14mm ash catcher 90 degree

Diamond Glass “One Time” 14mm Male Ash Catcher Accessory, 90 Degree

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Keep ash out of your pipe with this 90°, 14mm Male Ash Catcher accessory with Showerhead Perc. With a 14mm Female input joint, awaiting your favorite bowl or other accessory, this ash catcher will keep your ash contained while adding another layer of mixing and percolating your smoke.

Available in Assorted Colored Accents

These accessories come with a colored downstem and perc, available in various colors such as Black, Green, Blue, and Clear.

Keep ash out of your pipe with a Diamond Glass "One Time" 14mm Male Ash Catcher 90 Degree with Showerhead Perc. 14mm female to banger and 14mm male to pipe. ]]>