since the early 1600’s has been used for various industrial purposes; some of which include: sails for ships, rope, paper, flags, canvas, clothes, fiber, lighting oil, paints, bio mass, and more. Literally, there are thousand of industrial & legal uses of hemp. It is a truly renewable organic resource that if legalized (in a sterile form – a plant that wouldn’t produce the marijuana flower) in the United States, we could reverse the negative environmental greenhouse effects that are occurring in our world today. In theory, we could stop cutting down the forests and stop using fossil fuels. But in 1937, the treasury department sent a bill to congress to ban the farming of hemp in the United States. The rest, they say, is history.

Now, the term 420 is popular enough in the mainstream that a wide-range of motivated, trendsetting and fun-loving people all over the globe know and understand its meaning. As it did back in the 70’s to the kids in San Rafael, today the term 420 represents the expression of freedom, jubilance and youthful enthusiasm. Those kids discovered 420 because there was something special missing in their lives, and now millions of people express the joy that 420 brings everyday. Hemp and the 420 culture have been woven into the fabric of America since the formation of our country. The Boston Tea Party sparked America’s widespread industrial use of hemp, and today the same high-spirited rebellion embraces everything 420. In April 2007, Steven Hager, the editor-in-chief of High Times Magazine, was interviewed on ABC news explaining that the term 420 is “coming out” into the mainstream of America. Now is a perfect time to capture that market.

420 Hemp, LLC is all about industrial hemp and the vast agricultural and industrial legal use of hemp. Industrial hemp is grown for the seeds, oil and fiber that can be used on hundreds of products. Typical uses of industrial hemp include: textiles, fabric, paper fiber, pulp paper, rope, twine, canvas, paints, bio mass energy, food oils, food protein, building materials & of course for medicinal purposes. 420 Hemp, LLC is catering its products to the supporters and activists that understand hemp and its cultural and industrial uses.

We appreciate your interest in a company that’s as uniquely daring and enticing as its energy drinks. If you wish to gather information on investment, promotional or selling opportunities please contact us.


Time. It’s a funny thing, time is. You can never have enough of it.

You can try to save it, but time eventually runs out. Sayings like, “since the beginning of time ,” and “until the end of time ” are tossed about like leaves in an autumn breeze. But there is one constant in the phenomena of time: it’s always time for 4:20. There may never be enough hours in the day, but it will always be 420 time.

At 420 Hemp, we care about your time on this, the only earth we have. We want you to live happy, be productive, and enjoy every second of your life. Our Purple Dank, Orange Kush, and Green Tea Trainwreck 420 energy drinks with hemp oil are designed to give you four hours and twenty minutes of pure life-giving energy. We can guarantee that up to this point in time there has never been an energy drink that will give you the same experience as the 420 line of energy drinks.

“How can that be?” the detractors ask. “Every energy drink is virtually the same.” Not this time. How’s it possible? The answer is on the tip of your tongue. One sip of a 420 Energy Drink and you immediately notice the great taste that has been lacking since energy drinks began. Finish that sip and take a gulp, and you’ll notice that the aftertaste is not bitter, but naturally sweet and pleasing. Whether it’s the sweet grape of the Purple Dank, the citrus tang of the Orange Kush, or the mellow taste of the Green Tea Trainwreck, 420 Energy Drinks has a stimulating drink for anyone who doesn’t want to be left with a bad taste in their mouth. This time your energy drink is different. This time it’s 420.

Not only do 420 Energy Drinks taste better than any energy drink in history, they’re better for you as well. The health factors in our energy drinks are two-fold. First, the 420 Energy Drinks are sugar-free and contain the finest Yerba Mate green tea and guarana. That way, you get all the benefits of pure 420 Energy hemp infusion without unnecessary substances.

Second, and invariably most important, 420 Energy Drinks are the only energy drinks that contain hemp oil. The therapeutic benefits of hemp oil are astounding and plentiful. The main source of hemp oil’s healing potency is its high content in the two essential fatty acids (EFA’s), Omega-3 and Omega-6. These EFA’s are essential to metabolism, yet they are not produced within the body and must be instead consumed in the diet. Consumption of both EFA’s in proper amounts is crucial for the prevention or treatment of a wide range of ailments, including diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, weakened immune functions, arthritis, menopause, PMS, osteoporosis, high cholesterol, atrophic eczema, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, acne, and even hair loss. Hemp and hemp oil has been used for countless uses since the beginning of civilization. Now is the time for an energy drink that gets you moving and keeps your body going long after the last drop is enjoyed.

At 420, we understand that you don’t always have the time to have a whole drink to get your kick. That’s why we developed the 420 Energy Snap. These 1.75 fluid ounce energy shot/snaps contain zero sugars, zero carbs, zero artificial coloring or preservatives. These snaps are bottled in medicinal glass vials, containing hemp, gogi, ginseng, and many other exotic herbal delights. 420 Energy Snaps are made from all natural ingredients that are designed to fuse together and give you 4 hours and 20 minutes of unadulterated, unwavering fun energy. Have one on your way to the office, put one in your surf bag and snap it before hitting the waves, or keep one with you for whenever you need a quick and sustained pick-me-up. The snaps come in the same delicious flavors as the energy drinks you already love, Purple Dank and Orange Kush.

420 Body Care’s objective is to deliver quality without compromise.

We offer the finest ingredients and formulations with essential oils to achieve the most replenishing body care products on the planet with a refreshing price. We strive to eliminate middle men, excessive mark-up, and high production costs so we can bring you global products for you life, body, and mind.

We have been involved in the hemp industry for 30 years and have extensively researched and created hemp body care products since 2002. 420 Hemp Body Care is a subsidiary of Dream Green Inc., an environmentally conscious and eco-friendly company that strives to provide products that are healthy and healing for us and the Earth. Because of our love and dedication for the preservation of our planet we established the Dream Green foundation, which is dedicated to donate, educate and research all aspects of hemp and support American farming and all environmental and eco-friendly green projects.

The 420 team is completely dedicated to producing the highest quality products using all natural ingredients. Our ingredients are totally vegan with no animal components and are never tested on animals. We have been able to introduce advanced processes that allow us to blend oils and water to create a top-quality homogenized hemp body care product. Because of this uniquely sophisticated process we are able to assure you the highest quantity of hemp oil of any body care product in the industry.

We are the only company to offer a “Feel the Difference” guarantee in the body care industry and we stand by our promise. Our reputation rests on being able to deliver on our guarantees while constantly striving to bring you better and better products. When you purchase any 420 Hemp Body Care product, we encourage you to compare it, as we do, to competitive products for the optimum experience in body care. If you don’t feel the incredible difference in our Organic Hemp Therapy versus your old body care products, just send our product back and we’ll refund your purchase price for up the 30 days on all of our products, no questions asked.

We are able to offer such a strong guarantee because we know that from formulation to manufacture to distribution our 420 Hemp Body Care process is second to none. We design, research, extensively test and produce everything from our own facility. Our quality control standards specify the extensive scrutinizing of all organic herbs and materials as well as our 100% organic extra virgin cold pressed hemp-seed oil before production. Under our watchful eye, substitutions, omissions and cleanliness can be observed at all times.

It has been said that a company is only as strong as its weakest link, and we believe in that philosophy whole-heartedly. That’s why we’ve carefully and painstakingly ensured that every aspect of 420 Hemp Body Care is rock solid. Every step in the process to delivering you the highest quality in hemp body care gets our undivided attention. We believe in attention to detail because we believe in fulfilling our promise to you. We promise to bring you the best global products for your life, body and mind, and we guarantee you’ll “Feel the Difference,” or your money back.

420 Hemp Body Care. Feel the Difference. Anytime. Anywhere.

We may be at the most technologically advanced society to date, but we’re primitive compared to even the Founding Fathers when it comes to the use of hemp products.

Thomas Jefferson and George Washington not only grew hemp on their plantations, they praised the plant for its cultivation capabilities, strength and wide range of uses. At 420 Hemp and Energy Drinks, we want to turn back time to the days where hemp was used in practically everything, and look to the future where there will be a stronger, cleaner, and healthier society.

The hemp plant (cannabis sativa) is one of the most naturally available plants on earth. It can grow anywhere between 12 and 20 feet tall in a single growing season because it uses the sun more efficiently than virtually any other plant, and does not require fertilizer or pesticides. It is the most renewable plant on the planet, and it is innumerably better for the earth than the production of cotton. Throughout history hemp has been used in virtually every way possible. The earliest known woven fabric was hemp, and one of America’s first paper mills used the plentiful cannabis sativa plant. This paper mill, which allowed America to have a free colonial press without having to rely on England for paper or books, was founded by one of the most revered men in American history, Benjamin Franklin.

Throughout history, textiles and fabrics, fiber and paper, rope, canvas, paints, lamp oils, medicines, foods and even building materials have all been derived from hemp. It is the longest lasting, most diverse and most importantly, eco-friendly plant on earth. The use of hemp products will, without a doubt, heal our ailing earth. Hemp has been defiled in the past century because of the psychoactive properties in the leaves and flowers of the plant. But we’re not about the plant, we’re about the planet. Not only is the use of hemp products greatly beneficial to the individual, it’s extremely beneficial to the planet. It’s the only Earth we have, and here at 420 Hemp and Energy Drinks we want to do our part to make it the best Earth possible.

It’s time for a changing of the guard. Gone will be the days of destructive cotton production, gone will be the days of excessive pollution, gone will be the days of unhealthy, unsatisfying energy drinks. It’s time to replenish, it’s time to rejuvenate, and it’s time to ignite the world with 420 fusion. The health that hemp brings to the Earth and numerous aspects of the body is the future. 420 Hemp and Energy Drinks wish to make the future better than any time in history. 420 is the future, but it’s always 420 somewhere. There’s no better time, there’s no better place. The time for 420 is now. Anytime, anywhere

420 hemp OBJECTIVES/ABOUT US • ENERGY DRINKS • BODY CARE • HISTORY 420 Hemp, LLC.’s goal is to produce global products for your life, body & mind. 420 Hemp, LLC.’s goal is to


The 4.20 Hemp Fest is the annual International Cannabis Expo based in Milan, the most important market placed in Italy. After 2019 the event became the most known in the country thanks its media communications and a unique format.

I can save the World is the brandnew edition’s claim with the aim of sharing ethical and sustainable values, to make the difference. More than 170 stands in 10.000 sqm location, with a line-up made of culture, music and entertainment and the International. Plus 4.20 Cannabis Light Cup, inside contest pioneer in the role as the biggest competition in Europe.

4.20 Hemp Fest 2020 is the first and official international Cannabis Expo of Milan, from the 2nd to the 4th October at the East End Studios in Milan